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The VOU is a TREND-SETTING, NONCOMFORMIST Fashion, Beauty, & Style Magazine for cool fashionistas that stand out from the rest.

Dedicated to fashion and style lovers interested in unique aesthetics and emerging fashion trends – from androgynous to genderless styles and from men wearing high-heels to techwear for women, The VOU covers the best designers, celebs, and brands.

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The VOU Advertising Options – 2022

Backed up by editorially-curated content and customer-trusted reviews, The VOU’s promos are designed to position your brand on Google’s 1st page.

Each promo is researched by a dedicated SEO team to ensure relevant and valuable content, instant brand recognition, and high-conversion sales.

See below The VOU’s top 6 advertising packages; from brand insertion to API product advertising, we’ve got them all!


Ideal for young fashion and beauty brands seeking to gain fast global recognition, customers, and sales.

fashion media kit - - advertise in The VOU Magazine

  • Have your brand or product mentioned in a live article.

Price*: from £997
Delivery: 12h


Ideal for celebrities, influencers, and fashion and beauty startups seeking to gain worldwide coverage, recognition, and genuine followers.

media kit - press release - fashion media kit - - advertise in The VOU Magazine

  • Publish your PR/NEWS via a dedicated post on The VOU Magazine. It can contain an update about you or your company, new markets, new product launch, etc.

Price*: from £1,999
Delivery: 24h


Ideal for established fashion and beauty brands seeking to improve their brand image and break into new consumer segments with the help of our editorial team and powerful network of media partners.

Media Kit

  • Receive a dedicated post in The VOU Magazine, researched and written by our editorial team.
  • This package includes a further promotion across all our social media accounts

Price*: from £2,495
Delivery: 48h


Promote your brand/product on The VOU Magazine via dedicated in-page static banners.

Mobile (315 x 315)

Media Kit

Desktop (315 x 600)

Media Kit

  • Banners can be placed once or several times in an article, at the top, bottom, or any chosen location.
  • All banners will be placed in posts ranking on Google 1st page and relevant to the product/brand to be advertised.

Traffic: +150K impressions/month with a min of 2% CTR.
Price*: from £310 for 10K impressions.
Delivery: 12h


Promote your brand/product on The VOU Magazine via a sticky (following) in-page banner.

Desktop (470 x 250)

Media Kit

  • The banner is placed on the side of the page, in an article highly relevant to the product/brand to be advertised, already ranking on Google 1st page.
  • Available on desktops only, it works by following the reader, as it reads (scrolls down) the article.

Traffic: +100K impressions/month with a min of 2.5% CTR.
Price*: from £335 for 10K impressions.
Delivery: 12h


Advertise several products, at multiple locations, in multiple posts – 3 options available for mobiles & desktops.

a) In Article (Desktop)

Media Kit

b) Sticky Sidebar (Desktop)

Media Kit

c) “Scrollable” (Mobile)

Media Kit

  • Product relevancy (to the shopper) is AI optimized to increase CTR and sales.
  • The nr. of products, rows, views, and colors can also be customized as per your request.

Traffic: +100K impressions/month with a min of 2.8% CTR.
Price*: from £310 for 10K impressions (min purchase of 100K impressions).
Delivery: 12h

Why Advertise In The VOU Magazine?

Every day, The VOU inspires and empowers hundreds of thousands of young fashionistas from all over the world.

The VOU delivers the latest trends in fashion, style, and beauty, combined with the best shopping options from highly curated brands, right on the page.

Leading Fashion, Style, & Beauty

With a fully integrated editorial team and a dedicated SEO department, The VOU is the leader in emerging fashion trends, beauty, and style.

+2.1M Unique Visitors

each month

+91K Subscribers

29.8% CTR

+2.5M Impressions

across all social media networks

fashion media kit - - advertise in The VOU Magazine - the vou audience, readers, global traffic

The VOU’s audience is beautifully unique & powerful: identifying as mostly females, educated, and of high income, our readers spend well over $25,000 on clothing, beauty, and accessories every year.

Spark Social Media Conversations

With a wide range of well-established social media channels and a powerful network of media partners, The VOU generates incredible traffic that converts into brand recognition, customer engagement, and sales. fashion media kit - - advertise in The VOU Magazine - social media advertising

Media Kit

* The VOU Magazine’s advertising prices are updated weekly, in line with the rise in traffic and global ranking.

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