CIGA Design Ranks the Best Affordable Luxury Watch Brand of 2023

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In the world of horology, the term ‘luxury’ comes with a hefty price tag – well, not anymore.

Winners of the GPHG Award – the ‘Oscars of the watch industry’ with their U Series Blue Planet watch, CIGA Design is showcasing the strength of Chinese design.

CIGA Design is not just selling affordable luxury watches but a vision of high-end design, innovation, and excellent craftsmanship.

In this article, we’ll explore GIGA Design’s latest watch for women, a masterpiece that placed the company above some of the best watch brands in 2023.

CIGA Design affordable luxury watch

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Ice Age

With 9 Red Dot Design Awards, 2 iF Design Awards, and 3 German Design Awards, CIGA Design is a testament that luxury and affordability can go hand in hand.

In 2021, CIGA Design was selected as a top 3 finalist in the German iF Design Award in the watch/jewelry category, along with Apple and Bulgari.

And by winning the GPHG Award, the most famous and authoritative award,
also known as the “Oscars” of the watch industry, the brand showcased quality and craftsmanship comparable to Swiss watches.



Following GIGA Design’s Blue Planet masterpiece global success, the company launched a women’s version this month.

Part of the Ice Age series, the women’s CIGA Design U Blue Planet watch has a sleek design and a level of quality that stands a cut above the rest.

The case is water resistant up to 3 ATM, has a diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 15.5mm, and was made of one piece of zirconia ceramic fired at over 1800 °C.


Inside you’ll find the company’s original Asynchronous Follow-up Technology, the winner of GPHG thanks to a unique way of reading the time that creates the feeling of time running as the earth rotates on your wrist.

When the hour hand rotations 30 °, the minute hand rotations 390 ° This innovative change in the gear ratio of the traditional movement means the watch can indicate both the hour and minute with a single point.

The compass marker is the time point working with the static hour dial and the dynamic minute dial to indicate the exact time. This emerging solution transforms the conventional way of time selling.

The design is completed by the glacier blue art design representing the Ice Age oceans protected by a double domed sapphire crystal, which symbolizes the earth’s atmosphere and the protection it provides.

The back case is transparent, screw-down notched, and paired with a quick-release white butterfly strap from silicone rubber.


This watch represents the world on your wrist, balancing beauty and serenity, absorbing and reflecting, conquering and offering.

The intricate dial details crisp oceans, sprawling mountains, and pristine land, crafted with micro-craving and multi-layer gilding, reproduces the Earth in the same continent-and-ocean ratio and depicts the real altitude of the terrain.

The launch of the Ice Age CIGA Design watch in glacier blue cranks it up a notch with a very essence of elegance that epitomizes the company’s creative style.


The watch is a marvel, with a minimalist and otherworldly design that confers a smooth and silky touch.

Every curve and angle is crafted to perfection in a dynamic interplay between light and shadow, enchanting the eye and creating a sense of fluidity and motion that echoes the passage of time.

And, as CIGA Design is committed to providing high-quality products and perfect after-sales service, the watch comes with a free 1-year warranty.

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