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Several types of boho styles have evolved over time, shaped and adapted to cultural movements, personal tastes, and social climates.

These stylistic variations add a unique spin to the classic Boho style by creating exciting aesthetic fusions that reflect new identities and contexts.

In this article, we’ll cover the 25 most popular style variations and subgenres of the original Boho fashion style.

1. Boho Hippie Style

The Boho Hippie fashion style derives from a common heritage with traditional Boho fashion, emphasizing personal liberty and harmony with nature.

Boho Hippie style with aztec print poncho, tupe ctop top, layered necklace, flare jeans

The style resonates with the counter-cultural movements of the 1960s, featuring loose, billowy garments, intricate paisley designs, handmade tie-dye embroidered denim, cascading fringe details, and quintessential headbands.

Icons such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix were leaders in music and, in this dressing style, parading a rebellious spirit through attire.

Boho Hippie style for men ü sunglasses, lazered bracelets and necklaces, jeans, long coat

2. Boho Gypsy Style

The Boho Gypsy fashion style, also known as ‘Romany,’ springs from the traditions and lifestyle of the Romani people.

boho gypsy outfit with puff sleeve crop top, maxi skirt, and romani jewelry

The Boho Gypsy dressing style emphasizes freedom and fluidity through full-circle skirts to the ground, voluminous peasant blouses, ornamented coin belts, and layers of jewelry.

The Boho Gypsy fashion style communicates personal stories and expressions, mirroring the nomadic lifestyle of its originators.

boho gypsy outfit for men: floral waistcoat, romani jewelry, oversized shirt, jeans, boots

3. Boho Preppy Style

The Boho Preppy fashion style amalgamates the relaxed, free-spirited essence of Bohemian fashion with the sharp, tailored aesthetics of Preppy style.

boho preppy outfit tirt blazer, lace bralette, flowy floral skirt and heels

Traditional preppy components such as fitted blazers, collared shirts, and patent loafers harmonize with Boho elements like flowing maxi dresses and tunics with intricate embroidery and whimsical floral prints.

Brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch showcase this merger in their collections.

boho preppy outfit with straw fedora hat, shirt, chinos

4. Boho Goth Style

Boho Goth fashion style fuses the enigmatic, moody aesthetics of gothic fashion style with the relaxed, artistic vibes of Boho.

goth boho outfit: fedora hat, chocker, lace puff sleeve crop top, mesh thighs, slit maxi skirt, boots

It’s a charming style that marries layers of delicate black lace, lush velvet, and silk combined with intricate silver or pewter jewelry and sturdy boots.

This clothing style embodies individuality and a love for aesthetic darkness.

boho goth outfit for man: fedora hat, leather jacker, leathet pants, boots

5. Boho Punk Style

Boho Punk merges the audacious, edgy aesthetics of punk with the relaxed, flowing contours of Boho fashion.

boho punk outfit

It’s a style that demands attention, blending punk studded leather jackets, graphic band tees, and distressed jeans with Boho cascading skirts, oversized floral prints, and layered, textured jewelry.

Punk icons like Siouxsie Sioux and Vivienne Westwood exemplify this blend by integrating punk into the bohemian domain.

6. Boho Rock Style

The Boho Rock fashion style fuses the grungy glamour of rock ‘n’ roll with the free-spirited energy of Boho fashion.

boho rock outfit: wide-brim hat, oversized crop top, wide leg jeans

High-waist leather pants, graphic tees representing iconic bands, and studded accessories play against Bohemian elements, such as flowing earth-tone dresses, wide-brim hats, and feathered accessories.

Musicians like Stevie Nicks and Florence Welch don this blended style.

boho rock outfit: wide-brim hat, distressed tee with fringe, leather pants, boots

7. Boho Witch Style

Boho Witch fashion style infuses the mystical aesthetics of witchy fashion into the Boho realm.

Expect to see floor-length, flowing black dresses, wide-brimmed hats that cast shadows, and layered necklaces with symbolic occult imagery alongside moon and star motifs.

boho witch outfit

The Boho Witch style embraces the mystical and supernatural, intertwined with a deep reverence for nature and feminine power.

8. Boho Indie Style

Influenced by the independent music and cultural scene, the Boho Indie fashion style presents a more modern, minimalist interpretation of the classic Boho fashion style.

Boho indie outfit

This style includes clean lines, neutral color palettes, vintage-inspired high-waist denim, and loose, relaxed blouses.

Boho Indie style focuses less on intricate patterns and more on creating a relaxed, effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Boho indie outfit for man

9. Boho Grunge Style

Boho Grunge fashion style combines Boho’s laid-back, artistic characteristics with the edgy, raw essence of ’90s grunge.

boho grunge outfit

Oversized flannel shirts, faded band tees, ripped jeans, and combat boots coexist with Boho elements like flowing patterned skirts, crocheted vests, and multi-layered, multi-textured jewelry.

Boho Grunge fashion style echoes the spirit of the ’90s, keeping the Boho philosophy intact.

boho grunge outfit

10. Boho Country Style

Boho Country fashion style weaves country fashion’s rural, rustic charm with the free-spirited and artistic Boho aesthetic.

boho country outfit

Fitted denim, cowboy boots, gingham prints, and fringe details coexist with Boho’s mainstays like floral maxi dresses, wide-brimmed hats, and an abundance of layered jewelry.

boho country outfit for men

11. Victorian Boho Style

Victorian Boho way of dressing merges the elegance and detailed embellishments of the Victorian era with the free-flowing silhouettes and relaxed vibe of Boho fashion.

Victorian boho outfit

Lace-infused high-neck blouses, corset-inspired belts, and vintage brooches meet Bohemian flairs like full-length skirts, floral prints, and wide-brimmed hats.

It’s a style that combines elegance and artistic casualness in a casual, harmonious way.

12. Schoolgirl Boho Style

Schoolgirl Boho fashion style blends Boho’s free spirit with a preppy twist suitable for academic environments.

schoolgirl boho outfit

Young celebrities like Kiernan Shipka have been spotted with this style, balancing youthful charm with Boho influences.

13. Street Boho Style

Street Boho fashion style brings Bohemian fashion to urban settings.

street boho outfit

Oversized sweaters, wide-leg pants, and edgy accessories are vital to the Street Boho fashion style.

Celebrity stylist and designer Rachel Zoe champions the Boho-meets-streetwear look.

street boho outfit for men

14. Minimalist Boho Style

The minimalist Boho fashion style combines the simplicity of minimalism with Bohemian features.

minimalist boho outfit

Celebrities like Olivia Palermo have a minimalist Boho fashion style by blending boho aesthetics with clean lines in neutral tones and simple patterns.

15. Vintage and Retro Boho Styles

Vintage and Retro Boho fashion styles harkens back to the roots of Bohemina aesthetic, reviving elements from the 60s and 70s.

Vintage and Retro Boho outfit

Celebrities like Florence Welch and Alexa Chung are associated with this style, incorporating vintage clothes and retro patterns into their wardrobe.

Vintage and Retro Boho outfit for men

16. African Boho Style

African Boho fashion style is a fusion of traditional African elements and the Boho spirit of freedom and expression.

african boho outfit

This style captures attention with African textiles such as Ankara and Kente, incorporated into flowing maxi dresses, wide-leg pants, and oversized tunics.

African boho outfits for men

Turbans and headwraps, vital in African culture, feature alongside chunky, handcrafted jewelry, nodding to local heritage and artistic expression.

Notable celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and Yemi Alade are famous for wearing this particular Boho fashion style inspired by African culture.

17. Turkish Boho Style

Turkish Boho fashion style exudes an east-meets-west feel, merging the comfortable, flowing silhouettes of classic Boho with Turkish traditional aesthetics.

turkish boho outfit

This fusion results in the extensive use of traditional Turkish Ikat prints, Harem pants, and ornate Ottoman-inspired jewelry.

turkish boho outfit for men

The intricacy of Turkish crafts like rug weaving and pottery also inspires the patterns and textures found in this style.

Turkish pop culture figures like Didem Soydan and Tuba Büyüküstün incorporate this style, creating a charming and unique fusion of East and West.

18. Moroccan Boho Stlye

Influenced by Morocco’s rich culture, Moroccan Boho fashion melds the country’s North African heritage with the free-spirited ethos of Boho style.

Moroccan boho outfit

This style showcases an extensive use of warm desert hues, traditional Berber stripes, intricate embroidery, and artisanal Moroccan jewelry.

Moroccan boho outfit for men

It encapsulates the spirit of wanderlust and the allure of ancient cities like Marrakech and Fez.

International celebrities like Poppy Delevingne and Jade Jagger have been inspired by this style, as evident from Moroccan-themed weddings.

19. Korean Boho Style

Korean Boho fashion style, seen on the streets of Seoul, blends Boho’s relaxed, free-spirited aesthetics with the sleek, modern vibes of Korean fashion.

korean boho outfit

Korean Boho fashion style merges oversized tunics and flowing skirts with minimalist accessories and a neutral color palette, creating an elegant, chic look.

korean boho outfit for men

Key components include loose linen pants, oversized cotton blouses, and delicate, minimalist jewelry.

K-pop artists like Hyuna, Soyou, and Lee Hyori, a K-pop star turned naturalist, embody the Korean Boho aesthetic, pairing oversized clothing with minimalist accessories.

20. Indian Boho Style

Indian Boho fashion style blends India’s rich cultural traditions and the loose, flowing silhouettes of Boho fashion style.

indian boho outfit

It features traditional Indian sarees repurposed as wrap-around skirts, embellished tunics, and abundant handcrafted gold and silver jewelry.

indian boho outfit

The intricate patterns of Indian henna designs inspire the print details seen in this style.

Bollywood icons like Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma’s outfits at international film festivals and red carpet events reflect the style’s distinctive cultural fusion.

21. Nordic Boho Style

Nordic Boho fashion style reflects the minimalist, functional design principles of Nordic countries with a Boho twist.

Nordic boho outfit

The style incorporates clean lines, muted colors, and natural materials like linen, wool, and leather.

Nordic boho outfit for men

Flowing dresses, oversized knitwear, wide-brimmed hats, and simple jewelry combine to create a look as comfortable and practical as stylish.

Renowned Danish models Freja Beha Erichsen and Helena Christensen embody this style, showcasing a blend of comfort, practicality, and effortless chic.

22. French Boho Style

French Boho fashion style blends the chic style of French culture with Boho’s free-spirited aesthetics.

The dressing style is associated with French icons like Jane Birkin and Lou Doillon, who grasped the essence with elegant yet unconventional outfits.

french boho outfit

The French Boho fashion style includes flowing dresses, lace detailing, silk scarves, vintage and modern clothes.

French icons such as Françoise Hardy and Vanessa Paradis, who embraced simplicity and elegance within an unconventional Bohemian context, epitomize the French Boho style.

23. Southern Boho Style

Southern Boho style marries the charm of southern with the artistic, free-flowing spirit of Boho aesthetic.

Southern western boho outfit

This style incorporates sundresses with floral prints, denim jackets, cowboy boots, wide-brimmed hats, and Boho favorites like layered jewelry, tunic tops, and vintage clothing.

American singer and songwriters Kacey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert encapsulate this style with stage outfits that exude a relaxed elegance.

24. Western Boho Style

The Western Boho fashion style is where the rustic allure of Western fashion meets Boho’s free-spirited, creative vibe.

western boho outfit

Western Boho fashion style features suede, fringes, cowboy boots, denim, and wide-brimmed hats mixed with flowing dresses, crochet vests, and layered, natural-stone jewelry.

The dressing look brings a touch of the Wild West into the Bohemian sphere, echoing a love for open spaces and unbridled freedom.

Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Bosworth sport the Western Boho fashion style by pairing cowboy boots and denim, flowing dresses, and natural-stone jewelry.

25. Southwest Boho Style

Southwest Boho fashion style infuses the passionate culture of the American Southwest into Boho fashion.

The look features earth tones and desert hues, Navajo-inspired patterns, turquoise jewelry, and natural leather accessories.

Western boho outfit

With flowing maxi dresses, oversized blouses, and wide-brimmed hats, it’s a style that exudes the spirit of desert landscapes and an adventurous lifestyle.

southwest boho outfit for men

Actress Ali MacGraw and American artist Georgia O’Keeffe have been associated with this style, capturing the heart of the American Southwest.

26. Hamptons Boho Style

Hampton’s Boho fashion style embodies the laid-back luxury of the Hamptons with the easy-going, artistic vibe of Boho fashion.

hamptons boho outfit

Hampton’s Boho fashion style showcases flowing maxi dresses, oversized linen shirts, wide-leg pants, and large, statement-making sun hats.

hamptons boho outfit for men

Paired with artisanal jewelry and straw bags, it epitomizes seaside elegance, perfect for brunching and beach lounging.

Tory Burch’s resort collections and Gwyneth Paltrow’s style – a known Hamptons resident -embody the laid-back luxury of the Hamptons.

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