14 Best Cyberpunk Clothing Brands And Online Stores (2023)

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What Is Cyberpunk Clothing And Where To Shop

14 Leading Cyberpunk Clothing Brands In 2023

Cyberpunk clothing is just as mysterious as the name suggests.

Above all, finding good quality cyberpunk clothing and brands is more challenging than you can imagine.

After seeing hundreds of cyberpunk fashion posts that have nothing to do with cyberpunk clothing, I clear the mess.

To start with, I am not just a fan of the cyberpunk aesthetic but also own and wear many cyberpunk clothing brands.

Unfortunately, most online cyberpunk clothing shops don’t have cyberpunk styles but goth, steampunk, rave, and industrial looks.

And that’s ok. Yet, these alternative styles have little or no connection to the cyberpunk attitude and clothing look.

Without further ado, these are the best cyberpunk clothing styles (and brands) for females, males, and even kids, right now in 2022.

Short History of Cyberpunk Fashion

The origin of the cyberpunk movement is rooted in the science (and fiction) innovations and developments of the 60s fashion and 70s fashion.

Born at the dawn of a new digital world, the cyberpunk movement is set in urban landscapes and big city lights.

The internet introduced a dystopian vibe to the overall cyberpunk culture, which also translated into fashion.

For example, the early days of the internet placed cyberpunks into a cyber-goth kind of scene.

Most were earning money from hacking by wearing minimalist fashion (monochrome clothing), boots, and nails painted black.

The Matrix and Total Recall movies did a great job introducing the cyber-goth culture to the masses.

Yet, it failed to unveil the actual cyberpunk fashion trends of those times.

As such, the idea of cyberpunk fashion remains distorted by a failure to understand the cyberpunk ethos or where it comes from.

What Is Cyberpunk Fashion?

Above culture, clothing, and genre, cyberpunk is a lifestyle that blends a combination of ‘low-key-living’ with a deep understanding of social fabric backdoors and full access to high-tech gadgets.

The cyberpunk lifestyle depicts humans living in an urban dystopian future of highly advanced developments in science and technology.

As a culture with a different attitude towards the future, the clothing and costumes cyberpunks wear must reflect that sub-genre of science fiction.

How To Dress Cyberpunk

While there’s no perfect cyberpunk style, most followers draw inspiration from the cybergoth scene with black clothing, black nails, and dark hair.

And more recently, a lot of cyberpunk fashion inspiration was drawn from the Cyberpunk 2077 game that brought back some legendary clothing items.

However, new designers and trendy statement pieces continue to appear as the fashion industry catches up with the cyberpunk movement.

Above all, remember these three essential rules when shopping for cyberpunk clothing:

Black Does Not Mean Cyberpunk

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with darker range colors such as dark greys, shades of brown, dirty white.

And, no matter what, avoid pink, green, yellow, and any fluorescent colors.

Avoid Anything Hipster, Cottagecore, or Y2K Styles

While there’s a temporal connection, the year 2000 styles have nothing to do with cyberpunk clothing, so stay away from anything Y2K.

Same for cottagecore; you don’t want to look like a confused villager trapped in the urban concrete jungle.

Functionality First

Make sure the cyberpunk garments you’re getting have a load of pockets.

Choose zippers over buttons. Heavy-duty snaps are fantastic too, especially when complemented with hidden pockets!

Where Can You Buy Cyberpunk Clothing?

Armed with a better understanding of cyberpunk is where it originates from, let’s hit the best cyberpunk clothing brands.

Without further ado, these are the 14 best online stores for cyberpunk clothes and other dystopian styles in 2022.



Best For Cyberpunk Pants
From $20

Also marketed as “Urban Future Wear,” Cryoflesh stocks cyberpunk apparel and goth and rave wear.

The brand holds lots of attractive dystopian-inspired accessories as well.

Above all, the products here are cheaper than in most online stores I’ve checked.

On the downside, I’ve found it challenging to put together a complete cyberpunk outfit from this online store alone while keeping true to the cyberpunk ethos.



Best Post-Apocalyptic Cyberpunk Clothing
From $29

From Germany, Schnittmuskel is creating cyberpunk clothing for an imaginary post-apocalyptic world.

Schnittmuskel’s unique garments evoke an alternative world that has forgotten what once happened or what destroyed it.

A clothing label for those seeking to express a dark, existence-threatening world, but never without hope.

Moreover, the brand is no longer using materials of animal origin but vegan leather instead.


Y-3 by Adidas

Best Japanese Style Cyberpunk Clothing
From $35


As unexpected as this might be, Y-3 by Adidas has some excellent cyberpunk clothing with a modern touch of Japanese culture.

Fuelled by the innovations of Adidas and expressed in the style of Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3 creates progressive apparel, footwear, and accessories – a vision driven by both the sports icon and the renowned designer.

Founded in 2002, Y-3 established the fashion sportswear category that it continues to redefine.

Nineteen years later, Y-3’s signature style combines engineered garments and intensive performance with Yamamoto’s singular elegance and strong tailoring.

I highly recommend Y-3 if you want to carve out your inimitable cyber style.



Best Futuristic Cyberpunk Clothing
From $90

Launched in 2007 by Demo and Tono, Demobaza is a distinctive fashion brand instantly recognizable.

With a philosophy built on a blend of Bulgarian post-socialist spirit and dystopian dreams, the brand’s garments have a minimalist futuristic look.

The company started with an online store for deconstructed jeans that later evolved into limited edition series.



Best Sustainable Cyberpunk Clothing
From $30


Psylo is an excellent ‘dark corner’ cyberpunk clothing store if you’re after anything unusual, from absurd clothing combinations to your dream outfit.

As global travelers, tribal explorers, surfers, dancers, and seekers of new experiences, the brand’s pieces are not cyberpunk per se but clothes for personal expression and unique lifestyles.

More recently, rebelling against fast-fashion trends, Psylo upholds pride in its originality and sustainability.

Infusing various elements from different cultures, the brand holds bold, edgy, rebel, and punk fashion equally ethical and environmentally friendly.


Plastik Wrap

Best For Cyberpunk Jackets
From $100


As a store that’s been around for quite some time now, Plastik Wrap gained global recognition after some of its costumes were featured in the Total Recall movie.

Unfortunately, this also makes Plastik Wrap one of the most expensive cyberpunk clothing brands.

Without a doubt, the brand has some fantastic cyberpunk styles but if you’re on a budget, instead, use them for your aesthetic reference only.



Best Cyber-Steampunk Jackets
From $50

Futurestate’s clothes touch more on the industrial and sometimes borderline steampunk fashion edge.

Yet, if you search well, you’ll see that Futurestate stocks attractive men’s cyberpunk jackets and torso pieces.

Again, the prices of hoodies and jackets are pretty high compared to other cyberpunk brands, but they are all worthwhile.



Best Handcrafted Cyberpunk Clothing
From $35


Advertised as “clothing to resist the dystopian society,” Siskatank is a brand run by a designer with the same name.

Siska hand-makes the clothes, from pattern to assembly, hence the very high prices.

The brand’s name was inspired by Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl, the designer’s favorite comic.

I’ve also seen some of Siska’s unique pieces of couture used in Fairy Grunge clothing ensembles with significant effect.

I’ve found Siska’s clothes to embrace sci-fi and underground cultures, industrial decay, post-apocalyptic worlds, H.R. Giger art, cyberpunk, biopunk, and all kinds of dystopian futuristic societies.

The best part is that you can come up with your cyberpunk clothing style and get Siska to turn it into reality.


Immoral Fashion

Best Australian Cyberpunk Clothing
From $30

Immoral Fashion is an Australian gothic and alternative fashion online store with some fantastic cyberpunk pieces at surprisingly low prices.

Regardless of your choice of clothing, as long as you stick with cyberpunk, all pants, tops, and jackets are high quality here.

Again you’ll have to do a lot of browsing through steampunk fashion and goth clothing, but know that every cyberpunk finding here will be stylish and high-quality.



Best Luxury Cyberpunk Clothing
From $100

Acronym‘ is a German technical apparel brand renowned for its uncompromising focus on functional fashion.

The brand started as a consulting design agency that has evolved into an enigmatic, elusive fashion brand with a laser-focused approach and a small seasonal output of expertly crafted clothing.

With punk, techwear, e-girl, and other cyber styles at its core, Acronym produces ergonomic clothes that blend functionality with avant-garde design and thinking.



Best Independent Cyberpunk Clothing
From $25

Launched in the famous Camden market at the beginning of the new millennium, the Hexagon clothing label caters to the big city’s underground electronic culture.

The online store stocks many independent brands worldwide in a tremendous and friendly online experience.

My take: if you can put up with the endless rows of tribal-printed t-shirts and army-inspired trousers, there are treasures to be found.

For example, I loved the Jedi jacket and wished there was a Kimono Tron version without a tribal on the back.



Best Cyberpunk Costumes
From $20


A creation of Eva Zolnar, the brand stocks some of the most exciting cyberpunk pieces on Etsy right now.

I like the designer’s latest turn, as it fits right into the contemporary cyberpunk culture with a profound underground-ish touch.

While some more detailed pieces are costly, the more minor details and accessories are affordable and fantastic.



More Rave Than Cyberpunk
From $20


A world-renown store that draws droves of tourists to London every year, Cyberdog is the least cyberpunk clothing store on my list, for a good reason.

While Cyberdog has come a long way since its inception, the store remains focused on the rave culture instead of cyberpunk.

And while this clothing shop offers plenty of clothing choices, from jacket pins to tracksuit pants and biker boots to cosplay costumes, there’s little to nothing cyberpunk here.



Digital Cyberpunk Clothing

If you are a fan of digital personas such as Second Life, you better check out Neurolab’s cyberpunk clothing and gear.

Warning: Neurolab is not an IRL clothing brand but a cyberpunk clothing label for digital avatars.

Acting as a corporeal clothing database from popular stories and a great source of video game clothing mods, Neurolab has cool clothing outfits and an array of styles.


Remember, it is easy to confuse cyberpunk fashion with techwear, cybergoth, raver, goa, clubwear, mil-spec, tactical, goth ninja, and even dark academia (nerdy) streetwear styles.

Remember the history and culture that stands at the style’s origin whenever in doubt.

Also, return to this cyberpunk clothing guide and night city resources to get inspired by fresh cuts and looks.

Finally, if you like nothing from all the cyberpunk stores I’ve shared with you above, you’ll have to learn to sew.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these cyberpunk clothing stores is your favorite and why?

What’s your fav cyberpunk source of inspiration, be that books, movies, or influencers?

Are there any other excellent cyberpunk clothing brands you’ve tried and want to add to this list?

Comments below, please!

After years of managing hundreds of fashion brands from London's office of a global retailer, Mandy has ventured into freelancing. Connected with several fashion retailers and media platforms in the US, Australia, and the UK, Mandy uses her expertise to consult for emerging fashion brands create top-notch content as an editorial strategist for several online publications.

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  1. Interesting article. I was only somewhat sure what cyberpunk was and was glad I was very much in the ballpark. I used this look for conventions a lot. . .As for brands, I have bought from a few of the brands you listed in your article, and at the moment my favorite is Psylo. I wouldn’t have thought of this brand as cyberpunk but more ethnic punk – however, a few of the pieces I got, could be used that way, I guess. Cryoflesh is another brand I am very familiar with but again, I thought of them as more industrial or club wear than cyberpunk. Cyberdog is very rave – to me anyway – although a few pieces might work, especially their accessories. A couple of brands you named are pretty much the definition of cyberpunk.

    As for inspiration, I love the movies – Mad Max’s (Fury Road especially). Even movies like the later “Terminator” movies. Sara Connor in the latest strikes as cyberpunk. Anything that is dark, futuristic.

    As for brands, I would add Darker Wavs as an affordable brand that can be worn as cyberpunk.

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