Dua Lipa Style: Her Secret Affair With Sustainable Fashion?

Dua Lipa fashion: A form of protest, or just expressing love for her favorite designers?

Dua lipa style – wearing a lot of upcycled couture – it seems that the British singer is not just very trendy, but also a conscious eco-friendly pop star.

After becoming one of the most loved singers in the world, Dua Lipa is positioning as an influential fashion trendsetter as well.

But, is Dua Lipa’s style a conscious choice in protest against fast fashion, or just expressed love for her favorite designers and friends?

Dua Lipa Style and Upcycled Fashion

Dua Lipa’s relationship with sustainable fashion began in 2018 when she showed off a head-to-toe Marine Serre outfit on Instagram.

At the time, the artist described her stylistic choice as the “most extra mirror pic”, on social media.

The look comprised of Marine Serre’s signature ultrahigh Moon-print sock boots and motifs, with a lavish upcycled scarf-dress outfit, nicely wrapped around her waist.

Dua Lipa Physical Marine Serre outfit

Another ‘Marine Serre’ selfie moment was taken in the singer’s famous hotel room and posted on Instagram.

In the pic, Dua Lipa is showcasing a futuristic Marine Serre’s bodysuit in white, beautifully matched with the label’s signature half-moons leggings.

Dua Lipa Marine serre

Lipa’s interest in sustainable fashion became evident when the British singer and songwriter was spotted in Miami wearing an asymmetrical upcycled belted denim ensemble.

The outfit comprised a dress made by Nathalie Ballout, a Swedish-Lebanese sustainable fashion designer and media influencer.

Dua Lipa Marine Serre

On top of that, Nathalie Ballout is one of the best friends of Dua Lipa.

Compared to Dua, Nathalie is very vocal when it comes to the waste generated by fast fashion companies.

“The fashion industry influences almost every individual in the world. Thus, promoting diversity and independence in fashion is critical. Otherwise we remain compliant with ‘fast fashion’,” says Nathalie on her website.

Diversity and Inclusion in Dua Lipa’s Style

Some argue that fame and compassion don’t go together.

However, Dua Lipa dares to disagree.

Dua Lipa Pepe Denim London

So far, she has successfully shown that the emerging generation of artists can put out stunning records while spreading kindness, both at the same time.

Apart from fighting for sustainable fashion, Dua is also keen to support diversity and inclusion in fashion:

“Fashion must be accessible to everyone,” she added.

Dua Lipa Marine Serre in her hotel room

Dua Lipa Physical Marine Serre outfit

Dua Lipa Marine Serre

In the past, Dua talked about growing up wearing denim and how forward-thinking brands such as ‘Pepe Jeans London’ had a positive effect on her stance towards fashion.

Dua Lipa’s ‘Physical’ Hits the Sustainable Fashion Peak

Recently, Dua Lipa has been spotted wearing Marine Serre again.

It was for her new single, ‘Physical‘, and we think it is the best sustainable fashion look we’ve seen her wearing to date!

‘Physical’ the single, is part of Dua’s forthcoming album, ‘Future Nostalgia’.

Right now, the single keeps climbing the global charts, after claiming 1st place in the ‘Official UK Trading Chart’.

With unexpected stylistic blends of ‘casual’ and ‘futuristic’, the outfit delivers, what the critics call, a new form of stylistic innovation.

Moreover, Serre’s design duality of couture and sportswear matches beautifully with Dua’s free spirit and personality.

Dua Lipa Wearing Nathalie Ballout denim

When asked who’s her favorite fashion designer, Dua politely avoided choosing between Nathalie, her friend, and Marine Serre.

Yet, it seems right now like Dua Lipa has an obsession (a healthy one) with Marine Serre and the French designers’ sustainable creations.

Moreover, her Dua Lipa’s style is not by accident, but a conscious choice, aiming to show that business, art, and kindness can and should coexist.

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Which fashion designer would you like to see Dua Lipa wear next?

Of all Dua Lipa styles, which one is your favorite?

Are there any similar style designers you think Dua Lipa should give a try?

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