Best Eyewear Trends of 2021 – 8 Frames, 8 Celebs, & Top 5 Brands

There are several eyewear trends rocking the stage right now.

When trendy and paired well, eyeglasses become a powerful fashion statement.

In this article, I am going to share with you the best 8 eyewear trends of 2021, and how you can match them.

I’ll also use eight celebrities and their eyewear styles, as examples to guide you.

Finally, as sustainability is a big thing right now, I’ll share five sustainable eyewear brands that are trendy right now.

Best Eyewear Trends of 2021

Before I show you what type of eyeglasses are in style now, there’s something I have to share with you.

It does not matter how trendy an eyewear style is, if it does not suit you.

Eyewear trends must always be assessed according to:

The OCCASION you’re attending.

The STYLE you’re going to wear.

Last but not least, the MOOD you’re trying to convey.

In this light, here are the 8 most popular eyewear trends of 2021.

Starting with the frames….

8. Oversized Opticals

Oversized eyeglasses

Big is beautiful!

This granny-looking silhouette assumes thick proportions that add nowness to your wardrobe in an effortless manner.

  • Occasion: School, University, library, anything that needs an amplification of your activity.
  • Style: As the frame creates that geeky look, it is appropriate to match it with office looks. A white shirt with sleeves rolled up will do wonders!
  • Mood: intense, focused work, or study ready.

If you choose oversized, remember that it comes in unapologetic geometric shapes and shades.

7. Transparent Boldness

Transparent eyewear fashion

Transparent eyewear is the smartest and most discreet way to make a fashion statement fast.

  • Occasion: Casual, day-time date, or a stylish meeting.
  • Style: For best results, tone down all other items of your ensemble, so your intention stays clear!
  • Mood: Simple but smart and trendy.

The see-through eyewear trend is leading with well-established designers since the end of last year.

6. Rectangular Eyewear

Rectangular style sunglasses

Rectangular style is one of the most dominant eyewear trends of 2021.

The Matrix-reminiscent shape is an excellent choice for those seeking to look sleek.

  • Occasion: Shopping in the city or beach day.
  • Style: A Matrix-reminiscent shape that enhances the sleek look so opt for pulled-back hair for a complete futuristic impact.
  • Mood: futuristic, ultra-modern, confident.

To be paired with pulled-back long hair, for a maximized futuristic impact.

5. Light-Metal Minimalism

Minimalist eyewear style

Regardless of going for gold, gunmetal grey, or silver, the emphasis here is to go for frames that are as thin as possible.

  • Occasion: Office day, movie date, or for running errands.
  • Style: This delicate take will provide a touch of sophistication while giving room for other accessories to shine, think hats!
  • Mood: intellectual, clean, and focused.

The ‘light-metal’ minimalism has a delicate feel that provides a touch of sophistication to your look.

Moreover, it gives room for other accessories to shine; think watches, hats, and handbags!

4. Rimless Visage

Rimless visage eyewear style

The classic frameless glasses are making a great comeback.

This year, reinvented in innovative shapes and even embellished sparkle.

Moreover, according to ‘Shutterstock Color Trends’ report:

bold, saturated hues are on their way to fame in 2021,

So, bright colors are the rage right now.

  • Occasion: Hanging by the pool or Sunday brunch.
  • Style: Non-conformist casual look.
  • Mood: extravagant, daring, and playful.

Go for rimless visage if you want to refresh your look by throwing a splash of color or a dash of bling.

3. Roundup Eyewear

Round eyeglasses style

The roundup is one of those celebrity-inspired eyewear trends.

To be more precise, roundup eyewear is a forever John Lennon-inspired style.

It circles your face and style with chilled and peaceful vibes.

  • Occasion: Weekend chill, road trip, or creative meeting.
  • Style: Retro glam, hippie, with a dash of intellectual self.
  • Mood: Free-spirited, relaxed, open-minded.

This style of eyewear can be easily paired with casual tops and shorts.

2. Vintage Cat Eye Eyewear

Cat Eye eyewear style

Unafraid and ultra-feminine, the ‘Cat Eye’ style brings attention to your cheekbones.

It is a style that carries the right amount of nostalgia in a sweet, daring way.

  • Occasion: Art gallery opening or posh garden party.
  • Style: A retro staple that guarantees contemporary charm, especially if you throw a scarf around your neck and embody the Grace Kelly kind of class.
  • Mood: Cultural, posh, nostalgic, and lady-like.

In 2020, these wing-like shape glasses come slightly oversized.

And, as this year’s trend is ‘bold’, you better choose them in wild colors and prints.

1. Aviators Reworked

Aviators style eyeglasses

Made popular again by Khloe Kardashians, this classic favorite surprises in 2020 with detailed metalwork and tinted lenses.

  • Occasion: Boat activities, motorcycle ride, casually driving your sports car.
  • Style: Cool white shirt, blue or black jeans, and a vegan leather biker’s jacket!
  • Mood: Unfazed, androgynous, adventurous.

Aviators remain the safest option when you’re looking to blend traditional celebrity looks with a modern and sporty feel.

8 Eyewear Trends Examples by Celebrity

Sunglasses are like eye shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Either to shield from paparazzi or to add a mysterious glamour to their public appearances, celebs are always the first to rock the latest eyewear trends.

To exemplify the trendy eyewear styles of 2020, I’ve gathered 8 celebrities and the spectacles they are wearing right now.

1. Rihanna – oversized frame

Rihanna eyewear style 2020
Rihanna in Fenty oversized glasses.

2. Dua Lipa – streetwear frame

Dua Lipa eyewear style
Dua Lipa in streetwear sporty sunglasses.

3. Bella Hadid – square metallic frame

Bella Hadid eyewear style 2020
Bella Hadid in square metallic glasses.

4. Beyonce – oversized frame

Beyonce oversized sunglasses style
Beyonce in Oversized sunglasses.

5. Shay Mitchel – rectangle frame

Shay Mitchel eyeglasses style 2020
Shay Mitchel behind Rectangle sunglasses.

6. Khloe Kardashian – reworked Aviators frame

Khloe Kardashian aviators sunglasses style
Khloe Kardashian in reworked Aviators.

7. Megan Markle – Cat eye frame

Megan Markle wearing the Cat Eye sunglasses
Megan Markle wearing the Cat Eye.

8. Jennifer Lawrence – round frames.

Jennifer Lawrence wearing round sunglasses
Jennifer Lawrence nailing Lenon style frame.

Top 5 Sustainable Eyewear Brands of 2021

Remember that your fashion choices will always showcase the values you stand for.

Your eyewear is also part of your look so right now, make sure you choose sustainable eyewear brands.

According to a Unilever report, sustainability is trendy right now

“…a third of consumers prefer sustainable brands,

With this in mind, here are the most ‘mindful’ eyewear brands right now.

These brands are loved for their fashionable looks, sustainable materials, and excellent value.

1. Pala Eyewear

Pala sustainable eyewear

PALA is on a mission is to end poverty, protect the planet, and enable all people to enjoy peace and prosperity.

For every pair of sunglasses sold, Pala gives back to eye care programs in Africa.

To date, thousands of sight-impaired people have had their lives changed after receiving a pair of prescription glasses, in Burkina Faso, Zambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Ethiopia.

2. Neubau

Neubau sustainable eyewear

To Neubau, the environment and high-quality design are top priorities of equal value.

The brand’s ‘cosmopolitan’ creations are made from plant-based (castor oil) and other natural materials such as nat­ur­alPX and natural3D.

The styles reflect a sense of modernity inspired by the best from the past.

3. Dick Moby

Dick Moby sustainable eyewear

Dick Moby’s designs reflect a consciously stylish approach to fashion.

The brand designs trendy eyewear out of both recycled and biodegradable materials.

4. Waterhaul

Waterhaul sustainable eyewear

Waterhaul makes amazing eyewear and sunglasses for ocean adventurers.

The glasses are made of recycled fishing nets (100%) and carry a lifetime warranty!

5. Monokel

Monokel sustainable eyewear

Monokel is another sustainable eyewear brand that makes trendy eyewear.

The brand’s unisex styles for the urban fashionista are made from plant-based and recycled acetate.

6. Sticks & Sparrow

Sticks and Sparrow sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

The Australian brand uses plant-based acetate teamed up with globally sourced sustainable bamboo to create some of the best handmade frames in the business

Sticks & Sparrow frames are carefully treated with tints, stains and polishes to bring out an extra depth of colour and contrast, for natural beauty and style with an environmental conscience.

All sunglasses are fitted with 100% UV protection and scratch resistant lenses, packaged in individual microfiber pouches, and enclosed in protective pressed cork hard cases with a beautiful gold fleck.

Sticks and Sparrow Element Gold Leaf wooden sunglasses

Our favorite pair of shades from Sticks & Sparrow for this summer is the highly glamourous ELEMENT Gold Leaf.

These luxury-class sunglasses feature a gold double top bar and embedded gold leaves into the plant-based acetate frames, making them a unique green fashion statement.

7. Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

The company handcrafts eyewear from sustainably-sourced wood, cotton-based acetate, recycled aluminium, and re-purposed skateboard decks.

Proof Eyewear logo is a bird which symbolises:

‘Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help.’

Founded in 2010 by three brothers, Proof Eyewear is now a leader in sustainable eyewear giving back 12% of their profits to non-profit organisations from all over the world.

Proof Eyewear Scout Eco wooden sunglasses

Our choice for sustainable shades is the oversized Scout Eco.

Part of the ‘Environmentally Conscious Optics’ collection, the frames are fully renewable, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic, hand-made from high-quality recycled wood & cotton-based acetate, and matched with excellent polarised lenses.

8. Shwood – Wooden Sunglasses

Shwood sustainable wooden sunglasses

Founded in 2009, Shwood was one of the pioneers in the business of wooden sunglasses.

In its attempt to create unique products, the company has re-engineered its manufacturing process from the ground up, which has allowed constant experimentations with innovative materials and designs.

Ever since, the company has introduced over 15 original materials in the eyewear industry, from wood to stabilised seashells and oxidised metals.

Shwood Canby Stone Sunglasses

Our choice from Shwood is their Canby Stone Sunglasses, a unique model made from genuine slate stone on the exterior and premium walnut on the interior, in a classic wayfarer style evoking luxurious aesthetics and refined craftsmanship.

9. WearPanda

Wear Panda sustainable wooden sunglasses

WearPanda is one of the most eco-friendly wooden sunglasses labels in the world.

Starting in 2012 via Kickstarter with a goal met in 3 days, the company has pledged to always use only sustainable and kind to the environment materials while giving back to those in need with each sale.

Ever since, Panda is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and helped ‘Optometry Giving Sight’ screen nearly 4 million people, deliver more than 27,000 pairs of glasses, and support 16 optical labs and 116 optometry students in 39 countries.

Panda’s glasses are from100% sustainable bamboo, balanced with sustainable Portuguese cork, and recycled metal, encased in natural, reusable bamboo cases.

Wear Panda Hepburn wooden sunglasses

Our Panda favs are the timeless Hepburn, with their show-stopping features.

The prominent curves of the circular lenses make them ideal for softening triangle, diamond, and heart-shaped faces.

10. Moat House Eyewear

Moat House sustainable wooden sunglasses

This British heritage infused manufacturer of wooden sunglasses makes all their frames by hand using only 100% certified, sustainable wood.

The brand’s devotion to quality and sustainability puts these frames in a league of their own.

Wherever possible, Moat House Eyewear reclaims timber to bring back to life old wood.

Moreover, the label is part of a tree replanting scheme that sees them plant a tree in the rainforest for every pair of sold sunglasses.

Moat House Godiva wooden sunglasses

Our choice from Moat House is the dramatic and extravagant-looking Godiva.

Made from African blackwood and oak, these sunglasses are named after Lady Godiva who once owned the land where the Moat House now sits.

Now it’s your turn…

What is your favorite eyewear trend of 2021, so far?

Is there any eyewear brand you would like us to introduce to this list?

Would love to hear your thought and comments below!

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