Re-wearable, Recyclable, Sustainable Fashion In A Spray Can

Fabrican sprayable clothes – designing super-smart, re-wearable, recyclable, sustainable garments with spray-on technology.

When ten years ago, Dr Manel Torres from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College of London introduced the world to ‘Fabrican sprayable clothes’, at the London Bioscience Innovation, not many think much of it.

Fabrican Sprayable Clothes - man in black spraying a dress on a woman's body

Yet, with the growing demand for customisation and sustainability in fashion, Torres groundbreaking technology, consisting of an instant, sprayable, non-woven fabric is poised to change the face of fashion.

Fabrican sprayable clothes invention is a non-woven, sprayable textile contained in a spray gun, in the form of a liquid fibre suspension. For the last ten years, the revolutionary spray-on fabric has been showcased at several runway shows, gathering plenty of attention from the press.

Still, to be able to go from labs to showrooms and finally to buyer’s wardrobes, the initial technology required further refinement and adjustments. Ten years after hitting upon the possibility, the British researcher is back. This time, Torres deems his invention “ready for production.”

Fabrican Sprayable Clothes

The innovative material can be sprayed onto one’s body, matrix, anything. As the dissolvent evaporates, the result would be a close-fitting garment or a patch of material ready to be cut and stitched.

According to its creator, the instant non-woven fabrics will revolutionise fashion; either by making textiles directly in the required shape or by creating perfectly fitted couture from all types of sustainable materials.

Fabrican Sprayable Clothes - Dr Manel Torres straying blue textile on a woman's arm

“It can be made from either synthetic materials such as star-poly, popolan, or natural fibres such as cotton, linen, and wool. The content is ‘starchy’, and once sprayed, it feels like suede. But its leading quality is that it could take different forms and textures,” said Dr Manel Torres.

Fabrican Sprayable Clothes - man spraying a dress on a woman's naked breast

Fabrican Sprayable Clothes - man with glasses cutting a woman's tshirt with red scissors

Fabrican sprayable clothes technology points out to new possible developments in various areas, including highly functional fashion apparel. One the one hand, the flexibility of the sprayable fabric lets the fibre to conform to any body shape.

It is a technology designed to reduce material waste associated with fashion production and design, and poor sizing customer returns.

“It’s fully sustainable. The customer can recycle own garments at any time. Moreover, the used garments can be taken back to store for an exchange or a can refill,” explains Torres.

Fabrican Sprayable Clothes - spraying a tshirt on a man's body

Multifunctional Fashion With Fabrican Sprayable Clothes

On the other hand, the materials chosen in the Fabrican sprayable clothes technology can be combined – in the can – with other materials. Organic insect-repellant, colours, and even natural fragrances that last for a lifetime.

“When I first started the project I wanted to create fast an equally futuristic and comfortable fabric. In my quest to produce this kind of material, I ended up learning how to blend various materials together without having to weave or stitch them.”

Fabrican Sprayable Clothes - Two men looking at a sustainable tshirt

Fabrican Sprayable Clothes - Man wearing a sustainable two coloured tshirt

The method of spraying couture gives designers and consumers huge flexibility to hand-craft own apparel on the fly. For instance, spraying on multiple layers of hardens and strengthens the material.

Then, the designer can its own aesthetic touch by playing with a diverse range of source fabrics, colours, even scents. Also, garments made with the spray-on technology can be washed, re-worn and recycled back into sprayable material by using the same initial solvent.

Smart clothes 0 Fabrican Sprayable Textile - a sprayable, non-woven Spray-on fabric

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When combined with nanotechnology, Fabrican can create instant sprayable smart textiles and conductive fabrics. Fabrican can become the interface to wearable technology and smart sensors.

Innovating For A Sustainable Future

Finally, it seems that the ‘Fabrican sprayable clothes’ approach to fashion manufacturing and design can bring massive benefits to the industry. From instant customisations of the physical attributes of the product – such as shape, texture, colour, scent – to the style, anything can be easily customised, according to customers’ expressed preferences.

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Moreover, further development of the spray-on technology could potentially eliminate the need for stocking and re-tooling several types of materials, and hopefully lead the path towards a more sustainable, less wasteful fashion industry.

Fabrican Sprayable Clothes - Fashion in a spray can

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