Fashion Gym Wear – When And How To Wear Workout Jewelry?

Fashion gym wear choices – when and how to wear workout jewelry?

As a woman that I care about my image, I love to wear jewelry whenever I can.

I also love going to the gym, so sourcing the right fashion gym wear, wearing the right workout jewelry, even wearing the right makeup is very important to me.

And, as I proudly show off my fashion gym wear while training, I get asked a lot of times the same question: how do you choose your workout jewelry?

Workout Jewelry

Well, it all depends on several things. Nevertheless, I am going to share 4 key considerations you should take before you start wearing fashion gym wear:

  1. Choose the right fashion gym wear.

  2. Always assort to the situation.

  3. Beware of the sentimental fashion gym wear trap.

  4. Wear Fashion Gym Wear To Improve Your Experience.

Before we start, let’s get something out of the way. By fashion gym wear I do not mean an engagement ring and earrings, but all kinds of fashionable accessories. And now, without further ado, here we go:

1. Choose the right fashion gym wear

Fashion gym wear and matching workout jewelry

It means that you have to ensure your fashion gym wear is made from cruelty-free and sustainable materials. Why?

Well, contrary to the consensus that leather bracelets have no impact on sweat, in my experience, leather could have severe adverse reactions in combination with your body’s sweat.

In the case of fashion gym wear that contains animal leather – depending on the number of toxic chemicals used to process the raw animal skin – you might see a skin reaction immediately.

Skin rash, red spots, dry skin, if you’ve experienced them in the past, ditch right now your fashion gym wear.

Similarly, certain types of plastic used in fashion gym wear will have adverse effects, just that it will take much longer to manifest.

And yet, when such negative effects manifest, skin cancer is almost invariably one of the results.

Nickel is another absolute no-no to the gym.

Not only it will look tarnished due to the sweat, but the worst part is that it gets dissolved, and your skin tends to absorb it, causing some severe allergic reactions.

Both your skin, as well as the jewelry piece, go black!

2. Always assort to the situation

Working out at gym with partner

Make sure you assort your fashion gym wear to the training you’re going to have.

If you are going for a slow and easy workout, then wearing workout jewelry is fine.

However, I’d be careful with complex, large, or hanging out earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Trust me; you don’t want to end up strangled, or with your arm caught in some sort of gym equipment.

3. Beware of the sentimental fashion gym wear trap

Heavy workout

Irrespective of your love for your jewelry, emotional values, and personal preference, there are some essential factors that you should consider to determine whether or not you should remove your jewelry while working out.

Two of the most significant factors to consider are your safety and the safety of your precious jewelry.

The safety stuff we’ve covered above, but I feel like adding an extra reminder here, just in case.

Wearing jewelry at the gym can always cause injuries, especially when you do any intense workout.

Moreover, it can cause restrictions and also reduce blood flow.

For example, when you run, box with rings, or do a handstand with a dangly necklace, you run into the risks of it hitting your tooth, getting caught in your hair, or may annoy you.

And most importantly, when it comes to preserving your jewelry, gym wear will erode very fast their sheen and lustre.

You may think that gemstones are durable and, therefore, can take the impact.

Well, hard gems like diamonds and rubies may not be easy to scuff, but there is always the risk of being chipped.

4. Wear Fashion Gym Wear To Improve Your Experience

Gym Wearables

Depending on how fashionable and luxurious they are, your wearable tech gadgets can count as workout jewelry or fashion gym wear.

In fact, wearables are highly recommended at the gym, given their intrinsic design to keep you safe from injuries.

Final thoughts

To keep things short and simple, here I summarise all of the above:

No fashion gym wear made of leather or nickel.

Check the type of plastic in your workout jewelry.

Avoid precious stones.

Do not wear anything chunky, heavy, dangly or with sharp edges.

Bulky rings should be removed at all costs, whether of gold, silver, or nickel.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these gym wear tips is your favorite and why?

Are there any great gym wear brands or workout jewelry labels you’ve tried and want to recommend?

Comments below, please!

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