Top 5 High Tech Sportswear In 2020 (+TIPS) To Up Your Game

As consumers’ interest in healthy lifestyles continues to grow, athleisure brands are upping their tech sportswear game.

Made from innovative textile, high tech sportswear is designed to elevate your workout experience.

In the past, high tech sportswear was designed exclusively for top athletes as a way to improve their performance.

For instance, at the 2008 Olympic games, 92% of all swimming medals were won by athletes wearing Speedo LZR swimsuit.

The results were so impressive that the International Olympic Committee decided two years later to ban body-length swimsuits.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 high tech sportswear in 2020, designed to take your fitness game to the next level.

1. Nike Hypercool

Lebron James wearing Nike Hypercool Max Tight
Lebron James wearing Nike Hypercool Max Tight.

‘Hypercool’ is the latest release from Nike Pro Series high-tech sportswear.

Nike’s tights and leggings comprise intelligent zoned venting to cool down your body when it needs it the most.

Also, the Hypercool material is very smart in the sense that it knows how to create the perfect level of compression.

The metallic-like material reflects light and can be worn at night.

This type of garment helps athletes to manage temperature changes between indoor and outdoor training sessions.

Hypercool has a thin polymer film designed to protect the body from UV rays and infrared heat.

By increasing and maintaining blood circulation, the tights and leggings are excellent at preventing next-day muscle fatigue and numbness.

Tip: If you are into super marathons, triathlons, decathlons or any other kind of longtime outdoor activities, then this is the best high tech sportswear for you.

2. Adidas Climachill

Nadine Visser wearing Climachill Adidas high tech sportswear
Nadine Visser wearing Climachill Adidas high tech sportswear.

Adidas has created Climachill series to keep top-level athletes cool and comfortable during strenuous training sessions.

The Climachill fabric used in these garments is woven with small aluminium-silver dots.

The aluminium acts like a computer cooler by pulling heat away from the body.

As a result, Adidas Climachill activewear has a refreshing, cool, and pleasant feeling on your skin.

David Beckham wearing Climachill Adidas high tech sportswear
David Beckham wearing Climachill Adidas high tech sportswear.

Based on my experience, Climachill provides excellent breathability where I need it the most: armpits & inner tights.

Tip: After trying them for a couple of weeks, I can say that Adidas Climachill is the perfect outfit for heavy gym-training and long-running sessions.

3. North Face FlashDry

FlashDry is another high tech sportswear product created by the American outwears brand, North Face.

The brand’s innovative textile pushes the moisture from your skin to the surface of the garment.

FlashDry, as the name suggests, keeps you fresh, dry, and comfortable, even during the most intense aerobic exercises.

My favourite FlashDry piece of gear is the company’s winter jacket as it offers me excellent sun protection on my long runs.

Tip: Sunny or rainy days, North Face FlashDry is your ultimate outdoor workout sportswear. 

4. Polo Ralph Heated Jacket

The 2018 winter Olympics Us team wearing Polo Ralph heated jacket
A US Winter Olympics athlete wearing a Polo Ralph heated jacket.

At the 2018 opening ceremony, the US Winter Olympics team wore Polo Ralph jackets.

But, what the audience did not know is that the jackets were high tech sportswear with heating technology.

Each jacket was fitted with a temperature adjustment smart sensor that was adapting in real-time to the wearer’s body.

The 2018 winter Olympics Us team wearing Polo Ralph high tech heated jacket
A 2018 Winter Olympics Us male athlete wearing a Polo Ralph heated jacket.

The system works by monitoring the wearer’s body temperature.

The sensor knows when the body gets cold, hot or sweaty.

The temperature sensor sends data to heating or cooling elements that adjust accordingly.

Tip: These Polo Ralph heated jackets are great for those seeking to maintain the same temperature at all times, inside or outside the gym.

5. Under Armour Vanish

Anthony Joshua wearing Under Armour Vanish high tech sportswear during intense workout
Anthony Joshua wearing Under Armour Vanish high tech sportswear.

Under Armour’s new Vanish sportswear is one of the best high tech gears in the market right now.

Vanish technology features a unique ‘NEXT-TO-SKIN’ compression system that looks good without putting pressure on the skin.

The high-tech fabric also features UnderArmour’s ‘microthread’ technology.

The garments dry faster and won’t cling to your body – during intense body movements.

Finally, the HeatGear fabric used in these garments is soft and smooth so you’ll always feel great when exercising.

Tip: Under Armour’s new Vanish high tech sportswear is ideal for extreme fitness events and physical obstacle course games.

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I hope you liked my article on high tech sportswear.

There’s still a lot to cover so I’d appreciate your input:

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    • Which one and why did you buy it? Looks, performance, both?
    • Which brands from the ones above do you want to try first?
    • Are there any high tech sportswear brands missing from my top 5?

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