9 Kawaii Egirl Outfit Ideas to Look Irresistible in 2023

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Kawaii Egirl is a fascinating fusion of Kawaii and Egirl styles offering a distinctive and irresistible aesthetic that fashion enthusiasts adore.

Combining the cuteness of Kawaii with the edgy and rebellious vibe of the Egirl, this hybrid style allows the wearer to express individuality with flair.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the 9 most fabulous Kawaii Egirl outfit ideas for 2023, designed to elevate your wardrobe to new heights.

From pastel hoodies and oversized jackets to plaid skirts and metallic minis, these stylish combinations will empower you to rock this one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

Without delay, dive in and embrace your inner fashionista with these eye-catching and delightful Kawaii Egirl looks!

1. Body-fit Pastel Top With Metalic Mini Skirt (and High White Socks)

long sleeve turtle neck top, pleated miniskirt, knee high socks, platform sandals
Image courtesy: @tokyofashion // Pinterest

Start with a body-fit mesh top in pastel blue to create a soft and feminine vibe.

Add an edgy twist to the look by pairing the top with a pleated mini skirt in a metallic textile.

Enhance the outfit with knee-high white socks and white platform sandals for an extra youthful and playful vibe.

Complete the look with a translucent cross-body bag and a blue leather garter with charm to give the outfit a unique and personalized touch.

2. Cropped Top And Shorts Over Fishnet (and Pastel Bomber)

crop top, miniskirt, fishnet thighs, bomber jacket
Image courtesy: Tumblr

Begin with a black cargo top with matching shorts as your outfit’s bold and edgy foundation.

Add a touch of Kawaii flair by layering the ensemble with a metallic pink sequin bomber jacket.

Create the Egirl aesthetic contrast with fishnet tights worn underneath the shorts, and complete the look with black leather combat boots for a rugged and stylish vibe.

For a unique and creative finishing touch, accessorize with a Japanese-themed stick-on tattoo, showcasing your individuality and love for Japanese fashion.

3. Buttoned-Up Top and Purple Plaid Skirt (With a Purple Plaid Bowtie)

black shirt, kawaii bow tie, plaid miniskirt, belts
Image courtesy: @ntbhshop // Pinterest

Begin with a buttoned-up black blouse, a staple for all e-girl outfits.

Pair it with a purple plaid mini skirt with a chain, another quintessential Egirl garment, to confer the look a punk-inspired vibe.

To highlight the fusion of Egirl with Kawaii styles, incorporate a purple plaid bow and style your hair in pigtails with pink scrunchies, essential accessories for cute Japanese fashion.

For footwear, wear knee-high leather boots, a popular Egirl choice that adds an assertive feel to the ensemble.

4. Pastel Hoodie Over Dark Fitted Top (and Black Denim Shorts)

landscape print bomber jacket, miniskirt, , tank top, chocker
Image courtesy: @ntbhshop // Pinterest

This unique outfit idea combines the sweetness of Kawaii with the darker, grunge-inspired E-girl style.

Start with a pastel-colored hoodie, a signature Kawaii staple, for a gentle pop of color, and a sleeveless black top with a zipper detail.

Pair the hoodie and top with urban-inspired black denim shorts with chains and charms, a nod to the darker tone and edgy E-girl aesthetic.

To accessorize, wear a black leather choker with studs, another accessory characteristic of the E-girl looks.

Complete the look with silver glitter face makeup, a fusion of Kawaii and E-girl influences.

5. Cute Oversized Jacket Over a School Uniform (With Cute Hair Accessories)

gamer jacket with cat ears, plaid tie, plaid pleated miniskirt
Image courtesy: @ntbhshop // Pinterest

Start with a cute oversized black with purple-pink accents hoodie jacket, a perfect blend of laid-back E-girl with cute Kawaii.

Match with a similar pattern pink and purple pleated plaid mini skirt; the colors and plaid design embody the Kawaii aesthetic, while the short length adds a subtle E-girl influence.

Complement the skirt with a matching pink and purple plaid tie and white ankle socks featuring lace details, a delicate Kawaii touch that balances the edgier elements of your outfit.

Complete the look with black platform leather shoes, lace-up fronts, and purple star hair clips.

6. Black Kawaii Print T-shirt Over Striped Long-sleeves (With Lace-detail Mini Skirt)

cat ears hairband, chocker, lace miniskirt, anime print t-shirt, platform boots
Image courtesy: @weheartitapp // Pinterest

Start with a black tee featuring an anime picture, a classic element in Kawaii fashion, and a black pleated mini skirt adorned with pink frills.

Layering the black tee over a pink and black striped long-sleeve top will add an E-girl-inspired contrast while incorporating Kawaii’s affinity for cute colors.

Accessorize with a ribbon choker featuring a bow and a mid-waist leather belt with chains, a nod to the E-girl aesthetic with its edgy and bold design.

Complete your look with black leather platform shoes, knee-high black socks, and a fur cat ear headband.

7. Bomber Jacket Over Pleated Skirt (With High Striped Socks and Platform Shoes)

platform shoes, ruffle miniskirt, bomber jackets, studded accessories
Image courtesy: Tumblr

Start with a black satin bomber jacket, a versatile piece that lends itself to Kawaii and E-girl aesthetics with its sleek and modern design.

To merge the feminine aspects of Kawaii fashion with the darker color palette of the E-girl style, pair the jacket with a black frilled mini skirt.

Layer fishnet tights underneath the skirt and black platform shoes with knee-high striped socks, showcasing Kawaii’s love for patterns and E-girl’s penchant for bold contrasts.

For the finishing touch, accessorize with black and red studded rings, another nod to the E-girl aesthetic with their bold colors and punk-inspired design.

8. Graphic Leather Jacket Over Cute Knit Top (With Leather Boots)

fishnet thighs, black leather jacket, martens shoes, chocker
Image courtesy: @ASACHIRU // Pinterest

Start with a graphic leather jacket, an E-girl staple with an edgy and rebellious feel, paired with a funny knitted top to capture the essence of Kawaii fashion,

Match the top with a satin mini skirt featuring a front zipper, a piece that blends both Kawaii and E-girl aesthetics through its feminine silhouette and bold zipper detail.

Layer black stockings and fishnet tights under the skirt and accessorize with a black leather choker featuring a large hoop charm and a black leather handbag.

Complete the look with black Dr. Martens shoes with lace-up fronts, an E-girl staple known for their edgy design and durability.

9. Oversized Kawaii Sweater Dress (With Plaid Pattern Details)

oversized sweatshirt, pink glasses, pink shoes, crossbody bag
Image courtesy: Twitter

Start with a pink oversized Kawaii sweater dress with plaid details and red ankle socks for a pop of color that complements the dress’s plaids.

Follow up with pink platform trainers, a footwear style that combines Kawaii’s cute colors with the E-girls height-boosting platform shoe style.

Accessorize with a red leather crossbody bag, a functional and stylish piece that enhances the Kawaii-inspired color palette while adding a hint of E-girl influence with its leather material.

By emphasizing the cute and feminine aspects of Kawaii fashion and subtly incorporating elements of E-girl style, this outfit idea creates a charming and eye-catching look perfect for 2023.


The enchanting blend of Kawaii and Egirl styles is a must for those looking to make a unique and memorable fashion statement.

As such, the above 9 Kawaii Egirl outfit ideas for 2023 provide an excellent source of inspiration to charm this captivating trend.

As a quick recap, mix and match elements from both styles to create a unique look that allows your individuality to shine.

So, go ahead and experiment with these 9 fabulous Kawaii Egirl outfit ideas, and watch as you become the ultimate fashionista!

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A University of Oxford graduate in Design History, Katherine Saxon is researching arising TikTok cultures from a consumer psychology perspective while covering emerging aesthetics in fashion and beauty for TheVOU, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

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