Krnach Sustainable Handbags – A Perfect Case Of Circular Fashion

Like most women out there, I love my handbags.

In time, I’ve amassed a huge collection from some of the most popular luxury labels in the world.

However, over the past five years my values have shifted and here’s why.

I’m a lover of this planet, its animals, and beautiful environment.

I want to protect it and nurture it as much as I can.

I want to make sure I leave this world better than how I’ve found it; for my children and for many generations to come.

The more I’ve learned about the damage we are doing, the more I’ve wanted to make a change.

First stop? My lifestyle, from the food I consume to the garments I wear.

This is how I’ve discovered a new world of sustainable fashion labels.

Designers that I appreciate much more than the luxury labels I once desired so much.

For once, I love them for having similar values to mine: ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free.

But, in time, I’ve realised that these unique creations are not only sustainable but also superior (in quality) to the bags I used to wear.

That is why, when I was first introduced to Krnach, the brand’s motto, “Protecting the planet, one bag at a time“, made me want to know more about the label and the designer behind.

Krnach sustainable handbags

Krnach was founded by Amanda Beth Krnach, an American expert artisan running her business from outside of Florence, Italy.

Amanda’s decades of experience in the fashion industry and close relationship with textile mills made her realise that the apparel industry creates mountains of textile waste, on all production stages.

She has noticed – with sadness – how sourcing samples, strike-offs, cuts and discarded fabric that can’t decompose or biodegrade, end up in the landfills or incinerators.

It was that realisation that these often luxurious and expensive materials resulting from textile mills and fashion companies must be salvaged and reused somehow.

This is how Krnach was born; from a genuine need to take these so-called ‘scraps’ and turn them into new bags in the most sustainable ways possible.

Ever since, Krnach transforms leftover materials into rare, hand-made, one-of-a-kind bags and accessories that complement not only your style but also the planet.

What Do I Love About Krnach?

One thing I love about Krnach is the exclusivity of each creation.

You’ll always know that every single Krnach bag has a unique story to tell, thanks to the materials behind the brand and designer’s unique input.

Krnach sustainable handbags

Amanda mixes and matches materials in such a beautiful and unconventional way, that each time a new piece comes to life, I feel this unstoppable urge to have it.

The array of fabrics used in Krnach sustainable handbags is endless: fuzzy fleeces, ultralight transparent nylons, rare prints, sustainable materials, wools, jacquards, and the list goes on and on.

Why Should You Support Krnach?

First and foremost, remember that Amanda’s choice for materials is both intentional and avant-garde.

Powered by nature and designed with passion, Krnach represents the new age of fashion making.

Krnach sustainable handbags

It works by offsetting mass industrial processes and reworking them into unique and sustainable creations.

Krnach creations are carefully made not from waste but rare and luxurious materials deemed as unusable by large fashion companies.

Without companies like Krnach, these strike-offs, remnants, cuts and scrap materials would end up in landfills and incinerators, polluting rivers and the environment.

By salvaging these fibres, the label is saving the planet, and in the process is creates impressive one-of-a-kind limited edition handbags.

My Top 3 Krnach Choices:

1. ‘Tellaro Large Zip Pouch’

First, I love Tellaro as it reminds me of the 90’s plaid.

Also, the bag’s beautiful shades of blue mixed together make it stand out from a mile.

This large zip pouch looks stunning with any clothes I wear, but it stands out with denim styles.

Krnach Tellaro sustainable bag

2. ‘Capri Belt Bag’

Capri’s modern envelope-shaped style, structured from crochet raffia and outlined in a bright blue woven jacquard polyester with a cotton touch is a super versatile bag.

One of a kind, cut and sewn by hand, I always take ‘Capri’ with me on any night out on the town, as a hold-all-essentials bag.

Krnach Capri sustainable belt bag

3. ‘Medusa Large Tote’

The Medusa tote is hand-cut, sewn, and designed as a rare collector’s item.

This bag is a life-time companion, not just for a season.

Krnach Medusa sustainable tote bag

Special Mention

I’d also like to mention here the ‘Caldane Large Zip Pouch’.

Constructed from repurposed fabric swatches from Italy’s top textile mills, ‘Caldane’s large pouch is perfect for day or night.

One way I use ‘Caldane’ is by placing all essentials inside, as my quick-access place. Then I put the bag into a bigger bag.

However, I also choose Caldane when I want to look extravagant or make a fashion statement, thanks to its multi-coloured plaid twill gabardine and lime green eccentric vibe.

Krnach Caldane sustainable pouch

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