Kyoto Streetwear – Best 7 Stores For Genuine Kyoto Clothing In 2022

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As a Kyoto local and fashion lover, people often ask me about Kyoto streetwear.

The growing interest has seen brands from all over the world trying to capitalize on demand.

Yet, the legitimacy of these brands is so debatable that social media is on fire right now.

Reddit, Quora, Facebook reviews, all debate genuine vs fake Kyoto streetwear brands.

In this article, I’m going to share with you how Kyoto streetwear is constructed and where to buy genuine Kyoto streetwear fashion from.

Kyoto streetwear Reddit discussions

In this article:

What Is Kyoto Streetwear Style?

Kyoto fashion

When thinking about Japanese fashion, Tokyo and the Harajuku region, in particular, come to mind.

After Tokyo, streetwear lovers find Kyoto’s ‘Samurai’ street style very trendy right now.

Kyoto streetwear

Kyoto’s ‘Samurai streetwear styles’ are inspired by two key elements:

  1. Kyoto city’s ancient architecture.
  2. Japan’s rich heritage in fashion making.

Kyoto City Influence

Kyoto city
The streets of Kyoto city.

Located in the heart of Honshu, Kyoto is regarded as Japan’s most beautiful ancient city.

With over 4,000 historical monuments, temples, and shrines, Kyoto city is also the most popular tourist destination in Japan.

Kyoto temples and shrines
The Temple of the Fox – Kyoto.

The city attracts millions of visitors from both inside and outside of Japan, all year round.

Kyoto’s richness of temples, shrines, and cultural references are an abundant source of Wabi-Sabi inspiration.

Kyoto city temples
Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion) – Kyoto.

Wabi-sabi is an aesthetic principle-centered around the idea of transience and imperfection, as vital components of beauty.

The concept has been used by some of the most famous Japanese fashion designers, such as Yohji Yamamoto, Issei Miyake, and Rei Kawakubo.

Japanese Fashion – Culture & Heritage

Kyoto fashion
Traditional kimono – Kyoto city.

From sophisticated designer garments to upcycled clothing, trendy boutiques, and department stores, Japan has it all.

It is this rare combination of tradition and modernity that makes Japanese streetwear styles so much loved and desired.

Here are the most prominent Japanese fashion-making themes, also found in streetwear styles:

  • Kimono
Tremblepierre Zyan Kimono
Zyan Kimono Coat by Tremblepierre

  • Oversized Silhouettes
/id/ oversized blazer
Alex Check Linen Blazer by /id/

  • Bright colors
Sanah Sharma Arc dress in bright colours
Arc Dress by Sanah Sharma

  • Tabi style shoes
Sou Sou Tabi shoes
Tabi Shoes by Sou Sou.

Contrary to Occidental fashion trends, constructed by celebrities and fast fashion giants, Japanese creations rely on street culture:

“in Japan, the most popular fashion models are just normal shoppers; normal people wearing unique styles on the streets of Tokyo”

said Parco’s President, Kozo Makiyama.

Parco is one of the first chains of department stores in Japan to realize the power of streetwear styles.

Parco department store Japan

The influence is so palpable that when it opened its store in Shibuya, Parco used a relevant slogan:

The people you’re passing are all so beautiful

In other words, the streets of Japan are real catwalks and people are fashion stars.

Best Stores for Legit Kyoto Streetwear

Sou Sou Kyoto streetwear

When it comes to Japanese fashion, trusting online sellers is a serious problem.

Based on my research and experience, most Kyoto streetwear brands selling online are copycats located in China, Bangladesh, and India.


  • The best place to buy genuine Kyoto streetwear is Kyoto’s local stores!

Sou Sou Kyoto tabi shoes

Buy genuine Kyoto streetwear directly from the city’s stores, while having a full Japanese experience.

This way, you’ll ‘hit two birds with one stone.’

Kyoto city is one of the most amazing historical and cultural destinations, for travelers from all over the world.

So it is worth booking a ‘city-trip / shopping spree’ at the same time.

While in Kyoto, look for the Fujii Daimaru department store.

Also, visit the small designer boutiques located around the city center as these are the best places to find rare Japanese streetwear pieces.

Kyoto city small shops

Moreover, some of these local streetwear collections will never go online.

So, if you’re after unique Japanese streetwear pieces, physical stores in Kyoto are the best, rather than online.

However, not everybody has the luxury to travel only to buy fashion.

If that’s your case, I’m here to help, and below I have compiled my favorite online Kyoto streetwear stores.

Kyoto Streetwear – Best 7 Online Shops in 2021-2022

Buy legitimate premium Kyoto streetwear

I recommend you try these 7 online shops.

All are selling genuine Kyoto streetwear, and I’ve tried them myself:

  1. Sou Sou Kyoto
  2. Urban Research Online Store
  3. Japan Lover Me
  4. Whatzis
  5. Facy
  6. Monobito

Finally, if you want to expand your options beyond Kyoto streetwear style, here are the best streetwear brands and more affordable streetwear brands for you to explore!

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Now it’s your turn…

What is your favorite Japanese fashion style?

Which Kyoto streetwear online shops do you recommend?

Is there any other Japanese street fashion style you want us to cover?

Would love to hear your thought and comments below!

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  1. I’ve been buying and wearing Japanese streetwear for the last 10 years or so. Usually, had to travel to Asia to get some good gear but for the last 5 years just bought them from underground markets in London or Berlin. Now, thanks to this article, I can buy genuine Japanese streetwear right from the source, so thanks a million for this excellent guide!

  2. Many cities and countries have tried to create their own streetwear culture but Kyoto streetwear remains at the top of all streetwear attempts, and that’s not because of the name of the brands that are emerging, but thanks to the local Japanese culture that creates and re-creates streetwear every month.


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