26 Best Maternity Swimwear And Swimsuits For Expecting Moms

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Any pregnant woman needs stylish maternity Swimwear in the summer, and here’s why.

First, no matter where you’re at in your pregnancy, good maternity swimwear accommodates your growing shape – which changes overnight.

Second, a stylish one-piece or two pieces maternity Swimwear trumps all types of bathing suits styles and cuts, such as Maternity Tankini, Swim Skirts, Swim Dresses, and so on, as you’ll see below.

So, if you’re pregnant and ready to hit the beach this summer, I’ve got you covered with the best 33 maternity swimwear of 2021-2021.

I’ve selected these maternity bikinis, bump-friendly cover-ups, maternity swimsuits, and swimwear to help you take a dip in the ocean, pool, or lake.


Best Basic Black Maternity Swimsuit
Best Maternity Bikini
Best One-Piece Maternity Swimsuits
Best Chic Maternity Swimsuits
Comfortable maternity swimsuits
Best Maternity Tankini
Best Patterned Maternity Swimsuit
Ultra-flattering maternity swimsuit
Best Under-the-Belly Maternity Swimsuit
Best Affordable Maternity Swimsuit
Best Plus-Size Maternity Tankini
Best Maternity Swim Dress
Best Off-The-Shoulder Maternity Swimsuit
Best Eco-Conscious Maternity Swimsuit
Most Versatile Maternity Bikini
Best Maternity Swim Skirt

Moreover, each one of these maternity swimwear pieces is selected to make sure you can show off your new curves and beloved bump without any fear.

These figure-flattering maternity swimwear designs will make you feel gorgeous and loved during one of the most beautiful phases of your life.

Without further delay, no matter the stage of your pregnancy, check this article and discover some of the best one-piece and two-piece maternity swimsuits out there in 2020-2021, designed to show you and your bump in the best light possible.

What To Look For In A Maternity Swimsuit

Here are other features to keep an eye on when shopping for a maternity swimsuit:

Extra bump and baby support
Maternity swimwear pops must keep you supported and comfortable, ideally with adjustable straps.

Adjustable bottoms
Having the option to tighten or loosen the sides help accommodate your growing belly.

Comfortable material
A right pregnancy swimsuit should never sag or be too tight, but it also should be stretchy enough to grow with you.

Maternity-friendly designs
Not all maternity swimwear is designed with different bodies in mind. So, make sure you look for suitable belly panels, ruching at a comfortable waist cut.

How to Choose the Best Maternity Swimsuit

The best maternity swimsuit must be what’s best for you, design, color, and cut.

However, when it comes to choosing the right maternity swimsuit, there are four main factors you have to prioritize:

– Extra Support
– Comfortable Material
– Adjustability (convertible straps)
– Style and Design

When it comes to supporting, the top part of your swimsuit should be comfortable and has adjustable straps to fit perfectly with your form.

The bottom should also have the option to tighten or loosen the sides to help accommodate your belly’s growth.

After you make sure that the swimsuit fits well, it should have designs in your taste.

Can you wear a regular swimsuit while pregnant?

Yes and no.

First, your body changes a lot, not just physically but hormonally as well, and materials you’ve tolerated in the past might give you skin rush or unwanted reactions.

In fact, the material is an essential consideration in buying maternity swimwear.

Even though you picked a maternity swimsuit that is perfect for you, from a style and design perspective, if the material is irritating your skin, then it’s useless.

The material should be snug enough for your body, which means it should never sag when worn.

Also, just like maternity clothes, they should not be too tight to stop blood circulation.

That said, you need a material that is stretchable enough, and that won’t irritate your skin.

Without further ado, if you want to stay safe and look good on the beach, these are the best 33 maternity swimwear brands and swimsuits of 2020-2021.

1. Handkerchief Halter Two-piece Swimdress Set
Swimsuits for All

Handkerchief Halter Two-piece Maternity Swimdress Set

BRAND | Swimsuits for All
STYLE | two-piece swimdress
PRICE | $100

Many people love ‘Swimsuits for All’ because they make swimsuits made for everyone for all shapes and sizes while having the best designs to add with.

While this two-piece halter swim dress isn’t designed particularly for pregnant women, it is always a good idea to have a swim dress around.

And, from all maternity swimsuit brands, this print x-back maternity swimdress provides extra coverage thanks to its loose handkerchief hemline.

I even have wire-free molded cups for maximum comfy.

For more comfort, it also comes with self-tie halter straps, which makes it optimal if you’re weeks away from delivery.

The minimalist style of this swimsuit makes it perfect for accessories, in particular, jewelry with your own design.

2. Adjustable Polka Dot Maternity Bikini

Adjustable Polka Dot Maternity Bikini Seraphine

BRAND | Seraphine
STYLE | two-piece bikini
PRICE | $59 $39

The waistband on these maternity bikini bottoms is adjustable so that they can be pulled up (hitting just below your belly button) or folded down.

The halter-style lets you control the amount of support you need, and the print options (navy polka dot, nautical stripe, or eye-catching bright blue) are all gorgeous.

The brand is also popular for its great nursing bathing suits, maternity swim dresses, and pregnancy bathing suits.

3. Maternity Bikini

PregO Retro Maternity Bikini

STYLE | two-piece vintage bikini
PRICE | $51

Here’s another polka-dot maternity swimsuit you’ll love to wear.

Cut in a cute vintage bikini style, you can fully show off your bump!

Personally, I think bikini swimwear is an unbeatable timeless summer style.

Are you delivering in the summer? You’ll be able to wear this suit postpartum, too.

4. Colorblock Maternity One-piece Swimsuit

Colorblock Maternity One-piece Swimsuit

BRAND | Motherhood
STYLE | two-tone one-piece swimsuit
PRICE | $‌57 $‌39.91

For a different take on the tankini with wide-set straps and a unique design, check out this one-piece maternity swimsuit by Motherhood.

The stretchy nylon and spandex material expands as you grow with maximum comfort and good support.

And if you’re planning to spend a lot of your pregnancy splashing around outside in the sun, you’ll especially love that the suit’s fabric is rated UPF 50+ to stave off those punishing UV rays.

5. One-Piece Maternity Swimsuit

26 Best Maternity Swimwear And Swimsuits For Expecting Moms

BRAND | Tempotrek
STYLE | one-piece monokini
PRICE | $30.99

This beach boutique maternity swimsuit cover-up is an absolute steal.

The adjustable, cross-over tie flatters your belly, the removable padded bra gives you a lift and a scooped back adds major style points.

Plus, it’s available in three versatile solids (black, burgundy, and blue) and fun prints.

6. One Piece V Neck Maternity Swimsuit

26 Best Maternity Swimwear And Swimsuits For Expecting Moms

BRAND | Tempotrek
STYLE | one-piece wrap
PRICE | $26 – $33

Here’s a free-size maternity bathing suit that you’ll love.

Stripes that run vertically instead of horizontally flatter a growing baby belly.

And there’s a particular spa-like aesthetic to this white suit with grey vertical stripes that makes us feel like we’re on vacation already.

The wrap-like one-piece maternity swimsuit by Tempotrek has an adjustable tie at one side that lets you cinch the suit across your mid-section for a fit correctly adjusted to your shape.

Do note that this design works best for women with small to moderate-size busts.

7. Mama Swimsuit
H&M Conscious

Mama Swimsuit H&M Conscious

STYLE | one-piece V neck
PRICE | $34.99

Coming in a classic gingham print and made with recycled materials, this mama swimsuit will make you look and feel good, both at the same time.

This eco-conscious maternity swimsuit comes in uni colors as well.

It comes in basic black for serious days, or if you want to add extra excitement to your life, you can go for the red version.

It comes in basic black for serious days, or, if you want to take the high seas, there’s a version with blue-and-white stripes.

Personally, I went for the blue-and-white stripes maternity swimwear to take the high seas.

8. Maternity Recycled Ruched Tie-Front Swimsuit
ASOS Design

Maternity Recycled Ruched Tie-Front Swimsuit ASOS Design

STYLE | ruched tie front one-piece
PRICE | $40

Love this swimsuit for pregnant women especially for the padded bust and extra belly coverage.

Beach days are something we do a lot here in Miami, and having that extra bump coverage on a cool beach keeps me reassured and safe.

I also love the extra comfort provided by the knotted straps and plunge neck cut.

9. Maternity Swimsuit Tankini Set

Maternity Swimsuit Tankini Set

BRAND | Ouisisi
STYLE | tow-piece tankini
PRICE | $35 – $46

Sometimes you want a swimsuit that you can style in a few different ways, and this maternity tankini lets you do just that.

The extra-long top can be pulled down to look more like a swim dress or scrunched up using the adjustable drawstrings.

Pulled up, the top will fall just below your bump and show off your hips.

We also love the wide straps, which provide a little more support.

It comes in the cutest styles and the fun print will put you in a cheery mood as soon as you slip it on.

10. Halter Neck Maternity Tankini
Summer Mae 

MiYang Halter Neck Maternity Tankini swimsuit

BRAND | Summer Mae 
STYLE | one-piece V neck
PRICE | $26.99

Some of my friends call this gear the perfect nursing swimsuit.

And, they’re right as from all maternity swimsuit pick here, this retro polka-dot number is famous for a few good reasons.

First, this cute maternity swimsuit works wonders with all kinds of accessories.

Then, it confers the wearer with a unique sporty look and chic style, most likely thanks to the wide shoulder style cut.

The ruched sides and extra length in the front mean you can wear it during the earlier stages of pregnancy, but it will also easily stretch to accommodate you well into the third trimester.

You’ll also appreciate the light foam cups, which provide breathable support and coverage.

11. Palm Print Maternity Bikini Swimsuit

Palm Print Maternity Bikini Swimsuit Seraphine

BRAND | Seraphine
STYLE | two-piece tankini set
PRICE | $59

Seraphine Palm Print Maternity stands out thanks to its red floral print, which somehow has become the representative style of maternity swimwear.

If you want to make a statement at the beach or pool, this maternity swimsuit with wide shoulder straps is for you.

The straps are removable if you want to transform the top into a bandeau, and the pads can also be taken out if you prefer less support.

With ruched bottoms that go up over the belly, you’ll feel comfortable while flaunting your style.

Bonus: UPF 50+ provides additional sun protection.

12. Women’s Halter Maternity Tankini

26 Best Maternity Swimwear And Swimsuits For Expecting Moms

BRAND | MiYang
STYLE | rached one-piece tankini
PRICE | $28.99

We love a tankini for any stage of life—it’s the ultimate comfort bathing suit that you can jog in as quickly and stylishly as wrangle toddlers, play Marco Polo or channel your best cabana-cool look.

And this halter maternity tankini by MiYang has perfectly ruched sides that expand with your growing bump.

Adjustable side straps on the bikini bottom, as well as adjustable halter straps, make it easy to cinch and loosen when you need a little more support or some additional room to breathe.

Patterned tops and solid color bottoms make for a flattering look that’s easy to mix and match, too.

13. Two-piece Mesh Tankini Swimdress Set
Tempt Me

Two Piece Mesh Tankini Swimdress Set

BRAND | Tempt Me
STYLE | two-piece swimdress
PRICE | $29.99

If you want to emphasize skin protection as you play in the water, the Tempt Me swimdress cutie is for you.

That’s because this lovely swimwear piece has good coverage for your bump.

It also nicely covers your upper thighs and keeps them shielded from the heat.

It is also excellent for humid days, thanks to its breathable and lightweight fabric that will keep you cool and fresh in and out of the water.

The ‘Tempt Me’ maternity swimwear collection has everything you need, from your standard maternity swim dress to swimwear with extra coverage, useful if you want to hide your baby bump.

Added with padded straps and cups makes it the best swimwear for the summer.

14. Ruched Two-piece Maternity Tankini Swimsuit

Ruched two-piece maternity tankini swimsuit

BRAND | Motherhood
STYLE | two-piece tankini
PRICE | $‌57 $‌34.20

If you love tankinis and two-piece swimsuits, I have great news for you.

Motherhood’s Two-Piece is a unique tankini thanks to its wide-set straps.

Moreover, this maternity swimwear line even has a closing feature at the back of the top for extra support.

Made from nylon and spandex, the Motherhood two-piece maternity swimsuit offers extra comfort for your growing belly.

Best of all, if you’re planning to play in the sun for extended periods, the fabric has UPF 50+ to keep your skin protected from UV rays.

15. Two-Piece Retro Tankini

26 Best Maternity Swimwear And Swimsuits For Expecting Moms

BRAND | Ziola
STYLE | two-piece tankini set
PRICE | $23.99 – $27.99

Ziola has some of the best maternity swim cover-ups and polka-dotted maternity swim dresses out there.

But, this maternity tankini has a faux wrap top and removable cups, plus ruched sides that give you plenty of room to grow.

The full-coverage bottoms tie at the sides, too, making them easy to adjust.

Also, you can choose from seven cute prints and flattering solids in this cute maternity swim cover-ups line.

16. Two Piece Swimdress
Swimsuits for All

Two Piece Swimdress Swimsuits for All

BRAND | Swimsuits for All
STYLE | two-piece tankini swimdress
PRICE | $23.99 – $27.99

We’re big fans of Swimsuits for All, a brand that shines the spotlight on plus-sized models.

The brand’s plus-size maternity swimsuits are designed to fit the bodies of women of all shapes and sizes.

Moreover, this gorgeous two-piece maternity swimsuit comes in a wide variety of variations.

Wire-free molded cups provide support with maximum comfort, and adjustable straps to make it easy to adjust the fit as the weeks count down to your baby’s arrival.

17. Floral Mesh Maternity Swimdress
Tempt Me

Tempe Me Floral Mesh Maternity Swimdress

BRAND | Tempt Me
STYLE | tow-piece swimdress
PRICE | $27.99

Lightweight and breathable, but with built-in-bust support, this maternity swimwear keeps your bump and upper thighs nicely shielded from the sun.

The Tempt Me swimming suit is an excellent option for when you need that extra coverage compared to a standard maternity swimsuit.

The mesh skirt-like overlay feature of the suit makes it easy to conceal your growing bump, too, in case you want to keep your good news under wraps for a bit.

And we love the padded shoulder straps and cups for both comfort and support.

18. Vintage Sailor Pin Up Swimsuit

Vintage Sailor Pin Up Swimsuit COCOSHIP

STYLE | one-piece halter-style swimdress
PRICE | $30.99

The flared waist and pretty halter-style top make this sailor-inspired swimsuit of the 1900s by COCOSHIP a great option when you’re expecting, even if it’s not technically a maternity swimsuit.

The suit’s lower portion has two layers, with boy shorts under a flared skirt that give your thighs and belly extra coverage.

The top has a cute decorative tie at the cleavage and an adjustable tie at your neck.

With the removable cups in the bra, the swimsuit’s intuitive features make it easy to adjust everything for your body type and as you and your baby grow.

19. Maternity Dresskini Maternity Swim Top

Maternity Dresskini Maternity Swim Top

BRAND | Mermaid
STYLE | dresskini top
PRICE | $39

Whether you order it in black or black-and-white polka dot, there’s something so sweet about this maternity swim dress.

The V-neck top is flattering, while the black inset provides additional coverage and support.

As for the length, it hits far enough under the butt to be cute without getting, er, cheeky.

(Note: Bottoms are not included, so you’ll want to purchase them separately.)

20. Bella One-Piece Maternity Swimsuit
Kimi and Kai

Bella One-Piece Maternity Swimsuit Kimi and Kai

BRAND | Kimi and Kai
STYLE | V neck one-piece swimdress
PRICE | $68

Bella is one of the super-cute pregnancy bathing suits out there right now.

Cut in a simple one-piece swim silhouette and a ruffled scoop neck, this unique piece works wonders as a mermaid maternity foldover.

I’ve also seen a lot of mothers to be interested in swimsuits to tankinis pairing it with maternity swim shorts or their favorite maternity tankinis.

21. Maternity Ruffle Off-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit

Maternity Ruffle Off-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit GAP

STYLE | off-shoulder one-piece
PRICE | $69.95

GAP’s sophisticated yet straightforward ruffle off-shoulder one-piece maternity swimsuit could be considered the little black dress of baby-on-board bathing…

… It’s that adorable!

And, we’re not going to lie, it’s pretty darn sexy, too.

The look is in the sleek little details like the delicate ruffling at the off-shoulder cut, and the sweet little tie stripes for better support.

Made from nylon and spandex, this maternity bathing suit has lots of giving to grow with you and your baby, week by week, as your pregnancy unfolds.

22. Maternity Swimwear

26 Best Maternity Swimwear And Swimsuits For Expecting Moms

BRAND | Bhome
STYLE | one-piece off-the-shoulder
PRICE | $26.99

This one-piece maternity swimsuit with a ruffled off-the-shoulder design by Bhome is flattering through all stages of your pregnancy and comes in solid colors and a range of floral patterns that make it tempting to purchase more than one.

The ruched sides are a subtle design feature that allows the suit to expand with your growing middle, and adjustable shoulder straps also help you nail the right fit.

Tall women, in particular, like this swimsuit as the torso is on the longer side.

23. Recycled Maternity Swimsuit

ASOS Recycled Maternity Swimsuit

STYLE | one-piece frill front
PRICE | $42 $28.55

It’s hard not to fall in love with this adorable maternity swimsuit.

Designed by ASOS, this is the best sustainable swimwear for pregnant women.

Adjustable straps deliver support, while an off-the-shoulder ruffle and polka-dot print keep it on-trend.

If you’re after more coverage, you’ll appreciate the brief-cut bottoms.

As a bonus, the fit works well both during pregnancy and postpartum.

I love this swimsuit; beautiful patterns, trendy design, super comfy, and eco-friendly at the same time.

24. Maternity Wrap Swimsuit

Maternity Wrap Swimsuit ASOS

BRAND | Kimi and Kai
STYLE | Wrap front one-piece
PRICE | $56

This bright red-and-pink one piece is a floral lover’s dream come true.

People often confuse “one-piece swimsuit” with “boring,” but the wrap style and waist-cinching belt on this pregnancy bathing suit make it super flattering.

This maternity swimsuit also has a fun, low back, proving that you don’t have to stop showing off a little skin just because you’re expecting.

25. Women’s Halter Maternity Tankini Set

MiYang Women Maternity Tankini Set Pregnant Two Piece Beach Swimwear

BRAND | MiYang
STYLE | two-piece tankini
PRICE | $24.99

I’ve always said that you could never go wrong with tankinis, and this piece proves it once again.

MiYang’s maternity swimwear is not only very comfortable and flexible but also very stylish.

It’s like the ultimate comfortable bikini out there; you can do physical activities such as playing water polo or swim with a baby bump.

MiYang’s maternity swimwear tankini has ruched on the sides that can fit you while having a growing baby bump.

It also has adjustable halter straps that can be loosened or tightened to help you breathe comfortably.

26. Over The Belly Maternity Swim Skirt

26 Best Maternity Swimwear And Swimsuits For Expecting Moms

BRAND | Oceanlily
STYLE | high waist over the belly skirt
PRICE | $29.50

A swim skirt is a great maternity swimsuit option for anyone seeking more coverage, and this one is well-fitting and high-quality.

Plus, when you’re wearing extra fabric to swim, it’s so important that the material dries quickly — and this one does not disappoint.

Buy it in basic black or navy, or choose one of the fun patterns, such as floral chevron or red with dots.


If you love to frolic under the sun while swimming in either the pool or the sea while having a baby bump, then maternity dresses are your go-to swimwear.

Not only are they comfortable for pregnant women, but they also come with different useful features and maternity-friendly designs so you can stay in form and style.

The swim dresses mentioned above will surely meet your maternity swimsuits’ needs, so pick to your liking.

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Please leave your comments below so other pregnant women can benefit from your expertise.

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