Optivus Adaptive Clothing For People With Special Needs

Special fashion requires special needs. Optivus adaptive clothing line, exclusively designed for people with special needs, is finally here! 😇

Every parent and caretaker knows the challenges of trying to dress a child or an adult that suffers from a form of disability. Similarly, the founder of ‘Optivus’, Cristel Guzman, knows such struggles first-hand.

“I am a mother to a child with a severe disability, and we struggle dressing him every day,” said Guzman during the announcement of Optivus’ new line of innovative clothing for people with disabilities.

“To my knowledge, there are no innovative clothing lines for people with special needs commercially available in the market. That’s why we created a new line of ‘adaptable’ garments with fast ‘magnetic touch’ closures. Stylish, affordable, and beautifully designed to uplift the spirit of the user while giving them comfort. We are brave enough to use the logo indicating disability to capture the market and to raise awareness about disabilities.”

To celebrate the grand opening this July 20, three people will win items worth £100 which will be announced by the end of July.

The label is catering for various ages, starting with the age of four to adult.

The ‘magnetic touch’ closures turn what can be a problematic routine into a quick, easy, and enjoyable experience.

The stylish streetwear collection offered by ‘Optivus’ encompasses adaptive clothing, footwear and accessories.

‘Optivus’ adaptive clothing caters to semi-dependent and fully-dependent individuals.

Shoppers can select from jersey jackets with magnets, flannel shirts with Velcro or magnets, and T-shirts with extended Velcro closures.

Shoes with zippers provide a convenient solution to help caretakers. The garments feature more room in the back and broader openings for ease of access.

“We are the very first fashion line fully dedicated to people with disabilities, and we are the first to use the disability logo in the brand,” said Guzman.

“We believe a brand with the disability sign will encourage self-acceptance, self-love, confidence, bravery and pride.”


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The new fashion line grew out of Guzman’s struggles. Her son was diagnosed with Type 1 glutaric aciduria, a rare metabolic condition that doesn’t allow him to synthesise protein and results in brain damage.

Diagnosed at the age of 10 months, he went from a healthy baby to a severely disabled infant.

Her child’s stiff limbs and spasms turned what would typically be a 10-minute dressing routine into a marathon that could take up to an hour to complete.

“We optimise existence, and we’re committed to providing the disabled with the comfort, quality, affordability, purpose and style they deserve,” said Guzman.

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