Reshape Barcelona – The World’s Premier Event For Innovators

The Reshape Event is back, bigger and better than ever!

Following the tremendous success of the last run, Reshape 2018 ‘Sensing Materialities’, this year’s edition of Reshape event advances the world’s most remarkable innovators in fashion and connected devices.

Organized by Noumena in collaboration with INDUSTRY ‘From Needs to Solutions’, Fira Barcelona, and IED Barcelona, Reshape has become a globally recognized event, and its 2019 ‘Cognified Matter’ edition is here to prove it.

The Reshape 2019 event aims to support, promote, and connect the world’s most inventive minds with industry leaders and research centers, to explore and nurture advanced technological developments, create sustainable solutions, and conduct the world towards a more conscious path.

Reshape 2019 event

Seeking to provide the large pool of participants from all over the world with access to unparalleled resources, monetary awards, expertise, and recognition on a global scale, the organizers of Reshape 2019 event – ‘Cognified Matter’ edition – have teamed up this year with Adidas, the world’s top sporting brand.

Reshape 2019 event 8

The event will be taking place on the 31st of October 2019 at Fira de Barcelona, where the candidates will battle over two core competing categories:

1. Wearable Technology
2. Smart Products

Apart from having Adidas as the event’s principal partner, this year’s competition benefits further from the support of a growing number of leading companies, industry shakers, key players, and other critical actors in Wearable Technology and Product Design landscapes.

Reshape 2019 Event – Scientific Committee

Reshape 2019 event 2

The organizers have put together a stellar line-up of leading academics and experts in the fields of wearable technology, fashion, and design to preside over the Reshape19 Cognified Matter.

Bradly Klerk Dunn

Former CEO of Iris van Herpen – a high-couture fashion label famous for its innovative experiments with materials, techniques, and technologies, – Bradly is now in charge of all the IvH Couture shows, exhibitions, and international media events.

Anastasia Pistofidou

Anastasia is the Director of the FabTextile research lab, and the Fabricademy, a modern textile and technology academy. Anastasias’ unique expertise in both analog and digital, is reflected in her research on new materials, art, and textiles.

Valerie Bergeron

Director of Materfad – Materials center of Barcelona, and FAD – Fostering Arts and Design, Valérie coordinates all exhibition-related activities. Valérie also lectures on architecture, museography, and innovative materials for several professional and educational programs.

Reshape 2019 Event – The Judging Panel

Reshape 2019 event 3

This year’s panel of judges is comprised of handpicked experts selected for their excellent skills in evaluating the submitted projects, representing the fashion and manufacturing industries and the academic landscape, entrusted with the task of choosing – from the large pool of applicants – three winners and two honorable mentions for each category.

Reshape 2019 event 4

Simone Cesano – Senior Director of Design Operations at Adidas

Attending the event as the company’s representative and as a speaker, Simone will also be part of the selected panel of experts that evaluate the designers participating in this year’s competition, and their innovative creations.

Julia Weems – Fashion School Director at IED Barcelona

Currently the Fashion School Director of IED Barcelona Design University, Julia started freelancing as a stylist in New York for leading magazines such as Glamour, FHM, Paper, and Podivm after studying Art History and Costumes, Fashion and Textile Design.

Julia’s extensive career includes productions for fashion shows (Jose Castro, Circuit), market editor for, designer for Jose Castro, costume design for Teatre Lliure, Teatre Tantarantana, and the Gale Gates Arts Center, as well as for several video and music productions.

Alberto Lovisetto – 3D Project Coordinator at Moncler

3D project coordinator at Moncler, Alberto worked for Dainese since 2008 where he created a tech-infused motorbike and ski wear collections. Competition prone and a keen technology enthusiast, Alberto tries to adopt innovative technologies to speed up manufacturing processes, for a cleaner industry and a better world.


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Reshape V edition jury members @zap_buj Elena Zapico and Raquel Buj are Co-founders of ZAP & BUJ. ZAP & BUJ is a platform that works at the intersection between Architecture, Fashion and Technology — “Our body is surrounded by several skins; our own skin, the clothes, architecture, etc. The application of technology opens up new possibilities for interaction between them.” — Participate at Reshape competition! The selected designers will participate at the RESHAPE FORUM and meet the jury members in the 1:1 CORNER meeting. Link in Bio. — Photo: @daviddiezisddz _ #fashiontechnology #material #Reshapecompetition #Reshape2019 #Reshapeawards #ReshapeV #Design #Designcompetition #Fashiondesign #Wearabletechnology #Smartproduct #fashion #fashiondesigner #fashionable #tech #futurefestival

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Zap&BuJ – Dedicated Platform for Architecture, Fashion, and Technology

Co-founders of ZAP & BUJ – a platform that works at the intersection between architecture, fashion, and technology Elena Zapico and Raquel Buj see the human body ‘surrounded’ by several skins: own skin, the garments we wear, the surrounding architecture, and technology opens up a new world of possibilities and interaction between them.

Behnaz Farahi – Architecture, Fashion and Interaction Designer

Creative designer and technologist working at the intersection of fashion, architecture, and interaction design, Behnaz Farahi is exploring the potential of interactive environments and their relationship to the human body, through the implementation of emerging technologies in contemporary art/architecture practice.

Reshape 2019 Competition – Prize & Awards

Reshape 2019 event

Apart from meeting some of the most connected leaders in the industry, the winners of the Reshape 2019 competition will be awarded:

  • Two scholarships (value: 6.000 Euro) for the ‘Design for Wearables’ postgraduate program at IED Barcelona.
  • A monetary prize of 1.000 Euros

Reshape 2019 event 6

Moreover, winners, honorable mentions, and selected talents will have the chance to participate in the ‘Reshape Forum’ via a special pass at INDUSTRY from ‘Need to Solution Event’, with an overall ticket price of 400 Euro, where they’ll be able to present their amazing projects to the audience and meet key industry leaders.

Reshape 2019 Winners

Last week, we concluded the RESHAPE FORUM – the annual meeting about Wearable Technology and Smart Products.

The event was organized by Noumena – a multidisciplinary tech company, INDUSTRY- From Needs to Solutions, Fira de Barcelona, and IED Barcelona. Furthermore, it took place from the 29th to the 31st of October 2019.

During the Reshape Forum, we held a series of appointments. Specifically, 20 Designers selected from the ‘Reshape Competition 2019’ presented their projects and research in front of an audience of INDUSTRY – From Needs to Solutions, and Reshape.

Also, the designer has been selected by the Reshape Jury, which included:

Simone Cesano – Senior Director of Design Operations at Adidas

Alberto Lovisetto – 3D Project Coordinator Moncler

Behnaz Farahi – Architecture Fashion and Interaction Designer

Julia Weems – Fashion School Director at IED Barcelona

Raquel Buj – Founder of Zap & Buj

In addition, the winners’ selection was discussed with the Reshape Scientific committee composed of Aldo Sollazzo – Reshape and Noumena Director, Valerie Bergeron – MaterFAD Director & FAD Deputy Director, Anastasia Pistofidou- Director of the FabTextile Research lab and the Fabricademy, and Bradly Dunn Klerk – Fashion and Technology expert.

Moreover, in the 1:1 CORNER meeting, the designers had the chance to meet the entrepreneurs and experts from the industry. As well as, enhance new collaborations and partnerships.


Then, during the RESHAPE SYMPOSIUM, the present and future scenarios of the fashion industry’s focus on digital transformation were presented.

Along with their impact on socio-economic models.

Furthermore, the panel highlighted the implication of new material technologies towards market applications.

In turn, those were supported by emerging tools of design and manufacturing, new educational programs, emerging practices, and artistic collaborations.

Reshape Symposium

Aldo Sollazzo, Reshape and Noumena’s Director, introduced the Reshape Forum and launched the panel discussion.

Including, Raquel Buj – Co-founder of Zap&Buj, Bradly Dunn – Fashion and technology expert, Oscar Tomico – Head of the Design Engineering Bachelor program at ELISAVA, Moon Ribas Cyborg Foundation, Laurenti Arnault – Founder of LARA Media Group, and Amanda Cosco – Founder of Electric Runway.

Moreover, Reshape showcased the most valuable projects at the Reshape Exhibition.

To point out, they were submitted from all over the world.

Indeed, the exhibition brought together a wide array of creative approaches.

Also, it highlighted solutions sorted into four different categories: computational matter, habitats & environment, living systems, and design for interaction.


Ultimately, the Reshape Symposium concluded with the Award Ceremony.

There, Aldo Sollazzo was awarded the Winners and Honorable Mentions in the Wearable Technology and Smart Product categories.

Moreover, the ceremony was sponsored by IED Barcelona, which offered two scholarships for the new Master Design for Wearables and Fabricademy.

Smart Product Category:

1st Prize goes to “Walk of Mind” designed by Hadar Slassi.

Reshape Walk of Mind

2nd Prize goes to “E-shoes” designed by Ana Correa.

Reshape E-shoes

3rd Prize goes to “Radiator” designed by Agustina Palazzo, Betiana Pavón, Mateus Sartori.

Reshape Radiator

Honorary Mentions goes to “NeoTouch” designed by Christine Wurth.

Honorary Mention

Wearable Technology Category:

1st Prize goes to “Laser dye”, designed by Wei Chieh Shih.

Laser Eye

2nd Prize goes to “Begrounded”, designed by Lara Campos.

Reshape 2nd Place

3rd Prize goes to “Metaform”, designers by Hazal Yilmaz, Secil Afsar.

Reshape 3rd Place

Honorary Mentions goes to “Beewear”, designed by Abhishek Soman.

Honorary Mentions Beewear

Additionally, Laurenti Arnault, the founder of LARA Media Group awarded three designers, with a free entry to the highly-curated Wardrobe of Tomorrow marketplace:

Carla Corpas and “Hermosa Decadencia”

Hermosa Decadencia

Lucie Ketelsen and “Reu Jacket” – A zero waste responsive garment drawing inspiration from the unique characteristics and growth patterns of lichen.​​​​​​​

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Reu Jacket

Stephanie Santos and “Fungi Couture” – Her creation bio-mimicks aspects from the fungi kingdom and plants to deploy mesmerizing aesthetics and ergonomic designs, designed to highlight the beauty and elegance of the female body.

Fungi Kingdom by Stephanie Santos

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