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As tokens of love and symbols of commitment, vintage engagement rings hold profound meanings.

The aesthetics of vintage engagement rings is captivating, with antique stylistic elements reflecting beautiful art, culture, and history blends.

The changing times have given birth to unique engagement ring styles encapsulating distinct eras of extraordinary charm and allure.

From Georgian to Victorian and the Mid-Century eras to modern-day vintage-inspired designs, these are the best 14 vintage engagement rings you can shop right now.

Georgia Engagement Rings

by Levy’s


The Georgian era, a period spanning 1714 to 1837, unfolded under the reign of England’s four King Georges.

This epoch, imbued with feminine charm, reflected the elegance of prominent figures like Marie Antoinette.

Therefore, a Georgian vintage engagement ring embodies timeless romance, captivating brides who appreciate the rich tapestry of history and the enduring allure of love.

Georgian Vintage Engagement rings

Jewelry consultant Clive Kandel insightfully describes the appeal:

“A bride with a sense of romance would be drawn to a Georgian engagement ring.”

The reason is evident. Rings from this period married natural motifs, floral designs, and ancient Greco-Roman aesthetics into a harmonious whole.

Each ring, intricately handcrafted in gold or silver settings, glowed with the sheen of foil placed beneath the gemstones.

This innovative design amplified the brilliance of the jewels, mimicking the enchanting dance of candlelight – a poetic tribute to an age before electricity.

About Levy’s Fine Jewelry

Since 1922, Levy’s Fine Jewelry has upheld a legacy of vintage artistry. This family-owned institution has an illustrious history in trading antique jewelry, unique gemstones, diamonds, and engagement rings.

Levy’s boasts one of the most comprehensive collections of vintage and antique jewelry in the southeast, complemented by the largest team of specialized in-house jewelers in Alabama, each with unique skills in jewelry repairs and tailor-made designs.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Birmingham since its inception, Levy’s Fine Jewelry is more than a purveyor of gems; it’s a guardian of history and a beacon of timeless beauty.

Possessing a Levy’s Georgian engagement ring is akin to cradling a piece of history, symbolizing an appreciation for the romantic past and a promise of a love-filled future.

Shop at LEVY’S

Victorian Engagement Rings

by 1st Dibs

Late Victorian Sapphire and Diamond Silver 14k Rose Gold Ring Joseph Harris Antique Natural Burmese Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring

The Victorian period, defined by the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), is renowned for its intricate engagement rings.

According to Jewelry Consultant Clive Kandel, these tokens of love bear little resemblance to the modern, single-stone diamond rings popular over the last eighty years.

Instead, Victorian rings boast elaborate designs, engraved gold settings, and charming scroll patterns.

Characteristic of this era, engagement rings embrace various designs and materials like tiny seed pearls, moonstones, opals, and diamond solitaires.

Victorian Engagement rings

Cluster settings, larger colored stones flanked by smaller diamonds, and yellow or rose gold settings are defining traits of Victorian jewelry.

Diamonds arranged in rows, halos, and clusters also gained popularity during this time, hinting at the modern-day allure of a yellow-gold double-halo ring.

Blue, Queen Victoria’s favored color, permeated the jewelry of this era, with turquoise and blue enamel making frequent appearances.

About 1st Dibs

Since the turn of the millennium, 1stDibs has illuminated the path to historical and vintage engagement ring design.

The online marketplace masterfully recaptures the enchantment of the Paris flea market, bridging the gap between those in pursuit of beauty and the revered sellers and artisans specializing in vintage, antique, and contemporary furniture, home décor, art, fine jewelry, watches, and fashion.

Shop at 1ST DIBS

Edwardian Engagement Rings

by Fred Leighton

Edwardian Marquise Diamond and Emerald Ring Edwardian Old European Cut Diamond Filigree Ring

The Edwardian period (1901-1920), signified by Queen Victoria’s son, Edward VII’s ascension to the throne, ushered in an era of intricate craftsmanship in fine jewelry.

Around the same period, platinum became the preferred metal for fine jewelry, its strength enabling jewelers to carve elaborate designs into the bands and settings.

Consequently, the engagement rings of this era stand out for their meticulous, intricate, lace-like patterns and delicate aesthetics.

Edwardian Vintage Engagement Rings

Engagement rings from this era feature platinum settings and exquisite metalwork known as filigree, with designs tracing the elegance of scrolling, ribbons, and vines. Floral motifs also found favor during this period.

While diamonds and pearls maintained popularity, the Edwardian period shifted towards more frequent use of colored gemstones in jewelry.

Old mine, European, and rose cuts remained the most prevalent diamond cuts.

Fred Leighton

Based on Madison Avenue in New York City, Fred Leighton represents a renowned American antique jewelry business known for lending exquisite pieces to celebrities.

For over four decades, Fred Leighton, revered as the curator of the most sought-after vintage jewelry, has remained a trusted authority.

From the spirits of Jane Austen’s heroines, Fitzgerald’s flappers, and Golden Age actresses, Fred Leighton’s rings breathe life into history and its most vibrant personalities.


Art Deco Engagement Rings

by Ashley Zhang Jewelry


The end of World War I marked the dawn of an era celebrated for its dynamic cultural change – the Roaring ’20s, and with it, the birth of the Art Deco period (1920-1938).

Platinum was the preferred metal for engagement rings, but emerald cut and diamond baguettes brought a fresh, geometric appeal to jewelry, offering a minimalist and linear aesthetic.

Art Deco deviated from the light, lacy designs of the Edwardian styles, emphasizing bold geometry and recurring patterns instead.

Art Deco Vintage Engagement Rings

The filigree of this era shunned curves for sharp angles, tiny beads known as milgrain, and step-cut diamonds, particularly emerald and asscher cuts, became the height of fashion.

Colored gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds gained popularity.

Still, during the Great Depression, patrons moved towards more affordable alternatives such as amethyst, citrine, garnet, and glass due to the prohibitive cost of these luxurious gemstones.

An Art Deco engagement ring is the perfect symbol for lovers of symmetry, straight lines, and the meticulous detailing typically found in architecture.

Ashley Zhang Jewelry

Ashley Zhang Jewelry celebrates quality, design, individuality, and craftsmanship, creating a collection of rings and custom designs that stand as modern heirlooms.

The belief that the rare and unique properties of the raw materials used in fine jewelry deserve individual, handcrafted attention drives Ashley Zhang Jewelry’s creation process, yielding an end product of unparalleled quality.


Retro Engagement Rings

by Kentshire

Retro gold, diamond, and platinum ring, René Boivin René Boivin cushion-cut Retro diamond ring

Synonymous with Hollywood’s golden age, the Retro era (1935-1948) ushered in a style defined by its bold and oversized aesthetics.

Retro jewelry finds its association with women of strength, independence, and intelligence, and icons like Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall were symbols of this era.

Retro Era Engagement rings

The period saw the introduction of new diamond cuts, such as the pear shape and marquise cut, which gained popularity during and post-World War II and maintained their appeal into the ’70s.

Engagement rings from this era displayed simpler designs compared to earlier times. Solitaire rings and baguette side stones held the limelight, and the center stone’s typical size expanded once the Depression concluded.

With the non-military use of platinum banned during World War II, yellow and rose gold became the preferred metals for engagement rings in the United States.


Over the past 80 years, spanning three generations of family ownership, Kentshire Galleries has established itself as a preeminent dealer of fine antique and period jewelry, furniture, and objets d’art.


Mid-Century Engagement Rings

by Fox & Bond

Floral Domed Ring 1950s Round Brilliant Diamond And Platinum Engagement Ring

Marking its emergence in the aftermath of World War II, the Mid-Century period (1945-1969) showcased modernism, sleek designs, and a futuristic twist in shape and functionality.

Clean lines and bursts of color began to dominate the scene, with Scandinavian influences playing a significant role. Jewelry from this era typically exhibits larger, more impactful designs.

Before World War II, relatively few engagement rings featured a central diamond.

However, the tide turned in the 1940s, thanks to the highly effective De Beers diamond marketing campaign, after which diamonds became almost a mandatory feature of engagement rings.

De Beers diamond marketing campaign

The quintessential mid-century engagement ring – a modern round brilliant diamond set in a straightforward gold design – is what your grandmother wore.

Nowadays, the nostalgia associated with such designs contributes to their popularity.

Fox & Bond

Based in Los Angeles, Fox & Bond was co-founded by Blair Fox and Sunny Bond and earned a reputation as the preferred destination for antique and vintage jewelry enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs.

Since its launch in 2015, Fox & Bond’s ambition lies in demonstrating that antiquity is modern, and the blend of old and new epitomizes ultimate individuality.

Shop at FOX & BOND

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

by Vrai

The Three Stone Halo Round Brilliant Engagement Ring The Twisted Classic Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

To those who seek new engagement rings with historical aesthetics, I recommend this section of vintage-inspired pieces.

The vintage-inspired engagement rings are excellent for resetting a family heirloom into a fresh configuration or applying modern stones to a historical base.

Artisans can intertwine vintage stones into modern settings or set new stones in older metal configurations so that you can create a unique engagement ring, from the stones to the ring design.

Yet, regardless of your choice, vintage-inspired engagement rings are the most cost-effective options to purchase timeless beauty.


Vrai, a distinguished fine jewelry brand, stands out in the field with its commitment to ethical practices, specializing in artificial diamonds.

Using recycled gold and incorporating unconventional diamond shapes, Vrai offers a contemporary spin on luxury jewelry that ultimately shapes timeless heirlooms.

Shop at VRAI


Whether antique, vintage, or vintage-inspired, engagement rings are more than just jewelry pieces but cherished keepsakes, narrating tales of love intertwined with the history of art and design.

We’ve journeyed through various eras and vintage ring styles, from ornate Victorian designs to minimalist Mid-Century aesthetics and contemporary interpretations; each period has a unique charm that continues to captivate hearts and hands.

So, whether you’re seeking to invest in a vintage engagement ring that encapsulates a specific era’s aesthetic or just a lover of historical rings, we hope this article has added to your appreciation of timeless vintage rings.

Because, after all, there’s nothing more beautiful than love immortalized in an engagement ring that withstands the test of time.

At the forefront of science and clinical research in the area of skin beauty and nutrition, Paula Simpson is a sought-after expert and contributor to TV shows like E! News, Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC, Good Morning America, KTLA, ABC, and Fox News and magazines with Allure, The VOU, Huffington Post, InStyle, PopSugar, Readers Digest, Refinery 29, Rodale Organic Life, Alternative Medicine, and Mindbodygreen.

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