How Casinos Always Impacted The Fashion Industry

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The gambling industry and the fashion industry have long been intertwined. Casinos are always about glitz and glam, a symbol of luxury.

Which shades pop into your mind when you think about casino fashion? Of course, red and shades of gold.

You can see instantly a lady with glowing skin, in a red dress with creamy red lipstick.

Or a young gentleman in a tuxedo, smiling mysteriously while enjoying a good game of blackjack. We are instantly getting serious James Bond vibes.

Casinos always went hand in hand with the most lavish and decadent parties.

The casino’s reputation as a place where you can visit to see and be seen was sealed.

This article explores how casinos’ stamp on the fashion world has evolved into modern-day sponsorship deals and designer collaborations.

Casinos’ Impact On The Fashion Runway

The casino was always about luxury and we can say that it inspired the fashion industry in ways you can’t even imagine.

The casino dress code was always somewhere rooted in the minds of most famous fashion designers.

Givenchy and Michael Kors for example already organized some casino-themed fashion shows.

Moschino also followed this recipe for success and held a successful Las Vegas-themed fashion Show back in 2017.

It was hugely inspired by casino slot games and we saw some well know models like the example, Miranda Kerr and Hailey Baldwin.

Shiny sequins, pinup attires, and orange flames all the way – it was a decadent homage to the entire casino culture.

Back in 2015, Chanel merged casino with fashion and all visitors were enjoying games of blackjack all the famous visitors wore amazing cocktail dresses.

Casinos were always intriguing and places where you want to go to be seen.

If you are shy and you are still trying to find the right attire where you know that all eyes will be on you, maybe you can work on your game skills first.

So when the time comes, you can have both beauty and the skills that will match.

You can for example try your luck with online casinos first.

You can play even in your pajamas and you can find providers from all corners of the world.

Free casinos are getting popular and you can learn more here about their benefits.


Casino and fashion indeed have so much in common. Dress code in casinos influenced fashion in a very significant way and we hope that we will see more.

The pandemic is finally fading away and we all miss some lavish events.

Casinos are not places you can go every day – yet when you have an opportunity to be seen, make sure to wear your best attire.

And when it comes to the runway, elegance will never go out of style and the casino dress code will remain synonymous with luxury and elegance so it is just a question of time when we will be witnessing another successful casino-inspired fashion show.

Reo Tanaka
Reo Tanaka
With over 20 years in the financial services and gambling industry, Reo Tanaka is a deal expert globally recognized for curating some of the best deals for top TV channels and magazines like Forbes, Business Insider, The Verge, and The VOU.

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