An Exclusive Look into the Taboo World of Professional Gamblers

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Ex-professional Roulette and Blackjack player reveals all the hidden secrets that go down in casinos.

The VOU interviewed Tudor Turiceanu, an industry veteran and CEO of a thriving business in several markets.

The result? A comprehensive image of the 24/7 glamorous and “vice-driven” lifestyle that some gamblers live nowadays.

As an ex-professional gambler, Tudor Turiceanu has founded, a content hub dedicated to educating amateur gamblers in making the right choices.

When asked, Tudor graciously accepted to be our inside man and opened up about the glory and the struggles of making gambling your career.

Gamblers don’t just have a glamourous style; they live it

We very often hear about the importance of looks and demeanor affecting one’s play.

When asked about it, Tudor explained that there’s a reason why most pros are sharply dressed in custom-tailored suits and exude confidence through every pore.

Q: What if you don’t feel on top of the world confident? Fake it ’til you make it – wouldn’t that exhaust you in the end?

A: It’s not that simple; facing games where luck is the only driving force, like Roulette or Blackjack, is mainly a psychological battle.

People are easily impressed by looks, continued Tudor.

A nice suit, a hand gesture, a smile against losses, all these things have a positive impact.

You have to dominate the opposition through confidence, be a casino alpha.

Above all, don’t get too cocky, as pride will tear you down.

Become an ace at analyzing others

All gamblers work on their image; however, the best ones sharpen their skill to see through these made-up illusions of grandeur, explained Tudor.

A pro can make Sherlock Holmes-style deductions in his head about other players while smiling and encouraging them to play more.

It’s true and maybe shocking to many but bluffing is not just a poker-related thing; it is a continuously ongoing process in casinos, but not only!

Tudor shared how he observed and learned, over the years, that casino behaviors and attitudes are also happening in real life, all the time.

Business meetings, negotiations, even social and charitable events, all of these have a healthy dose of bluffing and fake personas running around.

Someone who let years of gambling shape their mind and decision-making has the upper hand on almost any person-on-person interaction.

That’s precisely the winning streak that pushed Tudor from player to a business CEO.

From passion to career to change kick starter

Tudor is one of the few fortunate cases of professional gamblers that made it to the top.

He made it so far that he had the means to invest in creating and growing his own company.

Once a means of spending time with friends, gambling surpassed being simply an income source and got to the role of investment source.

As happy as the story may seem, our inside man warns us to proceed with caution:

“A career based solely on casino play is not for the faint-hearted. It is a very volatile and high-stress way of living. And very few make it because people don’t know when to stop.”

Young and successful, Tudor seems to be the exception, putting hard-earned resources to good use.

Q: “Are some people destined to be luckier than others?”

A: “In time, if your play your cards right, the ideal itinerary becomes clearer, making it look like look to others”.

Open a sea of opportunities and possibilities

Game results are not the only unexpected things a pro encounters daily.

The identities of the other casino patrons might also take you by surprise.

That’s because, despite the stigma surrounding it, people from all walks of life enjoy casino play in some form or the other.

Tudor confessed that he’d meet and talk to workers, managers, teachers, millionaires, freelancers, and hustlers alike.

The allure of the casino allows you to drown some aspects of yourself in anonymity.

And from that, we moved to the next point!

Grow your network exponentially

As you’ll spend hours on end with a wide range of human typologies, you get connections in the most surprising places.

“Just spending time with other patrons is not enough; they’re still strangers. The key is to share powerful emotional moments with them.”

And that is true, as people bond differently in casinos.

There’s a shared camaraderie that’s foreign to any other place or context.

You and them play the role of official witnesses to each other’s best and worst moments.

The emotional charge that dissipates after each tense moment brings them together.

No matter if you’ve just hit the bank with thousands won or have lost all your money that day, it is the same group of people that you share that last talk and drink with before you go home.

What can happen from there?

Knowing all sorts of people can bring you a set of invaluable advantages, primarily if you’ve formed a kind of closeness.

Tudor met business partners and advisors, which undoubtedly made it easier to navigate the harsh road of entrepreneurship.

And the thing that matters the most is that he made a few lifelong friends.

But that’s just one case. What about other folks?

Being a professional gambler trains all sorts of jobs

You’d probably think we’re pulling your leg when we say that making casino games your day job comes with credentials; it is true, though!

Managing an insane dose of stress and risks every time you make bets with your money can only be done by a temperate personality.

This typology gets better and better at knowing how to act in a crisis.

And that’s precisely what a good businessman needs, according to our source.

A professional gambler can move towards running a business, being a stockbroker, trading crypto, etc.

They need self-restraint, wisdom, and the clarity of treating Roulette and Blackjack as job tasks, not vital vices.

Trade secrets: must-dos in a casino

Spending time with a genuine gambler was a fascinating experience, and hear us out! It was pretty educational.

We’ve understood what works and what doesn’t when it comes to casino behaviors through our conversations.

Here are must-dos and faux-pas to avoid!

Always tip the casino staff

The people working there, especially the graveyard shifts, are the backbone of every gambler’s experience.

Tudor taught us that whenever he would win a high-stake bet, he would buy rounds for every casino employee and leave generous tips.

Making them your friends is essential if you want the casino to be your unusual workplace.

Only play at the best casinos

High-end places are the only ones that guarantee a satisfactory experience all around.

We’ve learned that gambling needs adjacent experiences to heighten the senses.

The best casinos will have game variety, a talented bartender, a known chef cooking, professionally trained dealers, good security, and know-how to create a pleasant atmosphere, the whole nine yards.

“Only a relaxed person can make risky moves and get away with it. You don’t want any discomfort when playing, especially at the high-rollers tables.”

Fiercely protect your budget: Never chase losses!

We spent all this time realizing that most of our knowledge was based on myths that were busted deeper into the story.

But we found out that believing a win will come after a losing streak is a fallacy.

The worst mistake a pro can make is trying to chase after money lost.

Q: So what do you do on lousy nights?

A: Stop playing, buy a drink, go home, take some time, and start again after a while, – advised Tudor, somehow making it sound more like a warning.

What are the downsides of such a career?

There’s always the risk of getting tricked by all the shining lights and opportunities to get rich.

Real-life, however, is not that similar to “La Vie En Rose.”

The first struggle pro players encounter has no clear solution: your primary source of income will always be volatile.

Compared to weekly or monthly payroll, basing your needed money on games is very risky.

Some months can bring you insane numbers, and others can leave you dry.

The only possible safety net is to budget your funds smartly and never bet them all at once.

Then, your mental health risks kick in.

The long hours spent working require you to be rational all the time.

There is no place for emotional outbursts or fluctuations when your money is always on the line.

Thus, being a professional gambler is not for everyone.

It takes a certain analytical kind that can resist a high amount of stress 24/7 while keeping a smile on his face.

Does it sound like a risk worth talking to you?

If yes, we wish you good luck!

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