Sustainable Clothes In Sustainable Furniture – Brands To Help You Choose

Have you ever considered a piece of matching sustainable furniture for all your sustainable garments?

We are living in times of fast fashion, climate crisis, pollution, where every single choice matters.

And if you’re pro helping the environment, you might as well ensure that the eco-friendly clothes you buy are stored in an equally sustainable piece of furniture.

But, before we get to sustainable wardrobes, let’s focus for a bit on the clothes you should choose, to save both, the planet and your wallet.

If You Can, Choose Vintage Apparel

How you style yourself matters – if in the process you protect the environment.

To start with, understand that fast fashion is no longer trendier than sustainable clothing, as it used to be in the past.

Long gone are the days where sustainable fashion brands were limiting and, quite frankly, a little bit boring.

Now the market is full of ethical designers making garments that minimize the industry’s carbon footprint.

There’s a new world out there, of clothes made from innovative and recycled materials.

Moreover, if there’s a surplus, these brands, and designers donated it to charities that need it the most.

Embrace Fashion With A Cause

Stella McCartney Stylish Ethical Fashion

And there are not just brands, but marketplaces as well, fighting for a safer and cleaner fashion industry, and a better world.

A great example of a marketplace dedicated to sustainable clothing brands, driven by an ethical cause is Wardrobe of Tomorrow.

All designers accepted on the marketplace create ethical and eco-friendly clothes, made to create conversation by tackling climate change.

Moreover, with every purchase, the company donates to charity.

Share And Swap Fashion

Word of caution, though; shopping for sustainable clothes can sometimes come with a hefty price tag.

If that’s the case and you’re not ready (yet) to invest, you can still do your bit, and here’s how:

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of reaching a sustainable closet is by doing clothes swaps with your friends.

In this way, you can discover pieces that are ‘new’ to you and prevent wasting discarding clothes you no longer wear.

Don’t Forget Home

Sustainable Furniture

Now that we’ve established that the way forward to a happier and more sustainable you goest through eco-friendly clothing, let’s go back to where you store your clothes.

Leading a sustainable lifestyle takes more than just what you eat or what you wear, be that sustainable, recycled, or swapped garments.

Where you store your clothes is equally important and this bit is all about sustainable furniture and how to get the best out there.

First, check if there is any bargain wardrobe at your local charity shop.

If you find any nice-looking pieces of furniture, buy, upcycle and refresh them first.

This way, you give them a new lease on life, ensuring it’ll last a long time.

However, if second-hand furniture is not what you want, or want to invest in something new, always make sure you buy wardrobes from environmentally-friendly companies.

Soft Furnishings

Sustainable Furniture

But, a nice and eco-friendly house needs more than just sustainable furniture to make it feel like a home.

If you want to turn your home into a welcoming space that reflects your ethical values, there are several companies ready to help you, help the environment.

Weaver Green is another excellent example that comes to mind.

The company has spent several years perfecting its soft furnishings skills.

The brand’s wool-like textures – made from recycled plastics – make a gorgeous addition to your home, give them a try.


Don’t worry if your steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle are small; it is ok.

What’s important is to start and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Moreover, remember that making sustainable choices is not just about the garments you wear.

It is also about where you store them – ideally in a sustainable furniture wardrobe.

With hopes you’ve enjoyed my article on sustainable furniture, I’d like to ask:

  • What are some easy ways you think we can all help the environment?
  • Are you using any sustainable furniture at home?
  • If yes, where did you get yours? Brand new, second-hand, any places you can share with us?

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