Sustainable Living – Where Do You Start?

Sustainable living and where to start. We all know about the magnitude of waste and pollution we produce and their negative impact on our health and the environment. An issue that has become the most pressing challenge of our time. And still, how come not everybody understands that we have to start saving our planet?

As it seems it is getting too late, governments have already started to take actions towards reducing pollution. Some countries have begun to ban the use of plastic. Some restrict the number of toxic releases into the atmosphere. Others have reduced the consumption of paper, and the list can go on.

What Is Sustainable Living?

Sustainable living by reducing the use of plastic cups

In some sense, if we sum all these efforts, we reach what’s called ‘sustainable living’.

‘sustainable living’ is a lifestyle that focuses on one’s impact on the social and environmental well-being. For instance, it can be simply projected through actions that would result in reducing the usage of Earth’s resources.

For instance, when you use your resources judiciously, you are also saving them for future generations.

It is safe to say that while most of the world’s population knows about sustainable living, only a few know how to implement it. And again, from those who know, just a few do it.

What Is Your Footprint?

Sustainable living as using renewable and clean energy

The good news is the number of NGOs and organisations which promote sustainable and healthy living are growing.

Nowadays, you can easily learn how to live sustainably. Contact, for example, the Earth System Governance Project (ESGP). Surf the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) website. Read magazines like ours.

We have to keep in mind that though humanity has significant technological achievements, we still depend on Mother Nature for some of our most basic needs. Breathing alone is one of them.

Where To Start

Sustainable lifestyle can be achieved through small changes in daily habits

Sustainable living is not something which requires much effort; it just needs your conscience. For example, you can manage to live a sustainable life by starting from your home.

Switching off the electrical appliances when not in use, consuming water judiciously, saving petrol by using your car only when needed – stop driving to the gym, are some of the easiest and yet effective exercises you can make.

You can avoid using paper and plastic as much as possible. Plant trees near you, pick up litter, wash more clothes at once.

You might think that these small actions would not have any effect. But, think again, as you’ll be surprised to see how much these tiny changes in our daily habits would positively change our lives and the environment in the long term.

And the time to start is now! Only together, we can make a positive change. ❤

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