Vegan Celebrities – Stars Committed To Veganism You Didn’t Know About

Vegan celebrities you didn’t know about. Vegan or Veganism is a lifestyle view or a practice of refraining from using animal products of any type. The people who believe or follows such a way of living or philosophy are known as Vegans.

So far, veganism was mostly associated with one’s diet. Those who refrain themselves from not only meat and eggs but dairy products also, often known as strict vegans. So much is the hype about veganism, that it is now celebrated in January by the name of Veganuary.

However, the idea of true vegan encapsulates not just the types of food we eat, but also the garments we wear. In this regard, a growing number of people have become increasingly vocal about their fashion choices.

Vegan Fashion as the choice of fashion in LA Vegan Fashion Week

Under this category fall some celebrities who are very strict when coming to their diet, known as ‘vegan celebrities’.

A recent poll showed that most vegan celebrities have embarked on the vegan trend because of a general belief that a plant-based diet will boost their energy levels. Also, research shows that the vegan lifestyle comes with many health benefits.

For example, a strict vegan diet will also lower your caloric intake, thus helping you lose weight and unwanted fat.

Veganism celebrated in January as Veganuary

A vegan diet, rich in vitamins, and minerals will undoubtedly boost your health and increases your immunity. It also helps in lowering the blood sugar levels and improves the functioning of kidneys.

Moreover, the vegan type of diet is supposed to protect you from several types of cancer like breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

But, not all vegan celebrities placed health at the core of their choice of going vegans. Some have chosen to become vegans in their desires to protect animals, and make this world a better place.

If we start counting the list of vegan celebrities, it will continue till infinity but here are some stars who are proud to be vegan and worth mentioning, given their work and social impact.

Here are some of the celebrities committed to veganism that for sure you didn’t know they are.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch committed to veganism

The British celebrity became a global vegan phenomenon when PETA called him the most beautiful vegan in the world in 2018.

Benedict was once asked if he ever had to eat anything that’s out of his taste to get fit, he replied:

“No, no. I only eat a plant-based diet”.

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor became vegan after he received a gift from his father

Even Bollywood celebrities are following the Veganism. Shahid turned towards Veganism after he received a gift from his father in the form of a book named, ‘Life is Fair’ written by Brian Hines.

We love the book as well, so give it a try, and you’ll understand why after reading the book Shahid became a lover of the Veganism approach.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande became vegan in 2013

The American pop star and the famous singer, Ariana took the path of Veganism in 2013.

She said that her unconditional love for animals was at the core of her decision to embark and stick to her vegan diet religiously.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix became vegan and an ambassador of PETA.

The highly talented and Oscar-nominated actor was offered many commercials for animal-based products, but he turned all of them down.

So much he hates the idea of destroying the planet and eating animal products that he nicknamed his siblings as Rain, River, and Summer. This is a constant reminder of his love for the planet that we inhabit and live on.

Joaquin is also an ambassador of animal cruelty prevention charity, PETA.

These are some of the least known celebrities who pursue Veganism diligently, by opting for the vegan lifestyle while promoting animal-free products and eco-friendly lifestyles.

Thankfully, with the popularity of Veganism, the number of celebrities choosing for the vegan lifestyle is also on the rise, increasing awareness and adoption by the mass consumers.

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