Vegan Lifestyle Conundrum – What You Eat, Or What You Wear?

Vegan lifestyle. What is it? If most articles and posts on social media relating to the vegan lifestyle are still focused on food, it seems like there is a fast ‘translation’ into our wardrobes.  The vegan lifestyle is more than food, it is both what you eat and what you wear.

According to the data analytics firm ‘Edited’, the vegan movement is accelerating fast – a record of 250,000 non-vegans have pledged to start 2019 on a plant-based diet for the entire month of January – to a point where it is now transforming the fashion industry.

Here’s what ‘Edited’s’ market research has found so far, and what it means in regard to a truly vegan lifestyle.

The Market For Vegan Products Is Booming

This year, Denmark, the UK, France, and the US are the leading countries of the vegan market. Based on ‘Edited’s’ latest report, Denmark has seen a 320 per cent increase in vegan products – online – when compared to last year.

Veganuary - vegan fashion

Also, at the end of January 2019, there was a 75 per cent increase in products described as ‘vegan’ in the UK, followed by France with 12 per cent.

However, that might change soon as Paris has pledged to become the capital of sustainable fashion by 2024. It is a smart decision which we expect to positively impact the offering of vegan products in the fashion sector and not only.

At the opposite pole is the US with only 11 per cent growth in vegan products. Nevertheless, the US leads by its more extensive assortment of vegan products, when compared to any other markets in the world.

For example, according to ‘Edited’, the US market had over 7000 different vegan products on offer last year, with key retailers such as Steve Madden, Lulu’s, and Free People switching over to vegan leather, faux furs and suedes.

vegan fashion report by edited

Vegan Lifestyle Embracing Fashion

From all the vegan products taking over the fashion industry, beauty and footwear have become the most popular. In fact, the vegan beauty sector is moving faster than any other segment across the entire landscape.

For example, from all the vegan products launched in the UK last year, a staggering 82 per cent relate to the beauty segment.

Due to the growing demand for cruelty-free makeup and cosmetics, last year has seen a 62 per cent increase in vegan products in the beauty sector in Germany and 40 per cent in the US.

cruelty-free and vegan makeup market is booming

Nevertheless, the demand for vegan footwear is on the rise, catching up fast with the beauty sector. From the total footwear market in the US, vegan shoes jumped from 16 per cent in 2017 to 32 per cent at the end of 2018.

In the UK the vegan footwear went up from 15 per cent in 2017 only to 16 per cent of the whole footwear market. However, ‘Edited’ report advises UK retailers and footwear brands to embark on the vegan trend as quickly as they can.

Vegan footwear market is booming

It is a fast-growing trend-driven, in a large part, by luxury fashion houses. The segment of luxury fashion has seen a plethora of luxury houses banning fur and exotic skins from their collections.

In the UK market alone, we’ve seen a 41 per cent decline in fur purchases for women, last year, a phenomenon explained as the trickle-down effect of luxury on the entire fashion industry.

Last year, Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, and Versace were the leading luxury brands to end the use of fur in their manufacturing. So we wonder, as ‘The Economist’ calls 2019 ‘The year of the vegan’, what’s coming?

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