How to Dress Androgynous: 3 Outfit Ideas to Blur Gender Lines in Style

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Androgynous style is a way of dressing that blurs the traditional lines of gender-specific fashion by mixing garments, footwear, and accessories traditionally considered to have masculine or feminine aesthetics and silhouettes to create a gender-neutral look.

David Bowie and Tilda Swinto's Androgynous Style
David Bowie and Tilda Swinto’s Androgynous Style

The standard androgynous look follows a boxy silhouette comprised of tailored pants, structured blazers, and crisp button-down shirts, eschewing tight-fitting forms for a more fluid drape that doesn’t conform to the body’s gender-specific lines.

Dress Androgynous Fashion Style

The style embodies a sense of equality, fluidity, and freedom of self-expression, championing the idea that clothing does not need to be confined by traditional gender roles.

In this article, I’ll present 3 androgynous outfit ideas that pay homage to the style’s roots and iconic figures and how to achieve an authentic look.

1. Androgynous Luxe

Androgynous Luxe fashion style outfit

Lapel Neck Open Front Fuzzy Coat
Women's White Solid Color Drop Shoulder Shirt With Curved Hem For Workwear Privé Solid Pleated Wide Leg Pants
Round Toe Flats Women Minimalist Chain Decor Loafers
Minimalist Hoop Earrings, Stainless Steel Jewelry Ladies' Vintage Small Oval Frame Personality Trendy Sunglasses Suitable For Daily Use

Start your Androgynous Luxe look with a crisp white Oxford shirt from Zara as a versatile base, and layer with a long faux fur coat from Mango for a luxurious touch and a dramatic flair.

Rihanna and Alexa Chung in white fur coats

Combine with COS or Uniqlo pleated wide-leg pants and Church’s black chunky loafers, and accessorize with Ray-Ban sunglasses and large Mejuri hoop earrings for an opulent, non-binary look.

Kendall Jenner and Melanie Brown in wide leg pants

2. Androgynous Power Dressing

Androgynous Power Dressing

Flap Detail Double Button Blazer Solid Button Front Shirt Solid High Waist Wide Leg Suit Pants Chunky Heel & High Heel Vintage Brown Square Toe Short Boots

Centered on a pinstripe pattern Alexander McQueen blazer with oversized padded shoulders, the Androgynous Power Dressing outfit has a commanding vibe depicting sharp tailoring with a gender-fluid twist.

Hailey Bieber and Beyonce in padded shoulder blazers

Combine the blazer with black wide-leg suit trousers and a white Victorian ruffled shirt from Ralph Lauren to add a touch of historical androgyny.

Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini in wide leg suit pants

Ground the look with black leather Church’s derby shoes, balancing masculine and feminine fashion influences.

3. Androgynous Prep

Androgynous Prep Fashion Style Outfit

Flap Detail Double Button Blazer Solid Drop Shoulder Oversized Shirt Plaid Flared Skirt
Women's British Style Boots, Chunky Heel Thick Sole Shoes, Fashionable All-Matching Boots, Casual Ankle Boots Women's Solid Black Color Pile Socks, Japanese Style Autumn & Winter Thin Retro Forest Style Ankle Socks Men Solid Tie For Daily Life

The Androgynous Prep outfit merges Preppy style garments with contemporary trends to deliver a traditional gender-neutral look.

Start with a white Oxford shirt from Brooks Brothers, a black single-breasted blazer from Polo Ralph, and a black signature skinny tie from YSL for a dash of formal elegance.

Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid in oversized white shirt

Match with a Thom Browne grey midi plaid skirt to break the mold of classic preppy style and black leather army boots from Prada for a rugged but stylish touch.

Jenna Coleman and Kate Middleton in midi plaid skirts

Editor’s Styling Notes

1. Traditional Vs. Modern Androgyny in Fashion

Androgynous has historically been associated with women adopting traditionally considered masculine styles.

However, the modern interpretation of androgyny in fashion has evolved, and nowadays, it describes a style that mixes traditionally gendered fashion pieces in ways that challenge and transcend these norms, not limited to one gender imitating the other.

Traditional Vs. Modern Androgyny in Fashion

Modern androgynous fashion is about creating a look that can be seen as neither strictly male nor female, characterized by ambiguity and a blend of gender attributes in clothing and grooming.

2. Androgynous Vs. Agender Fashion

While agender or gender-free fashion shares similarities with androgynous style, as both reject gender binaries, agender clothing focuses on avoiding gendered distinctions altogether rather than blending them.

Androgynous Vs. Agender Fashion

Nevertheless. both androgynous and agender looks contribute to a more inclusive fashion landscape that allows for personal expression beyond traditional gender expectations.

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