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I just got my seasonal color analysis results and never thought that True Summer colors would suit me. But how wrong I was! As soon as I started wearing clothes in the recommended colors, I was literally bombarded with compliments. As if by magic, girls who never noticed me before came to say hi and introduce themselves to me. Pure sorcery! I am beyond happy, this purchase has changed my life, can't recommend eniugh.


Color Analysis - Advanced Pack

The Advanced Body Shape analysis is worth every penny! I've always been self-conscious about my stocky build, but the styling tips are stunning. I have an oval/rounded shape and the guide recommends slightly fitted shirts that skim over and structured blazers to create a defined silhouette. The fabric suggestions are spot on, adding interest without bulk. I love the tips on elongating my legs, fashion shopping is a pleasure now.


Body Shape Analysis - Advanced Pack

As a tall and athletic dude, finding the right fits used to be an endless struggle...until you guys schooled me! Shortened jackets, tapered pants, and lots of nuanced tips like avoiding billowy fabrics and going for more structured fits. Who knew these tweaks would make such a huge difference? Now I'm strutting with confidence and getting so many fire compliments. 10/10 would recommend it to my fellow buff kings!


Body Shape Analysis - Expert Pack

Finally, a team of stylists that get me! I bought the full styling service - the basic package, and the stylists broke down my warm olive skin tone and athletic build to perfection and detailed the style that suits me best. Now I know exactly what colors complement me best and what clothing style accentuate my frame. Been stock culling my closet and rebuilding a wardrobe that actually flatters me has been game-changing. No more hit-or-miss shopping trips, and guys, I can't thank you enough.


Fashion Style Analysis - Basic Pack

I always dismissed styling for men as some sort of gimmick for metrosexual guys. Well, I received the full styling service as a present from my daughter, and I was shocked to see that wearing garments for my triangular shape in recommended colors makes such a massive difference. My style was always black clothes and my face always looked drained. Now, clothes in Winter palette make my skin glow. The styling guide is next-level amazing, as it feels like I have a team of fashion stylists on speed dial!


Fashion Style Analysis - Basic Pack

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