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Who is The VOU?

The VOU is an award-winning team with years of expertise in fashion and media at companies like Hearst, Gannett, Conde Nast, Richemont, and AOL.

The VOU’s team is diverse, including business and academic advisors, fashion designers, market analysts, stylists, developers, editors, and expert writers.

The VOU team’s mission is simple: to create a home of alternative fashion styles and a place that empowers readers to retain and foster their uniqueness and originality.

The VOU Fashion Magazine

Why The VOU magazine?

We started The VOU magazine in 2019 because, like you, we’re obsessed with alternative fashion styles and their magical-like power in transforming one’s appearance.

Nowadays, millions of people rely on us monthly to deliver nonconformist, challenging, and trendsetting alternative fashion content that informs, inspires, and empowers them to make educated fashion choices.

The VOU Team



Laurenti has over ten years of editorial experience in the fashion landscape and has been with The VOU since its inception.

Often on fashion stages either as a host or a guest, Laurenti’s work is featured by Business Insider, Ted Talk, Common Objective, Fiber 2 Fashion, Reshape, Women of Wearables, Flanders DC & Belgium Fashion Week, E.U. Fashion Tech Accelerator, BuzzFeed, and many more.

With a Master’s degree in the management of Luxury Fashion brands and a Ph.D. in Consumer Behavior in Luxury Fashion, Laurenti is passionate about fashion innovation, in particular, the impact of smart garments and one’s identity.



Executive Editor

With over ten years of experience in media advertising and fashion e-commerce platforms, Ru has been with The VOU magazine since day one.

An active contributor to Business Insider, WTVOX, Women of Wearables, Fiber 2 Fashion, Technical Textile, and Reshape, Ru’s interests revolve around consumer psychology and sustainable development in fashion.

Ru has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s in Marketing, and a Ph.D. in Consumer Behavior in Sustainable Fashion.



Head of Creation

A graduate of Aiglon College and the American University of Paris in Design and Graphic Art, Pierre-Andre is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of several companies, including Chelsea Studios, Ora-Ito, Whatever Projects, and Fabulous Noble.

Currently the Lisbon Editor of FAD magazine and Co-founder/Curator at FindR, Pierre-Andre is responsible for The VOU’s portfolio of artists, leading the brand’s creative development.



Commerce Manager

Having held pivotal roles in renowned organizations such as Virgin Atlantic, SAS, and WTVOX, Salendra boasts a distinguished career overseeing intricate commercial infrastructures.

Her journey began as a Commercial Specialist at Virgin Atlantic, where she polished her commerce and management skills, followed by Commerce Manager at WTVOX and Director of Marketing at Scandinavian Airlines.

An accomplished Southern New Hampshire University graduate with a Business Administration and Management degree, Salendra is the current Head of Commerce at The VOU.



Head of Communications

From a Communications Specialist at Amazon Business to Head of Media Relations at WTVOX and LARA Media Group, Eamon’s experience spans over a decade, with a track record in corporate communications and strategic leadership.

Eamon is an alumnus of Regent’s University London, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, and Marketing and holder of a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the prestigious London College of Fashion.

As the current Head of Communication at The VOU, Eamon integrates his vast experience and robust education to foster business partnerships of the highest quality.



Managing Editor

From Contributing Writer to Managing Editor and a series of critical roles at leading media outlets like The Verge, Forbes, and WTVOX, Aidan Russell is a seasoned professional in the media industry.

Aidan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UCL and a Master’s in Computer Applications from London Metropolitan University, hence his passion for the intersection of media and technology.

Currently the Managing Editor at The VOU, Aidan oversees editorial development, ensuring timely delivery and maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Senior Editor

Mandy Meyer is a seasoned fashion and media professional with over 20 years of experience managing communications for online fashion retailers like Zalando, Next Pls, Everlane, and Shein.

Mandy’s expertise has shaped the content and success of these global e-commerce fashion platforms, and she continues serving as the Managing Editor for The VOU Magazine.

Mandy’s deep understanding of the fashion industry and wealth of experience ensures the magazine’s voice and tone match the ethos of alternative fashionistas.

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Fashion Editor

A holder of a Master of Arts in Entertainment and Media Management from the London College of Fashion, Ana’s work is a testament to using clever marketing to shift towards sustainable fashion.

Ana’s journey began at Unilever and Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, where she honed her marketing acumen, followed by WTVOX and LARA Media Group, where she found her passion for sustainable fashion.

After mentoring and promoting several Brazilian sustainable fashion startups in publications like Forbes, Wired, and Vanity Fair, Ana is the current Fashion and Style Editor at The VOU, shaping the discourse on sustainable fashion.

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The VOU Contributors

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The VOU’s editorial team is always looking for experienced fashion writers able to deliver expert-backed styling advice that informs and empowers our readers.

If that’s you, email a few examples of your published work to contact@thevou.com.

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