10 Best Ethical Clothing Brands (Most Affordable, Sustainable, Stylish)

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Ethical clothing is no longer a sustainability issue impacting the fashion industry but a style-making approach demanded by conscious shoppers worldwide.

Made from sustainable fabrics, organic materials, and even recycled materials, ethical fashion is a sustainable fashion category driven by unique ethical clothing brands.

In this article, I’ve put together the top 10 most ethical clothing brands you can shop for right now, in 2023.

Top 10 Ethical Clothing Brands
1. Pact Best Organic Cotton Clothing
2. Everlane Best Ethically Made Denim
3. Able Clothing Best Fair Trade Clothing
4. Fair Indigo Best Ethically Made Essentials
5. Eileen Fisher Best Casual Ethical Clothing
6. Cuyana Best Ethical Activewear
7. Vetta Best Ethical Capsule Collections
8. Thread 4 Thought Best Ethical Athleisure Wear
9. Les Girls Les Boys Best Ethical Streetwear
10. Stella McCartney Best Ethical Luxury Clothing

These ethical clothing labels are loved for creating great looks and styles under the most sustainable clothing practices, at very affordable costs, for all budgets and tastes.

To all ethical fashionistas out there, keen on melding style and social justice, these are the 10 best ethical clothing brands now.


Best Organic Cotton Clothing

Pact Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – Pact (thevou.com)


“So if you’re looking for an ethical clothing brand for the entire family, Pact is a brand you can’t miss.”

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Pact is an American ethical clothing brand known for using organic fabrics and fair trade factories to create stylish basics.

Pact Clothing stands out among the most ethical clothing brands thanks to its transparent supply chain.

The label uses only organic cotton, designed to improve the lives of local farmers and workers and to provide the minimum living wage.

Pact label covers a significant portion of the ethical fashion market by creating high-quality, ethical clothing for women, men, children, and babies.

The brand’s offerings range from hoodies and sweatshirts to organic cotton underwear, socks, and sleepwear.

Other noteworthy ethical clothing pieces from Pact include super-soft wrap dresses and underwear.


Best Ethically Made Denim

Everlane Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – Everlane (thevou.com)


“If you’re into ethically made jeans, Everlane might have some of the best skinny jeans right now, ideal for all leg sizes.”

Everlane is an American ethical clothing retailer headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Driven by the mission of selling ethical clothing made from eco-friendly materials, Everlane has stores in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, and Palo Alto.

Compared to the other ethical clothing brands in this article, Everlane’s ethical clothing has a unique, quirky twist.

Whether it is an unexpected flare in an A-line silhouette or box cut tees in stunning colors, Everlane clothes always manage to impress.

The brand caters to all genders, from unisex to women and men and even those who want to create an androgynous fashion look.

My favorite Everlane products are the footwear selection for women – from iconic day heels to comfortable pumps.

Denim from excess fabric and corduroys from deadstock fabrics are also among Everlane’s most fashionable wear.


Best Fair Trade Clothing

ABLE Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – ABLE (thevou.com)


“The brand has excellent wardrobe essentials such as basics and denim, made from Fair Trade certified materials and leftover fabric.

Founded and headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Able is an ethical clothing brand built on the philosophy that:

“…to end poverty, economic opportunities must be granted to people.

Able’s fashionable clothing comprises updated classics and brand-new styles from natural fibers, designed to reduce environmental impact while making you stand out from the crowd.

Apart from being a top ethical clothing brand Able also makes stylish and quality apparel for people with disabilities, restricted movement, or limited finger dexterity.

There’s plenty more from this ethical clothing brand, such as tees made of organic cotton, dresses from ethical silk, and jackets from recycled polyester.


Best Ethically Made Essentials

FAIR INDIGO Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – Fair Indigo (thevou.com)


“I recommend the label’s long sleeve V-neck shirt and sweatshirt tunic with reassuring pouch pockets as high-quality alternative apparel designed to make a positive impact.”

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Fair Indigo is an American ethical clothing brand poised to dislodge fast fashion, one pajama or sweater at a time.

The brand’s organic cardigans are extra soft and neatly designed, dyed in earth-friendly solutions, and can be hand washed.

Fair Indigo’s dresses and sweaters are ideal if you’re looking for ethical clothes made from recycled cotton and natural materials.


Best Ethical Casual Clothing

EILEEN FISHER Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – Eileen Fisher (thevou.com)


“Check the feel of the brand’s velvet A-line skirt, made of viscose silk, and high collar jacket made of pure cotton in a smart casual style.”

New York-based Eileen Fisher spins all of its ethical clothing from organic cotton and sustainably produced linen.

Each creation is a feast of sublime textures showcased in the brand’s broad range of tops, tunics, and pieces of denim.

Focused on using ethical practices and the creation of fair wages, Eileen Fisher is a leading slow fashion company amongst the most sustainable clothing brands.

Compared to any ethical clothing brands you might have at home, the brand’s sustainable clothing line provides a tangible difference, so give them a try.


Best Ethical Activewear

CUYANA Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – Cunyana (thevou.com)


“I recommend Cuyana’s sweaters and cardigans made from recycled fabrics, designed to confer comfort and stylistic pride.”

Cuyana is one of a few ethical clothing brands in this article that use skilled artisans from the United States, South America, Europe, and the Far East.

Most of Cuyana’s eco-friendly clothing is made from ethical silk and stands out through colors, styles, and even affordable prices.

The brand’s collar shirts with lace-detailed cuffs and wrap blouses are very suitable for work and informal outings.

I also love the brand’s social impact ‘Lean Closet Initiative,’ created to encourage customers to donate used clothes to be upcycled or donated to people in need.


Best Ethical Capsule Collections

VETTA Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – Vetta (thevou.com)


“Vetta everyday capsule collection gives you a whole month’s worth of outfits with only 5 items. It’s a true time, money, and planet saver!

Vetta is one of those small but stylish sustainable clothing brands produced by a family-run factory in NYC, US, on a mission to help you change the way you shop for ethical fashion.

Vetta’s mini capsule wardrobes comprise five versatile pieces that you can mix and match to create a month’s worth of unique outfits.

You can buy the entire capsule or shop for individual garments to build your dream ethical clothing wardrobe.

Vetta’s clothing is made from sustainable materials and responsibly sourced from the US to reduce carbon emissions footprint.

The brand’s poly bags, inserts, and packing slips are from 100% recycled materials, and the boxes are from recycled and FSC-certified materials.


Best Ethical Athleisure Wear

THREAD 4 THOUGHT Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – Thread 4 Thought (thevou.com)


“I love the brand’s sustainable activewear and athleisure wear pieces, ideal for combining with loungewear for a fashionable gym look.”

If you’re looking for comfortable yet stylish, eco-friendly casual wear, Threads 4 Thought is the best option.

The New York-based ethical online clothing store has superb carbon-neutral pieces from eco-friendly fabrics designed from slow-fashion raw materials and organic fibers.

Whether you’re nipping to the local corner shop or for a casual Saturday brunch date with your friends, Threads 4 Thought has you covered.


Best Ethical Streetwear

Les Girls Les Boys Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – Les Girls Les Boys (thevou.com)


“The British ethical clothing brand’s streetwear line is ideal for those seeking to create a minimalist wardrobe of limited edition styles and collections.”

Learn More

Based in London, England, Les Girls Les Boys is an ethical clothing brand dedicated to streetwear, modern intimates, and clothing accessories for boys and girls.

Above all, Les Girls Les Boys is an ethical loungewear clothing brand loved for beautiful pieces designed to showcase a relaxed but conscious lifestyle.


Best Ethical Luxury Clothing

Stella McCartney Ethical Clothing
Ethical Clothing – Stella McCartney (thevou.com)


“A pioneer of the landscape and one of the most sustainable designer brands, Stella champions low water usage, low-impact dyes, and responsible sourcing.”

London-born Stella McCartney is amongst the top 20 most influential fashion designers in history.

She launched her namesake ethical fashion brand with one goal:

“Provide fashion lovers with high-quality, sustainable, and ethical clothes, shoes, and accessories.”

A vegetarian for most of her life, Stella purposefully avoids fur and leather in her wide range of cruelty-free, slow-fashion creations.

Moreover, amongst these top 10 conscious brands, Stella is the only ethical clothing label to use biodegradable fabrics and biodegradable packaging.

A leader in the apparel industry, Stella McCartney creates luxury items using eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, ethically sourced wool, and recycled textiles,

The brand’s sustainable production is ‘Climate Neutral Certified,’ with a minimal environmental footprint.


It gives me great pleasure to see that the number of certified B-corp ethical clothing brands is rising.

Not only does the number of clothing companies working with natural fabrics keep rising, but also the level of quality.

Finally, ethical clothing brands with fashionable and affordable sustainable clothing are here, giving you a choice to make responsible purchases and vote with your wallet for a cleaner world.

With more ethical fashion brands adopting the sustainability approach, it is now easier than ever to switch to gorgeous clothing that’s also great for the environment.

Above all, know that by choosing to buy from these top 10 ethical clothing brands, you invest in a better future for yourself and the planet.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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  1. Not sure if you know but 10% of worldwide CO2 comes from clothing. Moreover, 60% of clothes are made with plastic and that’s why ethical clothing brands are so important. I am also representing an ethical clothing brands called Rapanui and our products are made from organic materials, using renewable energy. Moreover, our products are printed to order on the Isle of Wight and made from organic cotton using renewable energy. Each garment is designed to be sent back when worn out, and we make new products from the material that’s recovered and we would appreciate your custom and support.

  2. Excellent selection of ethical and sustainable clothing brands, I’d love to suggest our own Aspiga. In 2019, we opened our first Aspiga pop-up on King’s Road, London which was a huge success and enabled us to realise the potential of Aspiga Shops. In 2022, I am proud to say that ethical clothing is still at the heart of our business, the same as it was on day one. Please, check us out.

  3. Sustainable? Yes. Affordable? Not so sure and here’s why!
    Example: Eileen Fisher – 1 Organic Sleeveless Dress with very thin summery material: $344.54!
    For a SINGLE casual summer dress? How can this be considered affordable?
    Definitely not for me!

    • It really depends on your budget, I find Eileen very affordable, compared to Stella, especially that the products and the quality is very similar.

  4. In my country, ethical clothing is considered second hand, for poor people that can’t afford luxury and high-end designer fashion.


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