Dress Like A Blokette: 3 Ideas Mixing Coquette and Blokecore

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Dressing like a Blokette and showcasing the unique flair of Britain’s working-class young women is an art that requires knowledge of Britain’s cultural roots and everyday fashion.

The dressing style combines Blokecore (Bloke Core) and Coquette fashion aesthetics; think football shirts with flowy skirts, soccer trainers with hair ribbons, or sports jerseys with Mary Jane ballet flats and leg warmers.

Blokette Style

With roots in the Bloke culture, ‘Blokette’ depicts the looks of young working-class British women as a fashion style that combines practicality, love for community, sports, and local traditions.

In this article, we’ll present 3 outfits that capture Britain’s fashion spirit and the clothes, shoes, and accessories comprising each look.

1. Chic Blokette Look

Chic Blokette style

The Chic Blokette Look is a blend of Blokecore’s sporty clothes and playful chic accessories as its feminine elements.

Start your outfit with a red Adidas vintage sports sweatshirt capturing the essence of the Blokette culture and style paired with a green pleated mini skirt from Topshop.

Continue with a pair of silver pointed-toe ballet flats from Zara or H&M to balance the sweatshirt’s casual tone and a pair of white football socks from Adidas.

Accessorize with a pre-loved designer handbag, like Fendi’s Nano Peekaboo mini bag, and crown your look with a red bow hairband from Accessorize to match the red of your Adidas sweatshirt.

2. Schoolgirl Blokette Look

Schoolgirl Blokette Style

The Schoolgirl Blokette Look combines girly elements from the traditional British schoolgirl attire with athletic wear.

Start your ensemble with a light blue Adidas Originals track jacket to recall Blokette’s sporty heritage and a Topshop pencil skirt in a plaid pattern for a girly touch; a nod to the classic school uniforms.

Combine with Adidas Sambas to reinforce the athletic theme set by the jacket and white football socks, symbolic of the Blokette aesthetic.

3. Edgy Blokette Look

Edgy Blokette Style

The Edgy Blokette Look combines athletic wear garments and footwear with designer pieces and accessories, creating a sensual vibe.

Start with a fitted sheer lace top with intricate floral or geometric patterns from Mango or H&M for a refined touch of feminine elegance.

Pair with Adidas tracksuit pants featuring the iconic Adidas stripes in juxtaposing the delicate, patterned lace top to create a dynamic and interesting look.

Finish with Adidas football shoes to challenge traditional fashion norms, a mini handbag from River Island, and complete the outfit with oversized pink sunglasses from Topshop for a playful vibe.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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A University of Oxford graduate in Design History, Katherine Saxon is researching arising TikTok cultures from a consumer psychology perspective while covering emerging aesthetics in fashion and beauty for TheVOU, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

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