Chanel Vegan Collection Coming Soon! Get Ready For The ‘Ultra Luxury’ Of Future

Chanel vegan collection coming soon!

Chanel is one of the latest luxury fashion houses to say goodbye to the use of exotic animal skins.

Bye-bye alligators, stingrays, lizards, and snakeskin.

It is a bold move, yet welcomed by ethical consumers groups and animal rights activists.

Chanel Vegan Collection – Aligning with global sustainable development

Chanel’s Head of Fashion Bruno Pavlovsky has announced that the company is actively seeking to align with the global movement towards sustainable development.

We’ve taken the decision to end the use of rare and exotic skins in our future creations“, said Pavlovsky.

However, Pavlovsky continued to ignore reporters’ questions about the brand’s continuous use of fur in their products.

Chanel Vegan Collection coming soon - Chanel says no to the use of exotic animal skins

On a similar line, Chanel’s official spokesperson declared that indeed, the giant is moving away from using rare skins in their products, for ethical reasons.

We are reviewing our supply chains to ensure highest expectations of integrity and traceability.

Chanel Vegan Collection – Is Fur Next?

The move was quickly reflected in the brand’s offering. Python skin bags are no longer available on Chanel’s website.

However, it is a long road before the company’s bags will be removed from the many luxury retailer websites and online ‘secondhand’ luxury sellers.

The new direction taken by the iconic luxury house – founded by Coco Chanel in 1910 – was applauded by the Humane Society International (HSI), and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Both organisations are now asking ‘when is the company going to renouncing the use of fur’ as well.

PETA’s argument is that the garments, bags and shoes made from animal skins and fur are nothing but cruelty.

In the modern era of technological advancements which allow brands to use vegan leather and faux fur – almost indistinguishable from animal fur and skins – there is no excuse to kill animals.

Chanel Vegan Collection coming soon - Chanel says goodbye to exotic animal skins and fur

In a recent interview, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s head of design responded to the use of fur critics.

Her argued that Chanel’s use of fur happens so infrequently that he cannot remember the last time fur appeared on the brand’s catwalk.

Interestingly enough, and somehow in contradiction with Bruno Pavlovsky, Karl Lagerfeld stated the brand had chosen to end the use of exotic skins before it was “imposed on us“.

It’s a free choice, and we did it because it’s in the air.” Lagerfeld added.

Chanel Vegan Collection – Ultra Luxurious Fashion Is Coming

Nevertheless, Chanel’s spokesman added that the giant is now focusing on developing the next generation of “ultra-luxurious” soon to hail from the giant’s famous design studios.

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We also hail Chanel’s decision to end the use of rare animal skins and are very much looking forward to seeing what their “ultra-luxurious” products are going to be made of.

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