DropLabs Sneakers – Experience Full Body Sound, From The Ground Up

After much anticipation, DropLabs has finally launched the first sonic-sensory footwear designed to transform the way people experience digital entertainment.

The shoes’ launch received critical and commercial acclaim earlier this year, with fans worldwide eager to experience the product firsthand.

Here in the UK, DropLabs’ market debut stands out thanks to a pop-up feature in collaboration with Selfridges’s ‘Smartech’ division.

DropLabs latest creation, the EP 01 shoes boasts a fashionable exterior in an all-black iconic colour.

However, the real magic is on the inside of the shoes.

Droplabs shoes

Low Latency Gaming Package

Simply put, the trademarked DropLabs Technology converts audio via Bluetooth input into vibrations.

These vibrations stimulate nerve receptors in the feet and sync up with the songs and whatever is playing through headphones.

Embedded in the shoe’s midsole, Droplabs patented technology delivers stunning audio in high-definition stereo quality and full-body bass audio.


Moreover, the shoes are able to create striking simulations of live events, infused with the energy that immerses you in music, movies, gaming, VR and more.

The brand’s followers have been eagerly awaiting for this latest drop, after DropLabs’s original release, the EP 01 Classic, sold out almost immediately.

The “classic” colour variant was all black, aside from a small white horizontal strip that was separating the fabric from the sole.

Droplabs sneakers

But, apart from the visual differences, compared to the Classic version, the latest EP 01 Triple Black edition contains numerous system upgrades including dynamic tuning explicitly designed for gaming, music and movies.

Antoine Hunter, a deaf dancer/director/choreographer and member of DropLabs’ Advisory Board, says:

he’s no longer tied to his speakers:

“The EP 01 has given me the power to go anywhere and feel the beat.”

Similarly, the pairing app has been upgraded to include an LED colour wheel that allows the wearer to adjust the hue of the lights embedded in the sneakers and other surprises in the form of “easter eggs.”

Droplabs sneakers

DropLabs CEO Susan Paley, known for her past successful innovative projects as the CEO of Beats by Dre, Harman International and other key industry leaders, said:

“The embedded software platform allows us to continue to refine the experience and provide unique customisation at the individual level.

We’ve developed a proprietary technology that converts audio signals into vibrations and integrate it into the sneaker’s midsole.

When these vibrations are delivered through your feet and synchronised with what you hear in your ears, it is a completely transformative experience for digital entertainment.

Although, initially envisioned to recreate the energy of live music, adding this immersion layer to gaming, movies and VR is next level.”

As the UK deals with a full national lockdown, many live entertainment outlets are on hiatus.

At the same time, the time spent gaming and consuming digital entertainment has increased exponentially.

Droplabs trainers
DropLabs Triple Black Sneakers

The timing has never been more fortuitous for a digital product that bridges the gap between live and at-home entertainment by providing highly immersive experiences that ‘feel real’.

EP 01 Triple Black Edition Specs

• Compatible with all Bluetooth headphones using – Class 1 Bluetooth® 4.2
• Compatible with iPhone (iOS 11 and later) and Android phones (Android 6 and later)
• Up to 6 hours of battery life
• Optional Low-Latency cable for gaming and music recording applications
• Safe-detach Magnetic Charge Connectors
• Water Resistant
• One-Year Limited Warranty

The perfect gift for your favourite gamer, music lover or a movie buff, the new DropLabs EP 01 retail for £269.00, is available for order from DropLabs website.

About DropLabs

Based in Echo Park, Los Angeles, US, DropLabs is an innovative company developing audio technology that enables the world to feel sounds — from the ground up.

Embedded in a community rooted in diversity and creativity, DropLabs is proudly leading the charge as a female-led company and aims to inspire the tech industry’s next generation to lean into exploration, innovation and inclusion.

For media demos, contact [email protected]

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