15 E-Girl Clothing Stores for an Edgy and Subversive Style

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Navigating the labyrinth of e-girl clothing requires a discerning eye and a preference for the rebellious and good knowledge of the subculture’s audacious spirit.

In this article, I’ve curated 15 best e-girl clothing stores packed with e-girl style clothes in digital-era iconography, subversive motifs, and emotive-cute colors.

From IT Girl to Adika, Normcore Studios, and Orezoria, each of these 15 clothing stores specializes in curated e-girl collections that echo the subculture’s sensibilities with whispered grace.


Hot Topic egirl clothing

With its story dating back to the late 80s fashion, Hot Topic remains a popular destination for those seeking alternative styles such as Goth fashion style.

Having started as a music-inspired accessories store, the brand’s offering has expanded to include apparel stamped with the logos of some of the 90s favorite bands.

Nowadays, Hot Topic is a great place to visit if you want to signpost your love for pop culture icons, Y2K aesthetics, and E-girl clothes with your styling choices.

“My favorite E-girl outfits from Hot Topic are those printed with icons of movies, music, TV, and some newer characters that appeal to the younger clientele.”


IT girl egirl fashion store

IT Girl is one of the top brands to shop for aesthetic fashion as it offers an eclectic mix of all the best styles – everyone can find something they love there.

Based in Guangzhou City, China, IT Girl is a top destination for aesthetic clothing ranging from Emo outfits to E-girl and Kawaii outfits.

Inspired by the archetype of a power girl who sets the standard for others to follow, the brand makes unique clothing items of good quality at affordable prices available to everyone.

IT Girl continues to expand its selection every day, so you can be sure that this brand will be the first to know if something is cool and desirable.


ADIKA egirl clothing store

Shopping at Adika, you’ll never run out of outfit inspo as the site adds 50 to 100 new pieces to its weekly selection.

The #AdikaGirl is a quintessential E-girl, so it would be impossible to put this list together without mentioning this cutting-edge brand.

Adika sells everything a girl who’s always on the grid might need in sharing, liking, and scrolling.

And though its client base is likely to shop online for obvious reasons, the brand’s collections are available to browse in its nine boutiques worldwide.


ASOS e-girl clothing

The online shopping powerhouse, ASOS, has long supported self-expression and freedom to experiment.

So it should be no surprise that some of the funkiest E-girl outfits on the internet can be found there.

ASOS is also a great place to shop for other types of aesthetic outfits, such as Cottagecore, Dark Academia, and Light Academia.

“Thanks to ASOS’ own brand and other household and up-and-coming names, a visit shopping for E-girl clothes is guaranteed to be a fruitful one.”


SHEIN e girl clothes

Are you an E-girl on a budget? SheIn‘s got you covered.

At affordable prices, the store offers an impressive selection of essential pieces to complement your aesthetic, including jewelry, accessories, and shoes.

If you’re looking to buy more than one piece, create an account and put those Shein coupons into action to save some extra money.


Yesstyle e-girl clothing

Whoever said that Grunge and Goth styles are dead was lying, and YesStyle is here to prove that.

A love letter to 90s clothes mixed with grunge-inspired accents, the brand’s selection features everything an E-girl wants in her wardrobe and more.

Visit the site for easy-wearing floral dresses, oversized t-shirts, flannel shirts, beanies, and denim.

I love the label’s edgy pieces that shout ‘fashion renegade’ from afar.


NORMCORESTUDIOS egirl clothing

A mecca for E-girls, Normcore Studio reflects the modern youth culture, manifesting itself in a comprehensive collection of apparel and accessories.

Here, you can find pieces that fall under different aesthetics, but when picked and paired the right way, they’ll give you that perfect E-girl edit you’re after.

If you ever feel uninspired when pulling outfits together, check out Normcorestudios’ blog with ideas for your next ensemble.


BERSHKA E-girl clothing

Tried and trusted and most likely available at your local mall, Bershka has always tried to cater to what adventurous young people are looking for.

So naturally, its collections now include pieces for the modern E-girls.

The label offers affordable prices for everything you might need in your wardrobe, including denim, accessories, and shoes.

“Bershka’s latest collaborations are adding an extra edge to what the brand offers, so be sure to check them out – especially the one with Evangelion.”


URBAN OUTFITTERS egirl outfits

Urban Outfitters, a leading brand for youth culture apparel, doesn’t need an introduction among fashion mavens.

This retail giant sells clothes and pieces for your interiors, allowing you to extend your unique style to your aesthetic room.

Always cool, with a dose of attitude, Urban Outfitters should be a name on the list of every aspiring E-girl.

Also, the clothing store has great sustainable fashion initiatives that are good for the environment and your E-girl outfits!

I love Urban Outfitters’ new initiative, known as Urban Renewal, which focuses on repurposing and reinventing sustainable vintage pieces.


BRANDY MELVILLE egirl clothes

Brandy Melville is the place to turn to complete your E-girl outfits with slightly softer accents.

So, if you fit the brand’s limited sizing, the selection will have you swoon over cute crop tops and unique, cutting-edge denim.

Brandy Melville’s curated graphics section is a wonderland of cool, vintage-style clothing in a collection of fun prints that I adore.


OREZORIA e-girl outfits

With a wide selection of various (but always cute) aesthetic outfits, Orezoria is another brand you should check out.

Orezoria’s special section of E-girl clothing, shoes, and accessories is presented alongside cool styling ideas that spark your imagination as you shop.

Orezoria has the most incredible selection of accessories on this list, including temporary tattoos, technology gadgets, and body jewelry.


ALL THINGS RAINBOW egirl clothes

All Things Rainbow doesn’t have one aesthetic it sticks to.

The brand’s website stocks everything, from 90s Grunge outfits to Cottagecore and E-girl outfits, making this label an aesthetic clothing brand all-rounder.

Covering shipping costs on all orders, this brand wants to empower young people who defy the rules, experiment, and want to stand out from the crowd.

“Except for clothing, All Things Rainbow has a fantastic collection of statement jewelry, including armor-like bracelets and rings to brace yourself for daily.”


COSMIQUE STUDIO egirl clothing

Though many labels on this list offer accessories, Cosmique Studio is the only one with watches.

Cosmique Studio is another top destination that doesn’t limit one type of E-girl style; from casual E-girl outfits to colorful E-girl outfits and kawaii E-girl outfits, it has them all!

Founded by two friends in 2015 who share a love for fashion and design, the duo creates affordable E-girl fashion pieces and ships them for free worldwide.

Cosmique Studio’s accessories, particularly watches, are real eye-catchers, especially if telling time is not a priority for you.


SHOPTERY egirl cothing

Compared to other brands on this list, Shoptery has the most fabulous selection of headwear that completes your E-girl outfits.

Visit Shoptery for that extra dose of darkness that E-girls can’t help but love.

Selling clothing, accessories, shoes, and more at affordable prices, this online shop inspires you by regularly updating its selection and sharing helpful styling tips on the label’s blog.

Check out the Caps section to browse an impressive array of baseball caps, bucket hats, and beanies.

15. ETSY

ETSY egirl aesthetic clothes

Etsy is a great place to get your hands on various things, and aesthetic clothes are no exception.

There are plenty of affordable, unique, and vintage pieces there.

Most E-girl outfits on Etsy come from small brands and independent creators.

So there’s a good chance that if you buy from Etsy, you won’t bump into someone wearing the same thing as you do.

The sheer variety of options on Etsy is fantastic, making it a firm favorite for me when it comes to looking for clothes that fall under the E-girl aesthetic.

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