How to Dress Like an Emo Girl: 4 Cool Looks to Copy

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Emo style is a visual manifestation of the emotional depths of emo music, with themes of personal experiences, relationships, expressive vocals, and heartfelt lyrics.

You can dress Emo in several ways, with each outfit signaling a different visual message and depicting a wide range of emotions.

Dress Emo Fashion Style

In this article, we’ll introduce you to four distinct emo-style looks and precise guidance on the required garments, footwear, and accessories and how to style each look.

  • Black and White Emo – In a classic monochrome palette of black and white, this Emo outfit is the essence of the emo genre, symbolizing stark contrasts and intense emotions.
  • Pastel Emo – With soft pastels of pale pink, mint green, and baby blue, this look depicts a vulnerable and delicate facet of Emo style.
  • Emo Princess – By merging the classic allure of Emo with ethereal aesthetics and gothic clothing, this Emo look delivers a captivating, queenly vibe.
  • Emo Diva – Bold, confident, and charismatic, this look embodies the essence of a diva within the emo realm.

1. Black-and-White Emo Look

Black-and-White Emo Style

Start with a skull print T-shirt and ripped black skinny jeans to add a punk-inspired edge to your ensemble.

Emphasize your waist with a studded belt, a layered chain necklace, and arm warmers or wristbands in striped patterns.

Add a touch of authenticity to your ensemble with black and white classic high-top Converse sneakers, a staple in emo fashion.

2. Pastel Emo Look

Pastel Emo Style

Start with a well-fitted Emo band T-shirt, ripped pink jeans, a black leather studded belt, worn loosely, and leather bracelets with studs and chains.

Complete your Pastel Emo look with black and white sneakers and stripe socks that peek above your high-top Converse.

3. Emo Princess Look

Emo Princess Style

Start the foundation of your Emo Princess look with a black T-shirt to let your pendants and chains shine.

Continue with a pink mini skirt with ruffles, lace, and a plaid belt for a dash of punk influence often associated with emo fashion.

Complete the look with striped tights matching your skirt and low-top Converse sneakers.

4. Emo Diva Look

Emo Diva fashion style

The Emo Diva look is all about confidence and the art of combining patterns and textures to stand out from the crowd.

Start with a pink leopard print cropped top and well-fitted skinny jeans with strategic knee rips, enhancing the rebellious vibe of the outfit.

Accessorize with silver rings, leather bracelets with metallic beads, and a tiara, a playful addition that contrasts with the sad look of emo fashion.

Complete the outfit with knee-high boots in a striking leopard print pattern that matches the cropped top while adding a touch of glamour.

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Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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