Ultimate Equestrian Style Guide for Riding Fashion Perfection

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What is the Equestrian Style?

Equestrian style is a way of dressing with roots in the English aristocracy’s country attire, signifying heritage, luxury, and timeless elegance, and comprised of tailored blazers, riding boots, breeches, riding gloves, and horseback riding caps.

Equestrian Style

Equestrian Fashion Style Origin

The equestrian fashion style has aesthetic roots in the country attire of the English aristocracy and the uniforms of English mounted soldiers; hence, the structured profile comprised of tailored tweed blazers, fitted waistcoats, buttoned-up shirts, and sturdy boots.

The influence of the English aristocracy living in the countryside is evident in the style’s earthy colors – greens, browns, and beige – which reflect Britain’s natural landscapes and the use of luxurious fabrics like wool, tweed, and velvet.

How to Dress Equestrian?

The modern equestrian style comprises a blend of functional riding apparel with traditional English roots and clothing, footwear, and accessories depicting the latest fashion trends in a equally traditional and contemporary look.


The style must comprise details like leather trim, brass buttons, and crested logos to embellish the outfits while nodding to the heraldry and lineage prized by the English gentry.

To authentically capture the equestrian style, wear quintessential apparel, footwear, and accessories from reputable brands that epitomize the sport’s elegance and functionality.

Equestrian Style Essential Clothing

1. Polo Shirts

Originating from the polo fields of India and popularized by British nobility, Polo shirts convey a sporty elegance intrinsic to the equestrian style.

Recommended Brands: Ralph Lauren, Ariat.

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Ariat Polo Shirt

2. White Stock Shirts (Show Shirts)

With roots in the formal equestrian costumes of the Victorian era and characterized by pristine high collars, white stock shirts epitomize the impeccable dress code of the English aristocracy.

Recommended Brands: Holland Cooper, Dubarry.

Holland Cooper white stock shirt Dubarry white stock shirt

3. Jodhpurs, Breeches, or Riding Tights

Staples of equestrian style and with roots in the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India, the garments’ distinctive design, with a snug fit from knee to ankle and a relaxed fit at the hips, caters to the demands of horseback riding.

Recommended Brands: Holland Cooper, Pikeur, Kerrits.

Holland Cooper Breeches Kerrits Breeches

4. Stretch Denim Jeans

Inspired by the rugged attire of American cowboys, stretch denim jeans are integral to equestrian style, serving as a tremendous matching base to boots and riding jackets.

Recommended Brands: Ariat, Wrangler, Levi’s.

Ariat Stretch Denim Jeans Wranger Stretch Denim Jeans

5. Turtle Neck Sweaters

Originating in 15th-century Europe and used by knights as a soft layer between the skin and the metallic armor, turtleneck sweaters symbolize riding heritage in the equestrian wardrobes of the European elite.

Recommended Brands: Ralph Lauren, Barbour, Schockemöhle.

Ralph Lauren Turtleneck Barbour Turtleneck

6. Plain Riding Jackets

Initially designed for cavalry officers, the riding jackets in sharp tailoring have a silhouette that recalls the sport’s connections to the Preppy subculture, especially the Ivy League aesthetic.

Recommended Brands: Holland Cooper, Schockemöhle, Pikeur.

Schockemohle Riding Jacket Holland Cooper Riding Jacket

7. Shadbellies

A direct descendant of the tailcoats worn in European courts, this fitted coat with long split tails is an iconic dressage garment worn during formal equestrian events, reflecting the sport’s heritage and ceremonial splendor.

Recommended Brands: Equiline, Animo, Pikeur.

Pikeur Shadbellies Kerrits Shadbellies

8. Tweed Coats

Originating from rural Scotland, tweed coats are a staple in hunting and equestrian activities, showcasing countryside heritage with their earth-toned weaves and patterns reflecting the landscape.

Recommended Brands: Barbour, Holland Cooper, Harris Tweed.

Barbour Tweed Jacket Holland Cooper Tweed Jacket

9. Wax Jackets

With aesthetic origins in the maritime traditions of the British Isles, Wax jackets transitioned into equestrian apparel as a symbol of the robust, outdoor essence of the equestrian lifestyle.

Recommended Brands: Barbour, Hunter, Belstaff.

Barbour Riding Wax Jacket Belstaff Riding Wax Jacket

10. Quilted Vests

With aesthetic roots in English soldiers’ uniforms, quilted vests in equestrian fashion serve as a stylish and practical layer, offering insulation and freedom of movement essential in riding.

Recommended Brands: Barbour, Moncler, Holland Cooper.

Holland Cooper Barbour Quilted Vest

Equestrian Style Footwear

1. Paddock or Jodhpur Boots

Originating from the needs of horse riders, sleek, close-fitting, ankle-high paddock boots – known as Jodhpur boots – are designed for stability and comfort.

Recommended Brands: Ariat, TuffRider, Kerrits.

Ariat Paddock Boots Kerrits Paddock Boots

2. Field Boots

Tall and elegantly designed field boots with front-lace design are essential for the show ring and a sophisticated addition to the equestrian wardrobe.

Recommended Brands: Barbour, DeNiro Boot Co, Dubarry.

Barbour Field Boots Dubarry Field Boots

Equestrian Style Accessories

1. White Stock Ties

Originating as a practical accessory, the white stock tie was used as a makeshift bandage or sling in case of injury while on a hunt – nowadays, it is a symbol of equestrian formality and tradition.

Recommended Brands: Equetech, Kerrits.

Kerrits Stock Tie Equetech Stock Tie

2. Jockey Caps

With a compact, rounded design, Jockey Caps are steeped in the history of horse racing, serving as a stylish homage to the sport, adding an authentic equestrian flair to any outfit.

Recommended Brands: Ariat, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger.

Ariat Jockey Caps Ralph Lauren Jockey Caps

3. Derby Hats

A statement accessory at equestrian events like the Kentucky Derby, the Derby hat with a broad brim and decorative elements is critical to any solid equestrian wardrobe.

Recommended Brands: Lock & Co. Hatters, Philip Treacy, Christys London.

Lock & Co. Hatters Derby Hat Christys London Derby Hat

4. Riding Gloves

Essential for grip and protection in the saddle, riding gloves deliver an air of refinement highly prised in equestrian style.

Recommended Brands: Ariat, Roeckl, Holland Cooper.

Ariat Riding Gloves Holland Cooper Riding Gloves

Similar Styles to Equestrian

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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