15 Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands for a Stunning Look

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As a kid who always wondered why people had to wear either men’s or women’s clothes, I’m totally in love with gender-neutral clothing.

I wear gender-neutral clothing (agender or gender-inclusive) to create and celebrate a personal, unique fashion style.

I also shop and support gender-neutral clothing brands to rebel against the socially constructed fashion boxes expecting a specific look from me.

It is my way of fighting the idea that there are garments for men and apparel for women, rejecting binary and traditionally gendered markers in fashion.

If you also love gender-neutral clothing – whether you identify as cis, trans, or nonbinary – you’ll love my curation of the best 15 gender-neutral fashion brands and retailers in 2023.

Eckhaus Latta

Eckhaus Latta Gender Neutral Clothing
Eckhaus Latta Gender Neutral Clothing – The VOU.


“Eckhaus gender-neutral creations of unorthodox materials such as longhair sheepskin or lurex and in animal print and textures are ideal for showcasing a wild you.”

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Eckhaus Latta is an American gender-neutral clothing brand known for using creative materials to create textural and tactile designs.

Eckhaus Latta’s gender-free clothing, footwear, and accessories allow you to showcase where you sit (style-wise) on the spectrum of gender identification.


Sustainable Gender-Neutral Clothing


One DNA Gender Neutral Clothing
One DNA Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“Hailing from New York, a city that supports the genderless and gender-fluid movement, ‘One DNA’ has become the leading house of American gender-neutral clothing styles.”

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When finding unisex clothing seemed challenging, One DNA came to the rescue by breaking the gender barrier in a fashionable style.

Nowadays, the brand’s gender-neutral ethos is reflected in all lines of apparel, suitable for all body types, sizes, and shapes.


Gender Neutral Designer Fashion


Telfar Gender Neutral Clothing
Telfar Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“Telfar’s latest genderless clothing collections are sustainable, shifting towards cruelty-free materials, delivering a layer of conscious, carrying fashion.”

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Telfar is an American gender-neutral clothing brand launched in New York in 2005 under the motto “Not for you, for everyone.”

Globally recognized, Telfar’s genderless collections are consistently successful at New York Fashion Week, becoming famous among the Femboy fashion communities.

The brand’s latest creations of cozy hoodies and vegan leather shopping bags point to the sustainable direction the designer is taking.

Chelsea Bravo

Sustainable & Inclusive Clothing


Chelsea Bravo Gender Neutral Clothing
Chelsea Bravo Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“Using natural materials such as organic cotton and hemp, Chelsea’s genderless creations emphasize the body’s motions and fluidity within the clothing.”

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A creation of Chelsea Bravo – a fashion designer from New York, Brooklin – the brand with the same name, is operated from London.

The influence of fashion capitals is visible in the brand’s stunning combos of British-style gender-free clothing mixed with New York’s relaxed hip-hop looks.

The brand stands out by using applique in solid abstract shapes and linear hand-painted lines to construct a beautiful brand identity.

Above all, I love Chelsea Bravo’s style, as reflected in the brand’s gender-neutral jumpsuits with dropped crotches and kimono cut sleeves on jersey pullovers.


Gender Free Designer Clothing


Toogood Gender Neutral Clothing
Toogood Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“Put together by experts in a London-based atelier with a deep ethos on sustainable fashion, Toogood designers see gender conformity and social convention as things of the past.”

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A creation of sisters Erica and Faye, Toogood is an American gender-neutral clothing label on the androgynous fashion style of the spectrum.

Inspired by functional apparel and workwear uniforms, Toogood’s pieces have an artistic flair instilled with unique aesthetic flavors.

Entirely designed and made in Britain, Toogood’s gender-free clothes are made from mostly upcycled materials.

Apart from the brand’s unique creations, I also love Toogood’s active fight to create individuality in sync with the peace and love of others.


Modern Gender Neutral Fashion


Tibi Gender Neutral Clothing
Tibi Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“If you’re after contradictory apparel that fights social norms, e.g., youthful and sophisticated, masculine and feminine, bold and muted, look no further than Tibi.”

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Tibi is an American gender-neutral clothing label launched by a family of artists in a small town off the coast of Georgia.

Initially promoted as womenswear, the brand is recognized globally as an agender clothing staple loved by all ages, genders, and sexes.

As an independently owned brand that collaborates with creatives across multiple disciplines, Tibi’s creations have a unique stylistic touch, appealing to the LGBTQ+ community.

I love Tibi’s reimagined blazers and high-waisted slacks, which fit unisex style pioneers and gender-fluid fashion connoisseurs.

Nudie Jeans

Gender Neutral Denim Clothing


Nudie Jeans Gender Neutral Clothing
Nudie Jeans Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“Made from recycled fabrics, with a tomboy style-conscious design, Nudie Jeans jeans are Harry Styles and Laura Moffat’s favs and ideal for anyone seeking freedom of expression, from gender-nonconforming people to queer people.”

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Nudie Jeans is an American unisex clothing brand appreciated for its high-quality, sustainable denim pieces.

Thriving on this idea of raw, untreated fabric, Nudie Jeans’ environmental philosophy appeals greatly to woke fashionistas who care about the world.

The brand has a vast offering of sustainable denim in colors and shades I have not seen anywhere else, from classic blue denim to delicate blue sky-like shades that work wonders with pastels.

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Gender Inclusive Designer Clothing


LOVERBOY Gender Neutral Clothing
LOVERBOY Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“Jeffrey’s unique collections of radical a-gender designs champion the glitz of London’s queer community.”

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Loverboy is an American gender-neutral apparel label and the creation of Charles Jeffrey, a young Scottish genderqueer fashion designer.

Power dressing – dapper style and men in skirts wearing make-up, are the pillars of the brand’s gender-bending aesthetic.

According to the designer, the label’s stylistic direction is driven by the “no rules” mantra of 70s rock punk styles and 1980s fashion.

Apart from stunning agender clothes, Loverboy also creates queer runway shows that are nothing short of theatrical and avant-garde, ignoring all gender stereotypes and norms.


Gender Neutral Tailor-made Clothing


BODE Gender Neutral Clothing
BODE Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“Showcasing modern workwear silhouettes, united with female-centric traditions of quilting, mending, and applique, each BODE piece of unisex clothing is a unique tailoring story.”

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Bode is one of the emerging American high-end designer brands (at least that’s how it is marketed) launched by Emily Adams Bode.

Bode was the first woman designer to showcase a gender-inclusive collection at NYFW 2016 and the first to launch a high-end couture collection from rescued antique fabrics.

Loved by fashion experts for its sustainable clothing offering and gender-neutral fashion, Bode uses only sustainable textiles and low-impact dyes.

At its core, Bode is a gender-inclusive clothing brand that conveys a sentimental stylistic past through rescued materials, artisanal techniques, and well-crafted narratives.


Riley Studio

Sustainable Gender Free Fashion


Riley Studio Gender Neutral Clothing
Riley Studio Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“With classic carcoats, flannel overshirts, and cozy sweaters straight out of a casual scene from ‘The Crown, ‘Riley Studio conveys the quintessentially British style.”

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Riley Studio is an agender clothing label aiming to change fashion shoppers’ mindsets and make conscious, ethical consumerism the norm.

The team creates androgynous clothing by sourcing recycled materials from ethical partners and mills committed to doing things the right way, not the easy way.

I like Riley’s Zip Track pants a lot for their comfort and versatility – I can wear their smart casual attire on several occasions and even travel because they don’t crease!


Human Nation

Eco-friendly Gender Neutral Clothing


Human Nation Gender Neutral Clothing
Human Nation Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“The brand offers sweaters, polos, tees, joggers, sneakers, and more options that recall Wilson’s athletic roots, so you’re guaranteed to be pretty comfortable.”

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The Human Nation is a community-led clothing brand for inclusive bodies and genders, created and managed by the House of LR&C, a company founded by power couple Russell Wilson and Ciara.

Apart from making non-gender clothing in super casual styles and at affordable prices, the label is highly involved in sustainable practices.

The label considers the entire garment lifecycle, from raw materials origin to the final product, maintenance needs, and reusability.



Gender Neutral Loungewear


TOMBOY X Gender Neutral Clothing
TOMBOY X Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“The brand’s traveler collection, made of quick-drying, durable, and ultralight performance fabrics, is a must!”

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TomboyX is a gender-neutral brand making basics and underwear for everyone, regardless of where they fall on the size or gender spectrum.

The brand’s high-quality underwear fits all body types and is unbelievably comfortable, unisex, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and ready to move with you.

With several gender-neutral clothing creations, TomboyX is ideal for showcasing gender fluidity and a unique personal style.



Street Style Gender Neutral Clothing


BTS Gender Neutral Clothing
BTS Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“From unisex apparel to accessories and home goods, fans of the Grammy-nominated K-pop band can finally shop official BTS-themed merch online.”

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BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band formed in 2010, comprised of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

Launched as a hip-hop group, the lyrics are about gender identity, gender norms, coming of age, the journey toward loving oneself, and individualism.

More recently, BTS has entered the fashion industry, mainly through gender-neutral clothing collaborations, via a partnership with Nordstrom.

Priced from $9 to $133, the collection comprises gender-neutral apparel, accessories, illustrated mugs, stickers, snow globes, and other gift-able items.



Gender Neutral Streetwear


FEAR OF GOD Gender Neutral Clothing
FEAR OF GOD Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“Marketed as high-end athleisure for the modern man, the brand’s tailored creations are purchased and worn by all genders, from LA socialites to athletes and influencers alike, as relaxed couture.”

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Fear of God is an independent high-end streetwear American label founded in 2013 in Los Angeles by Jerry Lorenzo, previously a stockroom employee for Diesel.

Crafting timeless, wearable garments, the brand’s distinct interpretation of the American expression has become an emblem of contemporary anti-gender culture.

Fear of God has collaborated with Ermenegildo Zegna and Adidas, paying homage to the unique heritage with a contemplated and sophisticated fusion through high-grade materials and fine craftsmanship.



Affordable Gender-Inclusive Clothing


WILDFANG Gender Neutral Clothing
WILDFANG Gender Neutral Clothing (thevou.com)


“With flattering silhouettes, the label offers a wide range of women’s workwear, suits, and tees designed to convey pared-down and structured looks that in the past were available only in clothing stores’ men’s section.”

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Meaning ‘tomboy’ in German, Wildfang was born when two Nike executives realized there weren’t many menswear-inspired clothes for women.

The label was founded in 2013 – as per one of the founders’ words:

“a radical belief that any woman has the right to wear whatever the hell she wants and be whoever the hell she wants.”

Wildfang’s gender-neutral clothing styles draw much inspiration from the 80s and the 90s fashion looks, particularly the large shoulders, often verging on androgyny.

Gender-Neutral Clothing FAQs

What is Gender-Neutral Clothing?

Gender-neutral clothing, or unisex clothing, is best described as clothing designed for both sexes to make men and women look stylistically unique and free from gender stereotypes.

Where to Buy Gender-Neutral Clothes?

Nowadays, you can buy the best gender-neutral clothes online.

These are the best five gender-neutral brands right now:

  1. Eckhaus Latta
  2. One DNA
  3. Telfar
  4. Chelsea Bravo
  5. Toogood

Why is Gender-Neutral Clothing Important?

Gender-neutral clothing is vital to free the wearers from gender stereotypes, cultural norms, and social expectations associated with one’s sex.


Unable or unwilling to care for nonbinary and agender customers, past offerings of gender-neutral clothing were either very quirky or wrongly shaped.

At best, past non-gender clothes were plain and boring in neutral colors and shades.

Nowadays, the market for gender-neutral clothing is a class apart, with designers creating styles for all body types, such as men’s suits with room for extra curves, hips, chest, and thighs.

Above all, in static neutrality, genderless clothes do not have to be stripped of conventionally feminine or masculine details, such as frills, ruffles, drop crotches, and bright colors.

If you love stylish clothing and beauty products deliberately made for gender-neutral people, I am sure you’ve enjoyed my curation of the best 15 genderless clothing brands in 2023.

I love seeing online retailers adding to men’s” and “women’s” sections of gender-neutral clothing – gender-fluid, gender-inclusive, unisex, and non-binary clothing.

I love being able to buy gender-neutral clothing that caters to all body types, sizes, and genders outside the classic binary group, whether it’s a pair of jeans, leggings, a blazer, or a dress.

Moreover, I love seeing fashion shoppers demanding gender-neutral clothing and genderless shopping experiences without worrying about whether the section they’re in is womenswear or menswear.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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  1. Here’s what I think would be nice to see happening in fashion soon:
    1. Big brands like Gucci embark on gender-neutral clothing, by creating a special line – to be tested in London for example, or other big cities that are open to the LGBTQ+ community.
    2. More gender-neutral clothes made from high-quality materials like silk – if not sure what I mean, DM me. I have a lot of experience in the silk manufacturing and dyeing field and can help a lot.

  2. Great gender-neutral name collection, I would love to see some more names from popular movies like the Game of Thrones.

  3. Soon to be 40, living in Long Beach, California, I’ve suddenly discovered that I am very much into LGBTQ+ and gender-neutral clothing, this is a great find!

  4. Wanted to share one of my favorite brands that promotes gender-neutral clothing – ANA + ZAC. They are sustainability made in Peru, and designed in Canada. Great pima cotton basics for everyone!


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