Julia Daviy Launches World’s 1st 3D Printed Luxury Collection

Julia Daviy 3D printed sustainable luxury collection of handbags is here.

When you mention innovative fashion designers using 3D printing tech, Julia Daviy comes to mind straight away.

Over the last three years, Julia Daviy has produced the fashion industry’s most innovative sustainable creations.

With growing followers and brand popularity, Daviy’s 3D printed skirts got featured in the ‘must-have’ list of Vogue UK Spring-Summer 2019 Issue, and got presented at New York Fashion Weeks.

Who’s Julia Daviy?

Julia Daviy 3d printed fashion

But who’s Julia Daviy?

Self-titled a pioneer of ‘Beneficial Fashion’ – fashion with a positive impact on the wearer and the environment – the Miami-based maverick continues to fuse nature, science, and fashion.

A true pathfinder in innovative 3D and 4D printing technologies, Julia uses them as tools to create sustainable clothing and accessories.

Apart from her education and practical work in 3D and 4D printing digital manufacturing, inventorying, and supply, Julia also has an extensive background in Environmental Science and Clean Technologies.

Julia Daviy 3d printed fashion

According to Julia, the use of 3D printing technology in fashion must be used to foster sustainability, rather than being used against it.

“Technology is not deterministic; people are. As such, it is in our hands, designers of digital fashion and creators of innovative materials to make sustainable 3D printed fashion a reality, and finally put an end to all unsustainable processes killing this planet,” reflects Julia.

As a co-founder of the ‘New Age Lab,’ a place of continuous research in the field of using innovative technologies to better the fashion and design industries, Julia Daviy seeks to create a paradigm shift in fashion.

Julia Daviy 3D Printed Clothing Line

Julia Daviy 3d printed skirts

So far, things look promising.

Julia’s constant innovations and work in the field of 3D printing has taken the fashion industry from rigid and impossible to wear 3D printed pieces to fashion printed from organic materials with zero-impact on the environment.

3d printed skirt by Julia Daviy

Also created in the ‘New Age Lab’, Julia Daviy 2018 Collection was a breakthrough for fashion both, 3D printing and fashion industries.

Named the ‘Liberation Collection’ and presented during NYFW 2018, this unique 3D printed fashion line was the world’s first to feature 3D print leather alternatives and has achieved zero-waste during the manufacturing process.

Julia Deviy Liberation Collection presented during New York Fashion Week 2018

Julia’s decade long work has helped reduce waste and environmental footprints across the fashion sector, thanks to the clean technology she’s using.

However, Julia Daviy 2019 Morphogenesis collection of 3D printed sustainable handbags, conceived digitally, and turned into physical products with the help of  3D printing saw the designer taking luxury fashion to another level.

Julia Daviy 3D Printed Luxury Handbags

Julia Daviy 3D Printed Sustainable Luxury Bag Collection

“I have been looking for some time to achieve zero waste, and even have a positive impact on the natural ecosystem, through the transformation of standard manufacturing processes”, states Julia.

What makes Julia Daviy 2019 Morphogenesis collection so unique are not just the near-zero-waste additive manufacturing processes and low-carbon-footprint emissions, but the novel designs.

Julia Daviy 3d printed 2020 fashion collection

Julia Daviy 3D Printed Sustainable Luxury Bag Collection

Inspired by Alan Turing’s groundbreaking work on morphogenesis – the means by which nature produces differentiation from groups of identical cells and develops shapes, the designs are out of this world.

In this collection, the designer has employed unusual geometric shapes as motifs and build them out into sumptuously elaborate patterns, much as nature builds complexity out of simplicity.

Julia Daviy 3D Printed Sustainable Luxury Bag CollectionJulia Daviy 3D Printed Sustainable Luxury Bag CollectionJulia Daviy 3D Printed Sustainable Luxury Bag Collection

The Morphogenesis collection is Julia’s latest milestone in her efforts to create sustainable but elegant couture and accessories, conceived as functional art pieces whose striking yet elegantly nuanced design complements a wide range of ensembles.

The collection verges so much towards arts that the Boston Center for the Arts has invited Julia to showcase her work on 4D printed architectural soft clothes as part of the Feminist/Futurist exhibition, running February 8 through April 5, 2020. (The event might have been canceled amidst COVID-19, please check in advance).

Julia Daviy 3D Printed Sustainable Luxury Bag CollectionJulia Daviy 3D Printed Sustainable Luxury Bag Collection

Julia Daviy Morphogenesis collection is defined by simple lines as unifying motifs able to create variations and themes that range from voluptuously rich to subtly understated.

Moreover, there’s a subtle link between couture and theoretical biology thanks to the designer’s combination of expertise in 3D printing and digital fabrication, fashion, clean-tech, and renewable energy projects.

3D Printed Sustainability

Julia Daviy sustainable fashion

Each bag is highly customized, at material and design levels, which translate into perfectly unique products.

Daviy’s painstakingly calibrations aims to achieve the lowest degrees of wastefulness and carbon production.

For example, the carbon footprint of the Morphogenesis collection of sustainable luxury handbags was reduced by more than 92 percent.

Similarly, the designer has managed to radically decrease the use of water, waste, and pollution, when compared with the traditional product manufacturing of leather bags.

Moreover, the entire process is traceable and fully transparent.

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