10 Creative Outfit Generator Apps for Unique Fashion Styles

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For all fashion designers (and not only), you can now use outfit generator apps to create new clothes and outfit ideas.

Deploy pics in your aesthetic outfit generator and bypass the time-consuming (and very costly) need for traditional fashion stylists.

In this article, I have compiled the best and hottest outfit generator apps and sites you can use now.

Before we start, let’s briefly detail the ‘outfit generator’ styling app concept.

What’s an Outfit Generator?

An outfit generator is an app or website designed to help users with their sartorial game by generating fresh outfits or combining existing clothes with future online purchases to create new styles.

An outfit generator can be used for stylistic inspiration and as a wardrobe builder of custom outfits.

Most outfit generator apps use machine learning and pre-defined algorithms to recognize and match styles, colors, and brands.

Moreover, it seems that some of the latest outfit generator apps are looking to implement personality traits in their ‘random outfit generator wheel.’

1. The Fashion Robot

The Fashion Robot outfit generator


Marketed as an ‘Outfit & Room Builder,’ The Fashion Robot allows you to create a wide range of fail-safe outfits whenever you run out of inspiration.

Launched by Leanne Luce, The Fashion Robot is a fashion site with a basic outfit generator feature.

The site is designed to maximize your styling possibilities and take you beyond a standard capsule wardrobe.

As Leanne is the author of ‘Artificial Intelligence for Fashion: How AI is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry,’ you can expect many futuristic fashion looks.

2. Roll For Fantasy

Roll For Fantasy outfit generator


I play many online games, and this app has become my gameday outfit generator. I also love that I can save up to four outfits on my web browser, so those outfits are still there for me even when I accidentally close.

If you’re not against a touch of quirkiness in your outfits, the Roll For Fantasy outfit generator is a fun option to check out, regardless of your clothing style.

The generator tool allows you to play with fantasy and futuristic fashion pieces, color them in, and save them for future reference.

This outfit generator is an excellent option if you’re into RPG and other character-based games, helping you bring their personalities to life through fashion.

3. Randommer

Randommer outfit generator


This ‘random’ outfit calculator includes pretty much any piece of clothing you can name – even if not essential – it is pretty impressive.

If Pinterest is not cutting it anymore, try Randommer’s random clothes generator app to get inspired for that next #OOTD post.

At first look, the Randommer seems chaotic because the outfit generator wheel includes religious garments, professional uniforms, and modern aesthetics like Grunge, Fairy Grunge, and Y2K.

However, by generating completely random outfit combinations, you’ll discover brand-new aesthetic clothing, styles, and accessories to revamp your wardrobe.

4. Virtual Outfits

Virtual Outfits outfit generator


A virtual shopping experience where you can create an avatar, upload a shot of your face, select a hairstyle, and enter body measurements.

If you plan super-cute outfits on your daily commute or back home from a party, just to let it slip your mind when you get home, this app is for you.

Virtual Outfits is a unique outfit generator platform that lets you create a wide range of unique looks you can buy.

This immersive AI-based system allows you to try clothes on virtually and get feedback from friends and the community before buying.

In many ways, Virtual Outfits is like a visit to the local shopping mall.

Yet, it is without digging through piles of clothes to find your size or queue up for hours at the fitting room.

5. ClosetSpace

Closet Space outfit generator


The ability to organize ClosetSpace just as you’d do with your real-life wardrobe. Moreover, you can archive clothes you aren’t wearing in that season, such as winter coats.

ClosetSpace is another excellent virtual wardrobe that lets you organize your outfits, get inspired, and receive exclusive deals on style-related services.

Add photos of the clothes you own or update the app with any new purchases in your cart (or mind), and start pre-planning your wardrobe and next week’s styles.

Available to use on both your laptop and your smartphone, ClosetSpace lets you group your garments in several ways.

You can arrange them by color, type of outfit, how often you wear them, and when you last had a particular piece on.

Even more, the app allows you to save outfits for specific dates and later on review statistics on ‘cost per wear’ or which clothes are your most used ones.

6. Pureple

Pureple outfit planner app


Pureple’s calendar feature for allowing to pre-plan outfits in advance. It is the best way to know what you’ll wear in the future and avoid stressing about it, especially if something important is coming up.

Hailed as one of the best-rated and fastest-growing closet-organizing apps available, Pureple is a must-check website if fashion is all you think about all day.

Compared to other outfit generators, Pureple’s auto-categorizing feature will create your virtual wardrobe in no time and let you prepare your outfits in advance.

On top of that, the app acts as a virtual stylist, suggesting clothes pairings by gradually learning your style as you add more garments to your account.

If AI-generated styles are not your thing, you can always assemble your lookbook.

And if that’s not enough, Pureple’s active community of users is always here, ready and eager to help.

7. Stylicious

Stylicious outfit generator


The app gives excellent style and shopping suggestions, unveiling the next accent piece you should try or the next best find you must add to your capsule wardrobe collection.

I’ve recently discovered that it helps a lot to look at my clothing choice from another perspective.

The chances are you’ll see yourself in a different light and, as it was in my case, fall in love with wearing vintage clothes once again.

Stylicious did just that; after it digitized my wardrobe, it created new styles that I never imagined putting together or wearing.

But once I tried them, I knew I had found a new fashionable me at no cost.

To top it up, the app sends me daily style inspo and outfit ideas from in-app stylists.

8. Stylebook

Stylebook outfit generator app


If you’re unsure whether your new vegan leather jacket goes well with the rest of your wardrobe items or you think it is too expensive, Stylebook is for you.

In simple terms, Stylebook is a great tool to find out what’s in your wardrobe and which pieces match together.

The whole process works by taking photos of the clothes you own, uploading them to your account, and letting the AI create your digital wardrobe.

Then, it adds in-depth information to each piece of clothing, such as the price, color, material, season, and even the brand.

Stylebook lets you plan dozens of outfits while tracking where and when you wear those garments.

You can also use the app to create a list of what to pack for holidays or business trips.

9. My Dressing

My Dressing virtual fashion closet


Above all, MyDressing has a great community feel, allowing you to share and receive feedback on your outfits with friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

My Dressing builds your wardrobe and styles and lets you share your new outfits whenever you want.

Working similarly to the other apps on my list, this online fashion closet requires pictures of your existing clothes to assemble virtual outfits.

You can then categorize your clothes to create past collections, such as Y2K fashion, or more modern ones, like cottagecore or dark academia style.

Either way, the app will keep you inspired and entertained.

10. Twelve70

Twelve70 outfit generator


Twelve70 has an affordable premium subscription that allows you to add unlimited articles of clothing and create capsule wardrobes for trips.

Twelve70 – Men’s Outfit Generator app lets you plan looks based on what’s in your wardrobe.

The algorithm looks at style, weather, and even the event you’re about to attend to compile the best look possible.

The app was launched in 2016 by brothers Mayan and Ruban Rajendran, aiming to streamline the daily routine of modern men and bring simplicity to it.

Twelve70 doesn’t use photos and surveys but relies on Mayan’s fashion expertise and Ruban’s tech know-how to provide customers with quick solutions to their daily styling struggles.

The Verdict

Now, there’s no excuse not to unlock your wardrobe’s full potential with these fabulous clothes-matching apps.

Putting together the perfect outfit is easier than ever with these outfit generator apps and sites.

Splurging on new threads is one option, but an outfit generator will quickly help you raise your sartorial game by combining existing clothes with online clothes (potential purchases).

Alternatively, you can use these outfit generators to create fresh looks from your wardrobe.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

Growing up in western PEI, Bruce Knox blends his extensive public health, non-profit, and public sector background with a deep love for innovative technologies to bring people together in healthier communities and environments.

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  1. I recommend ShopLook – can be look a bit kiddish, but is fantastic for building wardrobes and getting ideas from others (:

    • Naaaah, that’s not an outfit generator app or website but more for people who want to create some sort of pic collages.

  2. Does anyone here know if we can use Google’s latest AI technology to create automatic outfits? Like recognizing what you wear (through google lens) and then suggesting matching outfits?? If any of you has any knowledge in the field of AI outfit generators get in touch, I have a project in mind and a potential investor.

  3. Outfit generators are great, but I don’t think the general public cares about them much. You get a stylist or follow fashion magazines if you want to look fashionable. But I think it is a good software bot for online e-commerce sites.

  4. Do the general public use outfit generators or just brands? Or why would brands use outfit generators when they all copy designers – fast fashion style? Or do high-end designers use outfit generators to improve their style?


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