45 Best Petite Clothing Brands and Online Stores to Shop for Petite Clothes

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Finding petite clothing stores, you can trust with your pocket and body is not easy.

While most online clothing stores offer petite clothes to cover potential customer requests, the most significant part of their stock is mass-sized for the general public.

If you have a petite body, like me, and are looking for petite clothing brands, this article is for you.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the best clothing labels for petite women.

I’ve curated these petite clothing brands for their online offering, from the wide range of products, body size inclusivity (large to thin) style, and affordable pricing.


Affordable Petite Clothing For Women

Belk Affordable Petite Clothing For Women
Belk Petite Women Clothing (thevou.com)


“With up to 50% off on selected brands that design exclusively for petite bodies, Belk’s online offering comprises stylish clothes with shortened inseams and rises, all perfectly positioned for small bodies.”

Shop Now

Belk is an American department store chain founded in 1888, with almost 300 locations in 16 states.

The brand’s official website Belk.com offers apparel, shoes, accessories, and even cosmetics.

But, above all, Belk has an excellent offering of stylish petite clothing for women and some of the best classic-style petite dresses.


Designer Petite Clothing For Women

MACY'S Trendy Petite Clothing & Fashion For Women
Macy’s Petite Clothing For Women (thevou.com)


“Macy’s is one of the oldest and largest department stores in the world, loved for its affordable and always up-to-date trendy clothes, suitable for all genders and body types.”

Shop Now

If you want to put together a capsule wardrobe in one place, Macy’s Petite is a great place to turn to.

The world-renowned store carries an extensive selection of petite clothing, from functional outerwear and trendy jeans to stylish swimsuits.

The petite clothing selection is from many brands, aiming to ensure that everyone can find something they love.

On top of that, Macy’s has frequent sales and clearance offerings, so keep an eye out to get some great petit apparel at discounted prices.


Trendy Petite Clothing For Women Online

EXPRESS petite clothing for women online
Express online petite clothing store (thevou.com)


“Express Petite is a great online store for petite dresses, relaxed pants, stylish jeans, dress pants, sweaters, tops, and skirts, from dressy to casual!”

Shop Now

Express online clothing store stands out thanks to two ‘body-inclusive clothing’ sections: for short and for petite people.

Express’s petite selection of clothes for women equals the quality offered by custom tailors, and this fashion powerhouse will amaze you with its variety of petite garments.

Beloved by customers for quality at affordable prices, the petite clothing range comprises blazers, denim, jumpsuits, and dresses, among many others.


Women’s Petite Work Clothing For 5’4″ (or Under)

CHICO'S PETITE Women's Workwear & Formalwear Petite Clothing
Chico’s Petite Women Workwear (thevou.com)


“Perfectly proportioned pieces for smaller frames – and at great prices – the label cover sizes 0 to 22. Chico’s Petite online collection might be the largest selection of pants, dresses, tops, and jackets for short people.”

Shop Now

Each piece in Chico’s Petite collection is meticulously tailored with women 5ft 4in and under in mind.

The brand stocks clothing for petite people, designed with shorter sleeves and hemlines and raised waistlines for extra comfort.

Also, the brand’s petite denim collection includes ankle-grazing skinny jeans and crops to lengthen your profile and high-rise jeans that sit exactly where they should.


Women’s Petite Clothing Store Online

LOFT petite clothing
Loft Women’s Petite Clothing Online Store (thevou.com)


“Offering perfectly proportioned petite looks, and a wide range of comfortable and stylish clothes for those with short bodies, Loft’s tops and sweaters are very chic and trendy.”

Shop Now

As with many names on this list, Loft’s online selection of petit clothing is much greater than what’s available in local stores.

Therefore, make sure your phone is charged and get ready for some serious swiping as this brand has a lot to offer for its smaller customers.


Trendy UK Petite Clothing For Women

DOROTHY PERKINS women's high street fashion online
Dorothy Perkins Women’s Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“Dorothy Perkins petite clothing boutique offers the latest styles for all body types – from XXS to plus-size and maternity clothing – and all pockets – from affordable and high-end.”

Shop Now

Dorothy Perkins’s petite clothing collection is designed to fit and flatter women of 5’3″ and under.

The brand’s petite clothing for women selection comprises key pieces in the perfect proportions that suit any body shape, from skinny to extra large.

Moreover, DP’s edit of petite outfits includes plenty of cozy coats, trenches, and wrap styles with waist-ties to enhance smaller frames and help you find the perfect fit.


High-end Clothing Brand For Petite Women

Petite Studio petite clothing fashion brand
Petite Studio Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“Petite Studio has a large selection of petite clothing pieces, from slip-dresses with shorter sleeves to petite skinny jeans.”

Shop Now

Petite Studio is a New York-based petite clothing label able to translate current fashion trends into pieces that complement smaller body types to perfection.

Moreover, the brand does it all while ensuring an ethical approach to craftsmanship and fair pricing.

I love their dinner dresses – my fav is the Hepburn dress in black; make sure you check it out.


Petite Clothing Boutique For Women

Stature petite clothing fashion brand
Stature Petite Clothing Boutique (thevou.com)


“Stature is a thoughtfully curated online boutique for petite women, featuring some of the best independent designers right now.”

Shop Now

Catering to petite women who value individuality and ethics, Stature was founded by Camille Moroz after noticing a gap in the market for petite clothing.

Overall, the brand does a great job translating existing trendy pieces to fit smaller frames.

Moreover, the brand collaborates with other labels to create custom sizes and eliminate extra tailoring after purchase.

The New York-based online boutique shares detailed garment measurements on its website, ensuring customers know the fit will be right when purchasing.


Trendy Petite Women’s Clothing Online Marketplace
3XS – XL

ASOS petite clothing fashion brand
ASOS Petite Women Clothing (thevou.com)


“Designed for women 5’3″/1.60m and under, the ASOS collection of petite women’s clothing has everything you need, from petite dresses and skirts to petite trousers and jackets.”

Shop Now

In the world of massive marketplaces that offer a wide range of lines for specific sizing needs, ASOS undeniably leads.

The online clothing giant offers thousands of options for petite women on its official website, from shoes to prom dresses.

ASOS is a great place for aesthetic clothing as well, including goth clothing, e-girl clothing, cottagecore outfits, dark academia, and light academia.

Also, the online clothing store allows its buyers to select jeans lengths to ensure the perfect fit is easily attainable.

Oh, and let’s not forget that ASOS stocks some of our favorite petite-friendly brands, such as Boohoo.


NY-based Designer Plus Size Petite Clothing
3XS – 6XL

WRAY Plus Size Petite Clothing Brand
WRAY Plus Size Petite Clothing Brand (thevou.com)


“Wray is a ‘fine-arts influenced’ womenswear from NYC that offers unique clothing for petite people, pieces you won’t find anywhere else.”

Shop Now

Founded in 2015 by Wray Serna, the eponymous Wray leads the way in petite-sizing apparel.

Apart from making superb inclusive sizing clothes, the New York-based label takes inspiration from art, steeping its collections in fun and memorable prints.

When it comes to dresses, mini and short lengths are the go-to for petite frames, and WRAY has it all ready for you.

Above all, the brand has a fantastic online store packed with covetable petite clothing in colors like deep burgundy and timeless charcoal, ideal for making a statement without breaking the bank.


Designer Petite Clothing Brand For Women
2XS – 2XL

ILANA KOHN petite clothing fashion
Ilana Kohn Designer Petite Clothing Brand (thevou.com)


“Classic yet versatile, Ilana Kohn’s offering of designer petite clothing is unique, thanks to the minimalistic style approach, suitable anywhere, from office to home, and back.”

Shop Now

Motivated by the desire to empower her clients with comfort and confidence, Ilana Kohn’s label produces aesthetic clothing that goes down up to XXS.

The designer ensures that even those of the most petite posture find something that fits them perfectly without the need for alternations.

Offering a classic and versatile selection of garments – ex, jumpsuits – Ilana is a worthy addition to your list of go-to labels for petite style.


Contemporary Designer Petite Clothing Label

LOUP petite clothing fashion
Loup Designer Petite Fashion Label (thevou.com)


“Loup’s ‘Parisian-inspired’ women’s collections for petite women are out of this world, designed to make you stand out and enjoy a perfect fit.”

Shop Now

Loup is a great petit garment label known for its inclusive pieces and petite postures and clothes for curvier body types.

Seeking to create pieces that improve how clothes make you feel, this brand is one to keep on your petit style radar.


Sustainable Petite Clothing Store For Women

EVERLANE petite clothing
Everlane Sustainable Petite Clothing Store (thevou.com)


“Timeless petite pieces made from high-quality, sustainable materials and natural fabrics that will last for years.”

Shop Now

Though it doesn’t have a line dedicated to petite people, Everlane carries many petite-friendly pieces such as jeans, tees, and jackets.

The brand’s website shares precise garment measurements, ensuring that you are confident in your purchase and that the perfect fit is right at your fingertips.


Chic & Trendy Clothing Store For Petite Women

BODEN petite clothing store
Boden Petite Women Clothing Store (thevou.com)


“From small to midi dresses, and petite size swimsuits, Boden is an excellent online store for petite women clothing, in particular, made from linen.”

Shop Now

With many of their pieces made in petite sizing, Boden is the perfect destination for those looking for fun and vibrant pieces.

The wide selection of styles and cuts will have you coming back to the label season after season.


Edgy Designer Petite Clothing Boutique

Tyler McGillivary designer petite clothing
Tyler McGillivary Petite Designer Clothing Label (thevou.com)


“Tyle McGillivary is a petite designer clothing boutique, popular for making super trendy and edgy clothing pieces that scream “look at me!”

Shop Now

Uniqueness is the name of the game when it comes to Tyler McGillivary.

Blurring the line between fashion and art, the designer creates petite clothing pieces that transform your wardrobe and ensure your edit is genuinely one of a kind.


Affordable Petite High Street Fashion Store
2XS – 2XL

TOPSHOP petite clothing brand
Top Shop Petite High Street Fashion (thevou.com)


“New home, same top quality” – TopShop remains the home of petite clothing for those looking to shop floral dresses, dream jeans, and fresh styles.”

Shop Now

Part of ASOS now, the TopShop section continues to offer an extensive selection of petite clothes that amaze through the variety of styles it offers.

The ex-high-street fashion giant remains a safe and satisfying destination for petite clothing, from denim to tops and dresses to rompers and outerwear.


Perfect Fit Women’s Petite Clothing
2XS – 2XL

BANANA REPUBLIC Women's Petite Clothing
Banana Republic Women’s Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“A favorite in petite women’s clothing, BR has a great offering of petite styles for warmer weather and lots of cool new summer styles from comfortable fabrics.”

Shop Now

The Banana Republic is a firm favorite among petite clientele, thanks to the sheer variety of styles it has on offer.

On top of that, there are some great sales there, too – I found some fantastic petite leggings and high-rise jeans.

I also recommend the store for dedicated fashion designers tailoring styles you can’t find even in regular sizes.

Finally, Banana Rep. is an excellent place for sophisticated separates and jeans and trusty casual pieces that perfectly fit a smaller body frame.


Women’s Petite Plus Size Clothing Store
Up to 6X

ELOQUII petite clothing
Eloquii Petite Plus Size Clothing For Women (thevou.com)


“A trendy petite plus size clothing store, Eloquii is featuring unique lines of women’s clothes and accessories for specific body types.”

Shop Now

Taking a fashion-forward approach to plus-size clothing and petite fashion, Eloquii offers a wide range of petite options:

The ‘one-stop shop’ stocks some of the cutest petite dresses, tops, bottoms, and jackets at fair prices.

I guess they’re on a mission to ensure the fashion industry does not overlook plus-sized short customers.


Petite Women Jumpsuit & Dresses

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH petite clothing
Abercrombie & Fitch Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“As a label that puts fashion inclusivity at the core, Abercrombie & Fitch is the best label if you’re looking for women’s petite clothing and quality items in unique feminine options.”

Shop Now

If shopping online for casual petit clothing is your thing, then Abercrombie & Fitch might be the right place for you.

With a great offering of petite sizing online, the American fashion powerhouse has some of the best petite dresses & jumpsuits, among other options for small but curvy body types.

A&F’s collaborative collection with The Trevor Project, the world’s largest US-based suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQIA+ young people, is a collection you must shop for.


Boho Petite Women Clothing Store

Anthropologie petite clothing store for women
Anthropologie Boho Petite Clothing Store (thevou.com)


“Anthropologie store remains a top destination for the creative women seeking surprising, unexpected, and distinctive styles at affordable costs.”

Shop Now

Thanks to the retailer’s efforts in the world of fashion inclusivity, all of Anthropologie‘s top-selling brands are available in petite sizes.

From flowing floral dresses in boho style to cocktail dresses, denim, and cozy sweaters for petite ladies, this high-street giant has got you all covered.


Petite Activewear Clothing Store For Women

ATHLETA Petite Activewear Clothing Store For Women
Athleta Petite Women Activewear (thevou.com)


“Driven by a deep desire to ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls, Athleta’s selection of petite activewear is stunningly beautiful.”

Shop Now

If petite activewear is what you’re after, look no further than Athleta.

Offering flattering workout clothes of good quality reminiscent of Nike or Under Armour, this label is a budget-friendly option to complete your gym attire.

However, get ready for an online shopping session, as the brand only stocks its petite sizes online.


Petite Fashion Essentials For Women

OLD NAVY petite fashion store
Old Navy Petite Women Clothing (thevou.com)


“Old Navy’s online store stocks the latest fashion trends for petite women at great prices.”

Shop Now

Old Navy’s online store is an excellent source of affordable workout clothes for petite girls with a bit of attitude and who like to have fun.

Old Navy is also an excellent destination for affordable, tailored basics for petite customers, apart from its activewear line.

The clothing giant offers a wide range of affordable petite basics for women, men, and children, so check them out.


Women’s Petite Clothing Store For Over 50s

ANN TAYLOR Petite Clothing For Over 50s
Ann Taylor Petite Clothing For Women (thevou.com)


“A store for feminine, modern, thoughtful, elegant, and flattering petite dresses and skirts, perfect-fitting pants, and beautiful blouses.”

Shop Now

Ann Taylor is another very reliable brand for petite customers, delivering extensive tailoring services to its customers, including adjusting inseams, hemlines, torsos, and more.

Its wide range of petite sections includes perfectly fitting smart-casual clothing ideal for complementing your office wear attire.


Women’s Petite Denim Clothing Brand
23 – 34 (US)

PAIGE Petite Denim Clothing For Women
Paige Petite Denim Clothing (thevou.com)


“As a leading clothing store for women, PP stands out thanks to its great lifestyle collection of premium denim jeans and apparel for petite women.”

Shop Now

As one of the most recognizable names in fashion for premium denim, Paige ensures that everyone is catered to with its wide selection of cult jeans for women – petite customers not excluded.

Paige Denim is a fail-safe option for laying the foundation for your looks with its petite jeans, allowing you to select the correct lengths and inseams without making style sacrifices.


Trendy Petite Clothing Store For Women

REFORMATION petite clothing
Reformation Women’s Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“Climate-neutral certified, stylish and powerful, Reformation is a label that puts sustainability at the core of everything it does, and a brand-name that stands out from a mile.”

Shop Now

Apart from valiant efforts in the world of sustainability, inclusivity is something that Reformation also excels at.

The brand has a curated section for petite sizes, ensuring that the clothes fit you and not just the models in the ads.

Reformation’s collections are environmentally friendly, wearable, and steeped in femininity – what else could you ask for?


Basic Women’s Petite Clothing Store

GAP petite clothing shop
GAP Petite Women Clothing Basics (thevou.com)


“GAP is one of the most loved stores for dressing up petite clothing, especially if you want to keep your style casual.”

Shop Now

GAP is another apparel brand to shop from the comfort of your home.

The company’s official website is a great source of jeans that match both petite and curvy body types at the same time.

On top of that, the high-street powerhouse has a line of petite activewear, as well as a separate ‘petite shop’ that offers dresses and casual pieces perfect to add to your daily rotation.


Trendy Plus Size Petite Women’s Clothing
Up to 5X

Lane Bryant plus size petite clothing
Lane Bryant Plus Size Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“The brand stocks the latest looks in women’s petite size clothing such as trendy tops, pants, stylish dresses, jackets, and coats.”

Shop Now

A self-proclaimed ‘pioneer of plus,’ Lane Bryant knows the needs of plus-size shoppers inside out, and that’s reflected in its collections.

But did you know that the brand has a hidden petite shop (on its website) dedicated to shorter and curvier customers?

This woman-founded and women-led brand boasts an impressive heritage that dates back to the early 20th century and the revolutionary Lena Bryant.

Until this day, the label preserves Bryant’s unstoppable can-do attitude that manifests itself in clothes that offer style, flawless fit, comfort, and versatility.


Modern Designer Clothing Brand For Petite

RACHEL COMEY petite clothing store
Rachel Comey Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“American-born designer Rachel Comey’s label has become the brand of choice for cool downtown petite girls and New York’s creative elite seeking inclusive clothing.”

Shop Now

Bringing New York-native edge to fashion, Rachel Comey proves that brands can design top-notch fashion for all sizes with ease, including petite and plus-size customers.

Renowned for its clever, wearable pieces, Comey’s eponymous brand uses artful, custom fabrics to create silhouettes that flatter and exude confidence from every angle.


Petite Clothing Store For Seniors

Talbots Seniors Petite Clothing
Talbots Petite Clothing For Women (thevou.com)


“Talbots is a specialty retailer for petite & plus size clothing, specialized in classic styles suitable for over 50 and petite seniors.”

Shop Now

Talbots is a pillar of classic American fashion, offering both petite and petite plus sizes.

With its story dating back to the 1940s, this longstanding brand proves that it can effortlessly keep up with its changing clientele.

Shop its petite selection for boldly patterned dresses, flattering jeans, sharp tailoring, etc.


Sports Clothing Store For Petites

OUTDOOR VOICES petite activewear fashion store
Outdoor Voices Petite Sportswear (thevou.com)


“Outdoor Voices is an activewear for petite people doing ‘daily things’ — dog walks, runs, yoga, meditation, even a lazy brunch.”

Shop Now

Though the brand doesn’t carry petite sizing specifically, Outdoor Voices sells leggings and cropped tank tops perfect for the petite clientele.

Even though it tends towards the more expensive end of the affordable spectrum, the brand offers excellent discounts, up to 20% off your purchase – if you sign up with your email.


Petite Women’s Clothing Brand For Youth

HOLLISTER petite clothing
Hollister Petite Women Clothing (thevou.com)


“Hollister remains ‘the home of summer vibes’ petite clothing, designed for teens and young adults.”

Shop Now

If you’re a petite customer looking for quality denim at affordable prices, be sure to check out Hollister’s petite jeans collection.

This high-street staple is frequently visited by shorter clientele thanks to its extensive selection of denim lengths and stretchy fabrics designed to flatter.


Vintage-inspired Petite Dresses For Women

KARINA DRESSES petite clothing
Karina Dresses Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“Discover vintage-inspired American-made petite dresses, perfect for travel, work, and leisure.”

Shop Now

As the name suggests, Karina Dresses specializes in dresses of all shapes and sizes and various lengths.

Visit the brand’s online clothing store to browse some summer-perfect wrap pieces in smile-inducing patterns.

Don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list to get 15% off your first purchase when you’re at it.


Clothing Brand For Petite Jeans

AMERICAN EAGLE petite fashion
American Eagle Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“A great online store for petite people looking for stylish jeans, tops, bottoms, activewear, loungewear, hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts.”

Shop Now

You can never have enough denim in your wardrobe, and another great destination to check out if you’re a petite customer is American Eagle.

Though the brand itself doesn’t need an introduction, its petite selection should be discussed more, as its short pieces are among some of the most flattering ones on the market.


Trendy & Affordable Petite Clothing Store For Women

MISSGUIDED petite clothing store
Missguided Ptite Clothing For Women (thevou.com)


“Helped by the freshest looks landing daily, this is the place to shop at if you want to keep your petite style game strong.”

Shop Now

For an edgy style that won’t damage your monthly budget, turn to Missguided’s petite selection.

The brand states:

Forget the fear of mini dresses accidentally becoming maxi dresses,

… in an approach reflected in petit clothing collections that include everything from distressed denim to sultry tops and sharp tailoring.

Check out their Missguided Petite collection for regular & petite jerseys, fit jeans, bootcut jeans, and petite-size tops.


Trendy Petite Clothing Store For Curvy Women
3XS – 4XL

BOOHOO petite clothing collection
Boohoo Plus Size Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“With 100s of new styles landing every day, Boohoo’s petite collections are affordable, trendy, and size-inclusive.”

Shop Now

Boohoo is a true pioneer in the fashion inclusivity scene, so it comes as no surprise that the brand’s petite selection is top-notch.

The collection includes jeans, evening dresses, and swimwear, to name a few, and it’s perfectly affordable too.

One of the best parts about shopping at Boohoo is the multiple loyalty programs and rewards system that you can join to save some money as you spend.

If you’re a student, don’t forget to link up your Studentbeans and Unidays accounts to access exclusive promotions.


Petite Women Clothing Store For Workwear

J CREW Petite Women Clothing Store For Workwear
J.Crew Petite Women Clothing (thevou.com)


“Supremely comfortable apparel for short people, from soft cashmere to easy joggers to everyday sneaks.”

Shop Now

Praised by petite customers for its collections of timeless basics and office-ready staples, J.Crew ensures that style and fit go hand-in-hand.

Falling on the higher end of the affordable spectrum should not discourage you – J.Crew and J.Crew Factory’s pieces deliver on quality as much as they do on looking great.


Affordable Petite Clothing Store For All Body Shapes

Land's End clothing store for petite women
Lands’ End Petite Clothing For Women (thevou.com)


“Top-quality, stylish yet affordable petite clothing for women – check out their linen collection.”

Shop Now

Researching this list, I noticed that many brands seem to have great petite selections that no one knows about.

Case in point; Lands’ End – a relaxed, casualwear label known as a fail-safe place to shop for simple petite outerwear and daywear crafted from quality, breathable fabrics.


Trendy Petite Clothing Boutique For Women

ADDITION ELLE petite clothing store
Addition Elle Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“Addition Elle has a unique fit, from go-to classics with a modern flair to effortlessly chic looks designed for the trend-savvy and fashion-obsessed ones.”

Shop Now

Though known primarily for being a fashion-forward plus-size label, Addition Elle carries many petit clothing products.

I love their petite dresses and stylish trousers in small sizes, designed to ensure that the short and curvier customers have a reliable destination to turn to.


Petite Women’s Clothing Store For Casual-chic

White House Black Market Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“Polished black and white women’s clothing with pops of color and patterns.”

Shop Now

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the chic and colorful petite selection available at White House Black Market.

Here you can find dresses for every occasion and tailoring and denim designed specially to fit smaller frames.

The flawless style remains, as the petite shop is just a downsized version of the brand’s mainline collection – fashion inclusivity done right!


US Petite Clothing Discount Store

NEW YORK AND COMPANY petite clothing stire
New York & Company Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“Stylish petite clothes up to 80% off!”

Shop Now

New York and Company’s petite and tall selections are perfect examples for other brands marketing petite clothes for women should follow.

New York & Company offers a comprehensive collection of colorful and perfectly proportioned pieces, including dresses, tops, trousers, and denim.

Above all, the label holds frequent sales allowing you to snatch top-notch petite fashion at the best possible prices.


Affordable Petite Clothing Online Store

Amazon Petite Clothing Collection
Amazon Fashion Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“Beyond affordable, Amazon is now one of the largest online clothing stores globally for trendy petite clothing, from athletic wear to dinner dresses and more.”

Shop Now

Amazon has become one of the largest online clothing stores for petite clothing.

The giant marketplace stocks lots of high-quality petite clothing, from jeans to jackets, coats, and even leggings for squatting at the gym.

The platform lets you search by type of garments, color, brand, price, size, and even delivery cost.


Modern Designer Clothing Brand For Petite

NORDSTROM petite clothing


“Designer clearance up to 60% off so you can save on the best brands of the season right now.”

Shop Now

Another household name on the list, Nordstrom stocks several influential brands, including some of the best ones to shop for petite and curve-friendly fashion from.

Nordstrom stocks popular labels that offer petite sizes, such as Topshop, J.Crew, BOSS, MICHAEL Michael Kors, and Maggie London, as well as top designer brands.

Keep an eye on Nordstrom’s official site for discounted petite clothing sales, and get ready for hours of browsing and shopping.


Petite Clothing Store For Everyday Clothes
3XS – 3XL

ARITZIA petite clothing shop


“Some petite clothes are a bit pricey, but Aritzia’s overall quality is excellent and worth the price!”

Shop Now

Another name on this list that doesn’t carry an exclusively petite line, Aritzia, remains a firm favorite for many petite customers thanks to its inclusive 3XS to 3XL size range.

With many stores worldwide where you can try on its clothes in real life, this brand is an excellent destination for everything from casualwear to outerwear and lingerie.


Women’s Clothing Brand For Petite Basics

BRANDY MELVILLE petite clothing
Brandy Melville Petite Clothing (thevou.com)


“The home of cheap petite basics for everyone, from curvy jeans to casual clothes and chic pieces in timeless paisley print.”

Shop Now

If you fit Brandy Melville’s limited sizing – that favors the petite body frames – you’ll adore the brand’s selection of cute crop tops and unique, cutting-edge denim.

The brand’s curated Graphics section is a wonderland of the fantastic, vintage-style pieces in fun prints that I adore.


Vintage Petite Clothing Store For Women
3XS – 3XL
ETSY petite clothing


“Handmade and artisanal petit clothing from people who put their heart and soul into their crafts.”

Shop Now

If thrift shopping for petite fashion is your thing, then Etsy is the place to go.

Offering various petite sizes and options from maxi dresses, skinny jeans, slip dresses, petit pants, coats, and classic pieces at an affordable price, the site ensures you can find everything you need in multiple sizes.

On top of that, most petit clothing shops on Etsy include detailed garment measurements, helping petite customers know exactly how the pieces will fit them.


I am a petite body person, and I have always struggled to find clothes that I like at an affordable price.

This article is a selection of petite clothing brands and favorite brands I have shopped from and trust with my money.

You’ll find shops selling petite clothing for the over 50, trendy petite clothing, designer petite clothing, and even petite clothing for seniors.

Moreover, most petite clothing brands in this article have online clothing stores that ship worldwide, so you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

Weekly Newsletter

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Now It’s Your Turn…

As my list shows, there are many petite-friendly clothing destinations right now, some better than others.

Though petite shopping often needs to take place entirely online, the options are out there, ensuring that practicality goes hand-in-hand with fashionable statements.

In terms of plus-sized petite fashion, the industry could do with some improvement, so keep asking and posting about its shortcomings – believe it or not, but the change is in your hands.

Which one of these petite clothing brands and online stores is your favorite and why?

Are there any other great petite fashion brands you’ve tried and want to add to this list?

Please leave your comments below so others can benefit from your experience!

A graduate of the University of London in Journalism, Marta is a highly ambitious and rule-challenging copywriter with several years of experience in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle editorial writing.

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  1. A much-appreciated list! Just a friendly note: When I got to Banana Republic and saw that you listed them as offering up to size XXL, I started looking some of the other brands’ petite sizes, since I knew that BR didn’t offer bigger than L (12/14) in Petites. A & F up to XL (16/18), Topshop up to L (14), Anthropologie up to XL (16), Reformation up to XL (1 pant) and a small selection of L (nothing bigger), Old Navy XXL (20) (and I love what they’ve done, incorporating bigger sizes), The Gap L (14). I ran out of time to look up the other brands)

    Sadly, even though we so-called Petites make up more than half the female population, we’re treated like anomalies and are offered fewer designs to choose from, fewer colours to choose from those fewer designs, then offered a smaller range of sizes. And some brands shave inches off the bust or waist or hip, compared to their “regular” sizes. Lane Bryant keeps their sizes consistent! When trying to order something I finally find, the selections shrink down to nearly nothing on the bigger end of the brands’ own sizes, and are often “not available”, “sold out”, or “out of stock”. Where do all the “petite” (read average height) women buy clothes when they have bigger than a 34″ waist? Or wear a 34I bra (42″ bust)? Short doesn’t always mean we’re tiny (sometimes it does, I know).

  2. What a lovely list of stores! Sometimes petite lines end up too short for me (even though I’m just 162cm – 5’3″, like those from Topshop or Miss Selfridge. And regulars are too long.
    Anyone facing the same problem?

    Here’s a site I like to go to: http://www.modgeek.sg
    I love their designs because they really turn heads around and I feel like I’m commanding the scene everywhere I go, with the styles here. Every piece is so different from everyday wear!
    They occasionally do offer 50% off sitewide, and with international free shipping, I save a great deal!

  3. Oh and I really love clothing from ASOS – I shop there a lot because there’s international free shipping, although they limit to $60 for minimum order now.
    I love American Eagle jeans, they look really good on me!

    • ASOS seems to be the fav so far for most of us here, but I also like Amazon, the brands are cheap and the offering gets better, year after year.

  4. Hi Marta,
    What a great list of petite brands.
    At 5’2” I have always struggled finding clothes to fit, and lots of the petite ranges out there are a smaller and not so exciting edit of the main ranges.
    Due to this struggle I have created Kloth London. Kloth London is a new petite exclusive brand offering a select capsule of feminine dresses that fit and flatter the petite frame in bespoke vibrant prints. We aim to empower all petite women.
    We are a small business, run by a small person looking to grow, so please give us a follow and pass us on to all your short friends. We shorties need to stick together!

  5. As a petite that’s struggling to find clothes all the time, I just wanted to say thank you for this excellent curation of petite clothing brands and stores!

  6. As a short guys, it fills my heart with joy seeing you’re covering petite women with your amazing article about the best stores to shop petite clothes right now, but what about guys? We can’t wear women’s clothes, can we?

    • Anything goes these days. A lot of stores have unisex clothing. Many stores have a modern/athletic fit which is for slimmer statures. Kohls, Express, under510.com, Gap, nautica, land’s End has pants they hem no charge. Hope it helps. ❤️

  7. This is so helpful, you helped me find some new places to shop for petite clothing. At 4’10 and 98lbs I have to mostly shop in the Juniors section but I am 71 so I don’t find much that really works for an adult woman who loves fashion. Moreover, I do NOT want to look like a teenager. I have had to make or alter all of my clothes for my entire life and it would be so nice to just find something that FITS off the rack and that I don’t have to make alterations to. The fit is so important otherwise, it looks like I am playing “dress up” with clothes that just don’t fit.

  8. Hey, I’m 5’2” and I’d like to recommend a petite clothing brand called SeamsFriendly, maybe you could add them to this amazing list.

    These guys have a range of 2000+ styles – all in natural fabrics (cotton, linen, etc.), AVAILABLE IN EVERY SIZE (PLUS, PETITE, TALL, REGULAR – You name it).

    Moreover, they tailor the garment as per your exact measurements FOR FREE and also have Free Worldwide Shipping (not the kind where you need a minimum cart value for Free Shipping).

  9. Thank you for the great article, guys; I’d like to add Maggy London online has very nice petite dresses, up to 16P.


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