How to Dress Punk: 3 Look Ideas For A Rebellious and Edgy Look

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The Punk fashion style emerged in the 1970s alongside the Punk movement and the Rock music scene as the distinct way of dressing promoted by Punk Rock bands and fans.

The style embodies a rebellious, anti-establishment vibe and distinct visual aesthetics constructed by specific garments, footwear, and accessories:

Punk Style

  • Ripped Black Jeans or Leather Pants: black, distressed, or torn to symbolize defiance.
  • Leather Jackets: customized with patches, studs, spikes, and safety pins to represent resistance.
  • Band Tees: featuring Punk bands to showcase personal musical preferences.
  • Silver Stud Belts: wide and with silver studded belts as a statement of nonconformity.
  • Fishnet Stockings: adds a provocative and edgy vibe to any cohesive outfit.
  • Dr. Martens Boots: black and customized with studs, patches, or chains for an iconic Punk look.
  • Chokers and Spiked Collars: neck accessories from leather and metallic spikes or studs.
  • Studded Wristbands and Bullet Belts: ideally from repurposed military attire, to reinforce the subculture’s rebellious and anti-establishment ethos.

1. Classic Punk Look

Classic Punk Style

The Classic Punk look represents the dressing style of the Punk subculture that became a popular fashion trend in the 70s, particularly among fans of Punk Rock music in the United Kingdom.

The gritty style has distressed clothes showcasing the raw energy and anarchistic spirit of the mainstream Punk scene.

Begin your outfit with a distressed t-shirt, ideally of an iconic British Punk band, to set the tone for the looks’ rebellious vibe, and a studded leather jacket adorned with patches and band logos.

Classic 80s punk style

Continue with leather pants or ripped black skinny jeans and a thick leather belt with double eyelets, studs, and metal hardware. Attach silver chains to the belt loops for a Punk flair.

Accessorise with a spiked or studded leather choker and black leather combat boots personalized with studs, patches, and chains.

Styling Tips

Leather Jacket Customization: The more studs and personal touches on the Punk jacket, the better.

Band T-Shirt Selection: The band choice is crucial, reflecting your musical taste.

Pants Customization: Ripped jeans or leather pants personalized with patches, showcasing a DIY Punk vibe.

Footwear: Combat or lug boots are a statement of the Punk lifestyle.

2. Glam Punk Look

Glam Punk Style

Glam Punk merges Punk’s edgy defiance with glam rock’s theatrical flair and eye-catching patterns like animal prints.

Begin your Glam Punk outfit with a leopard or cheetah print faux fur jacket, and underneath, wear a fitted leather bustier or bralette to set a dazzling tone for the ensemble.

Glam Punk Style

Pair them with a high-waisted leather mini skirt and accessorize with a spiked leather choker for a touch of glam rock’s theatricality, and complete the look with black heeled leather boots.

Styling Tips

Faux Fur Jacket/Coat Selection: preferably exotic animal prints.

Cropped Leather Top: to add a seductive feel, essential in Glam Punk style.

Leather Mini Skirt: high-waisted and sleek.

Spiked Leather Choker: for a touch of aggressiveness.

Heeled Leather Boots: the glamour of heels with the edginess of leather is essential for the Glam Punk look.

3. Post Punk Look

Post Punk Style

Post-punk fashion merges traditional Punk’s rebellious look with new wave, gothic, and art rock aesthetics.

Start your Post-punk outfit with a black slim-fit top, a nod to Punk’s minimalist roots, and a striped repp tie for scholarly contrast that creates an unexpected link between Punk’s rawness and the academic feel of Preppy style.

Avril Lavigne post punk style

Wear camouflage cargo pants to depict the Post-punk’s utilitarian roots and a double-prong leather belt to cinch the waist.

Accessorize with studded bracelets, layered chains, and pendants that symbolize literary influences prevalent in Post-punk culture, and finish with platform combat boots.

Styling Tips

Black Slim-Fit Top: the understated base that complements the style’s edgy accessories.

Striped Repp Tie: For a formal academic contrast to the grungy Punk vibe.

Layered Necklaces: in varied lengths and styles.

Studded Bracelets: as a symbol of rebellion.

Camouflage Cargo Pants: for a practical, streetwise aesthetic.

Double-Prong Leather Belt: the dual-buckle design echoes Punk’s defiant attitude.

Platform Combat Boots: a modern reinterpretation of classic Punk footwear.

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Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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