Top 5 Vegan Clothing Brands You Need To Know Right Now

These are the top 5 vegan clothing brands betting against fast fashion right now.

If you want to be 100% vegan, it’s essential to wear vegan clothes too, not just have a vegan diet.

However, there are still issues in figuring out which vegan clothing brands are really vegan, on the market.

With that in mind, we created a quick list with some popular vegan clothing brands that cater to vegan lovers of fashion.

5. Pact – Casual Vegan Clothing

Pact vegan clothing

Pact is a trendy vegan clothing brand, and its main focus is to offer affordable vegan clothes that are visually appealing.

Pact’s creations are made from soft organic cotton textile.

In fact, everything they sell is comfortable and easy to use.

Moreover, Pact creates all kinds of underwear, shirts, hoodies and many other products you’d love to wear.

4. Wuxly – Vegan Clothing Outwear

Wuxly vegan jackets

Wuxlyis one of the few vegan clothing brands specialised in jackets for all seasons.

The Canadian label outperforms traditional down-filled outerwear, creating 100% vegan clothing and jackets from high-tech, military-grade PrimaLoft Gold Insulation.

Wuxly relies on highly versatile cruelty-free materials that are eco-friendly and that alone shows their focus on conferring customers with a great experience while protecting the planet.

3. Groceries Apparel  – Vegan Clothing Athleisure

Groceries Apparel organic and vegan clothing

With their clothes hand-made in Los Angeles, in a proprietary factory, Groceries Apparel puts fair-trade at the core of their creations.

The label produces everything, from underwear to swimwear, to jackets, dresses and so on.

When it comes to innovative and eco materials, the label uses with preponderance linen, hemp, recycled cotton, recycled plastic and organic cotton.

Not only that Groceries Apparel provides a fantastic experience to its customers, but it does it while also keeping costs low and protecting the planet.

2. Matt & Nat – Vegan Clothing Accessories

Mat and Nat vegan accessories

Matt & Nat is one of the early vegan clothing brands that’s now focused on creating exquisite vegan accessories and handbags.

Matt & Nat uses mostly vegan leather, and their products appear very similar to the non-vegan ones.

Based in Canada, Matt & Nat has very strict eco and ethical process to rely on hence the solid reputation it has built over the last two years amongst vegan lovers of fashion.

1. Wawwa – Vegan Clothing Streetwear

Wawwa vegan clothing brand

Wawwa is a vegan streetwear brand that uses recycled materials in its products, most of it recovered from the ocean.

The label is casual unisex streetwear, with a primary focus on hoodies, hats and t-shirts.

Wawwa is also fighting to raise awareness towards animal welfare and they a great job at this hence their appearance on our list of vegan clothing brands you can find on the market right now.

If you want to protect both animals and the environment, using vegan clothes is an excellent idea.

On top of that, vegan garments are very comfortable, and you will fall in love with it.

Moreover, you’ll have that feeling of doing good when you buy clothes from vegan clothing brands.

That’s why we recommend you to give these brands a try.

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