25 BEST Faux Leather & Vegan Leather Jackets For All Budgets (2021)

Leather-Style Jackets TRENDING, Again!

I think we all agree that a well-made vegan leather jacket is a wardrobe staple nowadays.

However, with so many brands making vegan leather jackets in 2021, it can be hard to decide who to trust, or the best style for you.


Best Vegan Leather Jacket Overall
Urban Outfitters Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Puffer Jacket
Nanushka Hide Puffer Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Biker Jacket
Abercrombie & Fitch Faux Leather Biker Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Trench
Julia Allert Long Bottom-up Eco-leather Trench
Best Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
Free People We The People Vegan Moto Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Blazer
Alice + Olivia Dunn Vegan Leather Blazer
Best Vegan Leather Trucker Jacket
Levi’s Classic Faux Leather Trucker Jacket
Best Plus Size Vegan Leather Jacket
Torrid Faux-Leather Moto Jacket
Best Classic Vegan Leather Jacket
Max Studio Classic Faux Leather Jacket
Best Long Vegan Leather Jacket
SheIn Lapel Neck Belted PU Leather Coat
Best Cropped Vegan Leather Jacket
ASOS Design Cropped Faux Leather Jacket
Best Faux Shearling Jacket
Urban Outfitter Faux Shearling Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Quilted Jacket
Free People Dolman Quilted Vegan Leather Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Vest
ASOS Faux Leather Oversized Vest
Best Vegan Leather Parka
Elie Tahari Vegan Leather Parka Raincoat
Best Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket
Hilary MacMillan Varsity Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket
Best Puff Sleeve Vegan Leather Jacket
7 For All Mankind Puff Sleeve Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Rain Jacket
Matt & Nat Alexis Women’s Rain Jacket
Best Oversized Vegan Leather Jacket
ASOS Design Oversized Faux Leather Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Safari Jacket
New York & Company Faux Leather Safari Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Shirt Jacket
Nanushka Vegan Leather Shirt
Best Belted Vegan Leather Jacket
Nasty Gal Faux Leather Relaxed Belted Jacket
Best Vegan Leather Suit Jacket
French Connection Crolenda Vegan Leather Suit Jacket
Best Designer Vegan Leather Jacket
Veronica Beard Vegan Leather Jacket
Best Affordable Vegan Leather Jacket
Boohoo Faux-Leather Moto Jacket


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Why Vegan Leather Jacket

How To Style A Vegan Leather Jacket

The Verdict

In this article, I’ll share with you the best 25 vegan leather jackets in 2021, for any style and any budget.

I’ll introduce you to all kinds of vegan leather jackets; from the most affordable pieces to the most luxurious vegan jackets right now.

I’ve made sure to showcase the most stylish jackets in each category, and only from brands I trust – brands good for people, animals, and the environment.

While animal exploitation for fashion is no longer ‘fashionable’, the classic leather jacket style will never go out of fashion.

A vegan myself, I have many vegan leather jackets, shoes, and vegan leather bags in my wardrobe.

In time, I’ve discovered the best brands worth my attention and money, and I am going to share them with you.

Best Vegan Leather Jackets in 2021 – Top Picks

Without further ado, these are the best 25 vegan leather jackets in 2021!

Best Vegan Leather Jacket Overall

Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
from $129

URBAN OUTFITTERS Vegan Leather Moto Jacket


“While quite hard to get your hands on their vegan leather jackets, I always shop at UO for the most trending moto jackets. With a youthful look, with zippers, pockets, and side-slimming seams, these vegan jackets are for those who want to look forever young.”

UO | $129

There’s no other way to rock a perfect leather jacket look than with a moto-style.

A well-designed women’s biker jacket can help you channel that unique rock chick look.

Mix it with a throw-on layer that will see you through season after season.

Now in vegan leather and vegan suede styles, biker jackets are ideal to create that smart-casual update to your weekend look, especially when paired with distressed jeans or skirts.

Best Vegan Leather Puffer Jacket

Hide Puffer Jacket
from $530

Nanushka Puffer Vegan Leather Jacket


“An iconic Nanushka style, the brand’s Hide puffer jackets are made from signature vegan leather and lined in smooth satin. Finished with concealed snap fastenings through the front and a high-neck collar for added functionality, these are the ultimate vegan jacket statements.”



If you’re after some volume and dimension to your look, trust me, you can’t go wrong with a hide puffer vegan leather jacket.

Inherently functional, the puffer jacket can be styled and worn in so many ways: with vintage jeans, high vegan boots, Korean style hoodies, and even streetwear and techwear apparel.

I always preferred Nanushka’s puffer jackets for their special vegan leather construct, which feels soft, lustrous, and above all, are locally sourced and produced.

One more thing! Most of Nanushka’s vegan leather puffer jackets are either hand-made or limited-editions, so get yours while still available.

Best Vegan Leather Biker Jacket

Faux Leather Biker Jacket

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Faux Leather Biker Jacket


“Love Abercrombie’s vegan leather jackets for their luxurious design and good fit – all my Abercrombie vegan leather jackets fit like a little snug. Match yours with a white tee and a pair of distressed jeans for a classic vintage look.”


The biker jacket has earned an iconic status over the decades.

From sporty leather to touring-friendly Gore-Tex kit, and from high-tech developments like the airbag jacket, all biker jacket styles are (thank God) re-created in faux leather.

Best Vegan Leather Trench

Long Bottom-up Eco-leather Trench

Julia Allert Vegan Leather Trench


“Cut in a slim, double-breasted silhouette, Julia Allert’s vegan leather trenches and raincoats have tie-up belts to show off the waist, and classic wide lapel collars that match to perfection with turtle necks.”

WOLF & BADGER | $294

Whether it’s over a pair of sweatpants or a knit dress, these Matrix-inspired vegan leather trenches and coats will have you look put together, even if just out of bed.

Leather trenches are very VOU right now worn by worldwide celebs anywhere, anytime, from red carpet events to neighborhood walks and streetwear parades.

Best Vegan Leather Moto Jacket

We The People Vegan Moto Jacket
From $98

FREE PEOPLE We The People Vegan Moto Jacket


“Founded in the 1970s by Dick Hayne, Free People caters to creative, confident, and conscious women. While I love the brand’s signature boho fashion styles and vegan leather jackets, the studded biker is one of my all-time favs.”


The moto jacket remains one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, ever.

Featuring a slim-fitting silhouette, with bold star-studded trim all over, moto jackets made from vegan leather are for those who seek to look like a real rockstar.

Best Oversized Vegan Leather Blazer

Dunn Vegan Leather Blazer
from $237

ALICE + OLIVIA Dunn Vegan Leather Blazer


“Why A + O Collection? Well, the style first and foremost, then the easiness to wear. My Alice and Olivia faux leather blazer is a wardrobe staple that combines classic and contemporary styles.”

A + O | $237

There’s no better (or faster) way to deliver a sleek finish to any outfit than via a faux leather blazer.

Designed to deliver a contemporary look, aux leather blazers in a straight fit with a lapel collar have that sharp and smart tailored touch.

If you are after the next level of style and comfort, I highly recommend a stylish faux leather blazer, ideally from A + O.

Best Vegan Leather Trucker Jacket

Classic Faux Leather Trucker Jacket
from $59.99

LEVI'S Classic Faux Leather Trucker Jacket


“Some of the best vegan leather trucker jackets you can buy are Levi’s ones, easily available on Amazon. Great styles and great prices, match yours with a classic trucker hat for a perfect trucker style.”

AMAZON | $59.99

ZAPPOS | $59.99

Let’s get this out of the way, right now; you don’t have to be a truck driver to wear a trucker leather jacket.

The mainstream popularity of vegan leather trucker jackets is largely thanks to American truck movies and bikers’ heritage, so your choice comes with some serious responsibility!

Inspired by movie icons, trucker vegan leather jackets are very much in style and loved right now, in 2021.

Best Plus Size Vegan Leather Jacket

Faux-Leather Moto Jacket
from $64.67

TORRID Faux Leather Moto Jacket


“I love shopping at Torrid for two main reasons. First, all moto leather jackets are in styles. Second, they always have excellent offers and huge discounts, and hey, who does not like a good bargain!?”

TORRID | $64.67

The classic moto jacket is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, ever.

Finally, those with curvy bodies (like me) can also enjoy this body-sculpting, body-fitting sexy silhouette.

Go for bold star-studded styles, with trims all over, to create that real rockstar look.

Best Classic Vegan Leather Jacket

Classic Faux Leather Jacket
from $20.30

MAX STUDIO Classic Faux Leather Jacket


“The classic faux leather jacket looks great on all hues and prints, from red leather to animal print, and trucker style. Classic leather-look jackets are your go-to for trans-seasonal dressing dolls, so find your fave right here.”

SAKS | $39.99

AMAZON | $20.30

Let’s just have a moment for the classic leather jacket, please.

Seeing us through every season, you can layer this classic wardrobe staple over just about every outfit.

From midi faux leather jackets to cropped leather jackets to match with your high-rise jeans, a good quality women’s faux leather jacket has it all.

Best Long Vegan Leather Jacket

Lapel Neck Belted PU Leather Coat
from $29

SHEIN Lapel Neck Belted PU Leather Coat


“Shein’s selection of short and full length long vegan leather coats for women is greatly priced for timeless chic designs you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you are after a vegan leather coat in 3/4 knee-length or a 7/8th length, the brand’s tailored fit vegan leather coats are a must-have right now.”

SHEIN | $29

A cult fashion classic, the full-length vegan leather coat is a wear-anywhere outerwear staple with an icon status in wardrobes worldwide.

Women’s faux-leather jackets in full length come in 2021 in a wide range of styles aiming to inspire and give out that major cool-girl energy.

My personal fave right now is the sleek long coat vegan leather jacket (the longer, the better – obvs), with glasses, for that Matrix-inspired techwear look.

Best Cropped Vegan Leather Jacket

ASOS Design Cropped Faux Leather Jacket
from $27.50

ASOS Design Cropped Faux Leather Jacket


“A huge edit of women’s leather and faux-leather jackets for a combo of styles out of this world. Hit up Pimkie for faux-leather jackets – always on-trend – or the OG All Saints, for a vegan leather twist. Filter by ASOS DESIGN to find everything, from cropped leather jackets to 90s-inspired throwback styles.”

ASOS | $27.50

I always felt that each cropped faux leather jacket I tried is a bit of me, and I think it’ll be a bit of you, too.

I love the piece’s versatility, the fact that you can mix and match it with anything, from dreamy skirts, vintage denim, low-top jeans, and even oversized hoodies.

Or, snap up an entire look by matching your cropped vegan leather jacket with a striped or polka-dot co-ord.

Best Faux Shearling Jacket

UO Faux Shearling Jacket
from $129

URBAN OUTFITTERS UO Faux Shearling Jacket


“With luxurious faux fur shearling jackets, UO taps into that nostalgic sense of glamour that never goes out of style. In various colors and styles, UO’s vegan shearling coats are ideal to create that glamorous, exquisite look on colder days.”

UO | $129

A faux shearling jacket is a must on cold winter days.

First, shearling jackets are great at conferring much-needed comfort and warmth.

Second, sharing coats and jackets deliver that unique visual style usually found in the most sumptuous women’s fur jackets of ultra-luxe edits.

But above all, see your faux shearling jacket as an investment staple that’ll lift your wardrobe to the next level of luxury and opulence.

Best Vegan Leather Quilted Jacket

Dolman Quilted Vegan Leather Jacket

FREE PEOPLE Dolman Quilted Vegan Jacket


“The classic quilted jacket has always been a sell-out. With almost a cult-like status, quilted jackets in khaki color, collarless, and a chic oversized fit are seeing a second wind, now reinterpreted in vegan looks. Don’t trust me; check every stylish influencer on Instagram to see what I mean.”


REVOLVE | $198

This season is time to upgrade your look with a buttery-soft faux quilted leather jacket.

A stylistic no-brainer, the quilted vegan leather jacket can be one the most versatile piece in your wardrobe, ready for any occasion.

Above all, a statement quilted leather jacket can create that fashionable edge needed for a sophisticated dinner date, or give you that casual, relaxed look for a long weekend away.

Best Vegan Leather Vest

Faux Leather Oversized Vest
from $42

ASOS Faux Leather Oversized Vest


“Asos’ vegan leather vests serve more purpose than just making you look tough, or giving you something to slap your club’s coat-of-arms on. The store’s well-cut faux leather vests are excellent in the autumn months, allowing you to still show some skin and accessories.”

ASOS | $42

Leather vests remain one of the most wanted and appreciated aesthetics – for decades now.

Very much in style now in 2021, vegan leather vests can up your look to the next level, at a very affordable price.

Faux leather vests are also a great replacement for heavy leather jackets, allowing you to feel lighter, and let your skin breathe a bit.

Best Vegan Leather Parka

Vegan Leather Parka Raincoat
from $296.25

ELIE TAHARI Vegan Leather Parka Raincoat


“I love the style and versatility of this Elie Tahari vegan leather parka. The vegan leather takes confers a sporty look, turning a casual-chic rain-resistant bomber into an all-weather parka jacket. Detailed with a front zipper and a nice knit trim, you can dress it up or down with fall leggings or high-rise jeans.”

ELIE TAHARI | $296.25

AMAZON | $297.50

We all know the classic parka; the ultimate winter jacket designed to protect from wind and snow.

But not many of you know that there’s also a parka raincoat, as a hybrid jacket focused on rain protection.

Made from faux leather, the vegan leather parka feels and looks the same, with pockets, hoods, storm cuffs, adjustable waist chords, and the iconic fishtail.

But, compared to classic parkas, most filled with duck feathers and collars from animal furs, these are 100% vegan.

Best Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket

Varsity Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket
from $138

HILARY MACMILLAN Varsity Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket


“A design classic and an icon of aviation history, Wolf and Badger’s vegan sheepskin flying jackets need no introduction. Seen in the past in countless movies and TV shows, the bomber jackets are back on the streets and the world’s catwalks.”

WOLF & BADGER | $138

Bomber jackets are timeless, absolute classics, and very much on-trend right now, in 2021.

As an all-time jacket, the bomber is a great investment – not only for a season or two – but for many years to come.

I have invested in a couple of limited-edition vegan leather bomber jackets that I now consider absolute wardrobe staples, and wear often, with style and pride.

Best Puff Sleeve Vegan Leather Jacket

Puff Sleeve Jacket

7 FOR ALL MANKIND Puff Sleeve vegan leather Jacket


“Whether you prefer cropped, longline, or a classic oversized shape for vintage vibes, 7 For All Mankind’s puff sleeve vegan leather jackets are a wardrobe classic, perfect for edging up any outfit.”


Puff sleeve leather jackets are ideal if you’re after a short, close-fitting jacket, complete with zips and stud detailing that can rock some seriously cool vibes.

As a jacket that’s both timeless and flattering, it is also perfect to layer up your dresses or to show off your body shape.

Best Vegan Leather Rain Jacket

Alexis Women’s Rain Jacket
from $145

MATT & NAT Alexis Women’s Rain Jacket


“Hailing out of Montreal, Canada, Matt & Nat is a sustainable label that makes not just amazing vegan leather jackets but also vegan purses. I highly recommend the label if you’re after high-quality vegan leather jackets made from cruelty-free alternatives and recycled materials.”

MATT & NAT | $145

Here’s another advantage of owning a vegan leather jacket over a classic leather one.

While water-resistant, leather jackets are not waterproof – and here’s what I mean by that.

While most leather jackets can resist water penetration, the rain will wash off essential oils.

In time, as the leather jacket dries, it will become hard, stiff, and impossible to wear.

Best Oversized Vegan Leather Jacket

ASOS Design Oversized Faux Leather Jacket
from $54

ASOS Design Oversized Faux Leather Jacket


“Can’t recommend ASOS enough when it comes to ‘boyfriend fit’ affordable vegan leather jackets. In all styles and colors, this is the Mecca of online oversized faux leather jackets right now, in 2021.”

ASOS | $54

Even the untouchable realm of leather jackets has been impacted (or influenced) by the growing influence exerted by the streetwear culture, demanding large, baggy looks.

That is why, a fully lined oversized biker jacket, in a black faux leather finish detail, and with silver zip pockets is very much in style right now.

Best Vegan Leather Safari Jacket

Faux Leather Safari Jacket
$99.94 $29.98

NEW YORK & COMPANY Faux Leather Safari Jacket


“NY & CO’s vegan leather safari jackets are beautiful reinterpretations of the classic army style. Designed with square pockets, epaulets, and a belt, these jackets are an excellent choice if you’re after an empowering and yet, sophisticated look.”

NY & CO | $29.98

The safari jacket draws its origin from the classic short top army-style jacket.

Traditionally made from lightweight cotton or poplin, the safari jacket came in khaki color, with a belt, epaulets, and four or more expandable pockets.

Paired with trousers or shorts, the safari jacket will become a safari suit.

Best Vegan Leather Shirt Jacket

Vegan Leather Shirt
from $345

NANUSHKA Vegan Leather Shirt


“Nanushka’s faux leather shirts are made from the brand’s proprietary butter-oft vegan leather, prized for its supple feel, practicality, and cruelty-free credentials. Love Nanushka’s vegan leather shirts minimally detailed, clean-cut, and designed to confer a relaxed fit.”



Leather is a material that returns season after season, but this year it’s not the jacket or trousers garnering particular attention but the classic leather shirt.

Designers including Fenty and Bottega Veneta featured buttery versions in their latest collections and the high street soon followed suit.

The perfect upgrade of a classic denim shirt, the leather shirt is a staple you can wear from the spring to the winter, whether alone or layered over a cozy turtleneck.

Best Belted Vegan Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Relaxed Belted Jacket
from $51.60

Faux Leather Relaxed Belted Jacket NASTY GAL


“Add a sleek finish to any look with a stand-out faux leather jacket from Nasty Gal. With a detachable belt to define your waist, detailed fabric-covered buttons, and on-trend utility pockets, this faux leather jacket will make you stand out from a mile. I style mine with dad jeans, chunky boots, and a white top.”

NASTY GAL | $51.60

If there’s one jacket every girl needs in her wardrobe it must be the belted vegan leather jacket.

Updating collection and styles, the belted faux leather jacket is the influencer’s latest fave.

Highly versatile, it works wonders either in classic black or in bright colors if you’re looking to make a serious statement.

Best Vegan Leather Suit Jacket

Crolenda Vegan Leather Suit Jacket

FRENCH CONNECTION Crolenda Vegan Leather Suit Jacket


“Crafted in luxuriously soft vegan leather, French Connection’s women’s faux leather suits are out of this world. Very affordable and stylish, I recommend them without hesitation. Wear them with vegan leather high-heel boots and a white top underneath.”

FCUK | $168

I personally feel that every woman should own (and wear) leather suits and leather blazers.

After all, women’s leather blazers and reefer jackets have managed – over the last 100 years – to remain the wardrobe staples of the well-dressed ones.

Some of the best-looking leather suits for women have two or three buttons.

From four buttons up, we enter the blazer and reefer jacket designs, in a variety of cuts; from tailored fit to slim, classic, and comfortable fit.

Best Designer Vegan Leather Jacket

Vegan Leather Jacket
from $495

Vegan Leather Jacket VERONICA BEARD


“Crafted from premium leather, plenty embellishments, and slick cuts, Veronica Beard’s designer leather jackets work wonders with everything-denim and monochrome knits.”



From classic to cropped, embellished to fringed, tough-luxe to super-sleek, women’s designer leather jackets are pure demonstrations of wardrobe versatility.

Created by consecrated designers such as Alexander McQueen, The Row, Balmain, Saint Laurent, and many more, designer leather jackets have a clean, contemporary look.

Ideal for top midweek tailoring and street-cred cool, women’s designer leather jackets are a must-have throughout both the summer and winter months.

Best Affordable Vegan Leather Jacket

Faux-Leather Moto Jacket
$28 – $50

BOOHOO Faux-Leather Moto Jacket


“From clean, black leather biker jackets, to double-breasted and buttoned varieties in multiple colorways, Boohoo has the largest range of vegan leather silhouettes, from vegan leather bomber jackets to faux leather shirts and coats, there’s a style for every season, every occasion, and every pocket.”

BOOHOO | $28 – $50

While fashion trends come and go, some looks never fade, and that’s the case with the ever-so stylish vegan leather jacket.

Now, if you’re not ready to invest in a staple designer leather jacket, start with something still stylish, but more affordable.

As a starter, I highly recommend New York and Company’s vegan leather safari jacket – also on this list at nr. 20, see above.

Discounted to only $29.98, this is an excellent price to start exploring the world of vegan leather jackets, especially for those on a low budget.

Why Vegan Leather Jacket?

There’s no faster way to make an ultimate fashion statement, than with a vegan leather jacket.

By wearing a vegan leather jacket, that isn’t made from animal’s skin, you’ll be able to:

  • Look good while creating your unique style.
  • Show that you care about animals and the planet, and have a clear conscience.

So, if you’re after a vegan leather jacket to augment your style, hope my article helped you find what you need.

Just as a quick recap, for this article, I’ve scouted the best makers of faux leather jackets in 2021, to present you the best styles, materials, colors, and prices.

I’ve tested all; from classic biker jackets to on-trend bomber jackets as well as flamboyant fringed versions in vegan suede.

Also, most jackets on this list are hand-made and designed to provide you with that classic and chic look while ensuring you remain animal-friendly.

Finally, the last part of this list contains vegan and faux leather jackets that are affordable while still looking good.

How To Style A Vegan Leather Jacket?

Right before publishing this article, a friend of mine that wants to trial vegan fashion asked me: “Do you wear vegan (leather jackets) differently than normal clothes?”

Well, yes and now.

First and foremost, remember that a good faux leather jacket gives you the perfect opportunity not just to look good, but also to show that you’re a person that cares about animals.

For that, you can wear your vegan jacket on the top of a floral boho dress, accessorize it with eco-friendly scarves and jewelry, or throw in the mix a pair of vintage jeans.

You can also wear your vegan leather jacket with a floral dress and boots for a perfect early-spring weekend look.


There’s no argument that vegan and faux leather jackets have become modern fashion statements, especially when paired with statement vegan bags and vegan shoes.

Hope you’ve found something you like in my top 25 vegan leather jackets presented above.

And if you’re one of the people who read the conclusion first (I do sometimes), know that in this article I’ve curated the best vegan leather jackets in 2021.

You’ll find vegan jackets for every budget and some great tips on how to wear a vegan leather jacket for maximum stylistic effect.

I’ve included all sorts of jacket styles, and all sorts of jackets for all budgets, from the most luxurious to the cheapest ones.

Finally, if you’re not ready to invest in a vegan jacket yet, that’s ok too.

Yet, you can use this article as a source of inspiration and consideration for future leather jacket purchases.

And, before you spend your hard-earned money on a ‘real’ leather jacket, think twice about animals and the environment.

Above all, remember this is the year 2021, a year when vegan or faux leather jackets are more appreciated and desired than ever before!

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Now it’s your turn…

Do you own any vegan leather jackets? If so, what is the label?

Which one of these vegan leather brands/labels is your favorite and why?

Are there any other great vegan leather jacket brands you’re fond of and want to add to this article?

What type of vegan leather jacket do you wear in the summer?

Please leave your tips and comments below so other women can learn and benefit from your expertise and knowledge.

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