23 Vegan Leather Jackets For Women (Best & Most Stylish Of 2021)

I guess we all agree that a well-made vegan leather jacket is a wardrobe staple nowadays.

However, with so many cruelty-free brands out there, it is hard to decide what’s best for you.

In this article, I’ll share with you the top 23 best vegan leather jackets in 2021, for any budget.

I’ll cover everything, from affordable vegan leather jackets to the most luxurious jacket right now.

I have selected the most stylish jackets, and only from brands that are doing good for people, animals, and the environment.

While animal exploitation for fashion is no longer fashionable, the leather jacket style will never go out of fashion.

A vegan myself, in time I have added many vegan leather jackets, shoes, and vegan leather bags to my wardrobe.

In the process, I’ve learned who’s worth my attention and money, and I am going to share my findings with you.

Most jackets on this list are hand-made and designed to provide you with that classic and chic look while ensuring you remain animal friendly.

Finally, the last part of this list contains vegan and faux leather jackets that are affordable while still looking good.

Why You Need A Vegan Leather Jacket

Right now, there’s no better way to make an ultimate fashion statement, than with a vegan leather jacket.

Moreover, by wearing a vegan leather jacket that isn’t made from animal’s skin, you’ll be able to:

  • Look good and show off your unique style.
  • And, show that you care about animals and the planet, and have a clear conscience.

So, if you’re after a vegan leather jacket to augment your style, we’re here to help.

We’ve scouted some of the best makers of faux leather jackets in 2021, any styles, materials, colors, and prices.

We’ve tested all, from classic biker jackets to on-trend bomber jackets as well as flamboyant fringed versions in vegan suede.

In this article, there are vegan leather jackets for every budget and great tips for those seeking to learn how to wear a vegan leather jacket.

How To Style A Vegan Leather Jacket?

First and foremost, remember that a good faux leather jacket gives you the perfect opportunity to get creative.

Then, you can layer up or down, accessorize it with scarves and jewelry, or throw in the mix a skirt and a pair of jeans.

You can also wear your vegan leather jacket with a floral dress and boots for a perfect early-spring weekend look.

Without further delay, scroll down to see the best 21 faux and vegan leather jackets this spring, handpicked by us to help you make a bold statement.

1. Hide Puffer Jacket by Nanushka

Nanushka Hide Puffer vegan leather jacket in white

MADE IN | Hungary
STYLE | Puffer jacket
MATERIALS | Patent vegan leather
PRICE | $650

Nanushka’s iconic vegan leather puffer jacket adds volume and dimension to any look.

The puffer jacket can be styled and worn in various ways and of course, it’s inherently functional.

Made from a special vegan leather with a soft, lustrous feel, locally sourced and produced.

This is a limited-edition vegan leather jacket.

2. Faux Leather Jacket by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney vegan leather jacket with an asymmetric front zipper

MADE IN | Italy
STYLE | Asymmetric cropped jacket
MATERIALS | Polyester, viscose, cotton
PRICE | $680

Time to step up your style with this black faux-leather jacket from Stella McCartney.

Following an Italian design, this vegan leather jacket has been cut to achieve a cropped silhouette.

We also love the details on the notched lapel and the silver-toned metal zips.

3. Vegan Leather Military Jacket by Sarah Regensburger

Sarah Regensburger military vegan leather jacket

STYLE | Military Jacket
PRICE | $750

Part of Sarah Regunsburger’s AW 20 collection, the ‘Dark Queen’ vegan leather jacket is an absolute head-turner.

Worn by wild-at-heart dreamers and lovers of gender-fluid styles, this label helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Made out of Italian premium vegan leather, this is a superb jacket with a unique military cut and a novel opening at the front.

Finally, this unique vegan leather jacket works wonders paired with a vegan leather handbag!

4. ‘Scan Me’ Apple Leather Biker Jacket by Martin Appelt

Martin Appelt 'Scan Me' Vegan Leather Cropped Biker

MADE INGermany
STYLE | Cropped jacket
MATERIALS | Apple leather
PRICE | $2500

Part of Martin Appelt’s SS20 ‘GOLD DIGGER’ collection, the ‘Scan Me’ vegan biker jacket has all of the required ‘gold digger insignia’.

Crafted from vegan leather, the biker jacket has an all-over barcode print and detachable sleeves.

Once the sleeves are detached via the golden zipper, the jacket can be worn as a vest as well.

We love Martin Appelt for his joyfully ironic designs and creations.

Martin’s leather jackets are strongly influenced by a blend of pop-culture and current socio-environmental issues.

5. Long Vegan Leather Raincoat by Julia Allert

Julia Allert vegan leather coat

MADE IN | Moldova
STYLE | Long trench coat
MATERIALS | Patent vegan leather
PRICE | $260

Julia Allert is a high-end designer label hailing from the beautiful country of Moldova.

Driven by a ‘break the rules’ motto, and with ‘slow fashion’ at heart, this label has some of the most amazing vegan leather jackets we’ve seen!

This ‘Long Vegan Leather’ raincoat’, according to the designer, is a unique interpretation of the country’s tumultuous and fascinating past.

Cut in a slim, double-breasted silhouette, the vegan trench has a tie-up belt to show off the waist, with a classic wide lapel collar.

The coat can be worn on its own (like a dress) or unbuttoned and paired with a classy turtle neck.

You can also wear it as a dress or unbuttoned with a turtleneck.

6. Vegan Leather Studded Biker Jacket by Free People

Free People Piper Cropped vegan leather jacket

STYLE | Moto cropped jacket
PRICE | $180

Founded in the 1970s by Dick Hayne, Free People caters to creative, confident, and conscious women.

The brand is famous for its signature boho fashion styles and vintage-inspired clothing.

Free People also has a wide range of vegan leather jackets, and this studded biker is one of our favorites.

The jacket features a slim-fitting silhouette, with bold star-studded trim all over.

We think this is a rockstar vegan jacket for those who want to look apart.

7. Faux Leather Jacket in Mushroom Color by Cotton

Vegan leather jacket by Cotton faux leather jacket in Asos

MADE IN | Australia
STYLE | Biker jacket
MATERIALS | 100% Polyurethane
PRICE | $65

If there’s one thing Aussie brand Cotton On has, it’s their power to raise your fashion game.

This faux leather jacket is the perfect example.

With studded notch lapels and shoulder epaulets, this jacket has something army-like about it.

Moreover, its asymmetric zip fastening and zip side pockets will make you look like a star.

8. Neo-Classic Biker Jacket in Brown by Altiir

Altiir brown vegan leather biker jacket

STYLE | Classic biker jacket
MATERIALS | Pinatex, pineapple leather
PRICE | $800

Altiir’s tailored Neo Classic biker jacket is made from highly sustainable and long-wearing vegan leather.

The jacket’s eco-friendly fabric confers the jacket with a firm structured feel that molds to your body, softening and aging gracefully over time.

The resulting patina looks better than those seen on leather jackets and it is what makes each jacket unique to its owner.

9. Vegan Leather Puffer Jacket by Nanushka

Nanushka vegan leather puffer jacket

MADE IN | Hungary
STYLE | Puffer jacket
MATERIALS | Patent vegan leather
PRICE | $600

Sandra Sandor (the designer) has made Nanushka a global fashion force with deep vegan values.

Nanushka’s creations of subtle femininity and flair are beautifully matched with eco-conscious and animal-friendly vibes.

One of the brand’s signature products is this vegan leather puffer jacket.

The jacket adds further volume and dimension to your silhouette, whenever you need it.

Also, the jacket has a superb feel to it – soft, lustrous – and can be styled in a myriad of ways.

10. Vegan Leather Cropped Blazer by Martin Appelt

Martin Appelt vegan leather blazer

MADE IN | Germany
STYLE | Cropped blazer
MATERIALS | Apple leather
PRICE | $2500

Another creation of Martin Appelt.

The ‘500 DM’ vegan blazer is made from apple skin leather.

With an all-over ‘Deutsche Mark’ currency print, the jacket is embellished with gold chains attached at the shoulders and the back.

The cut and the chains create a unique purse-like look.

This jacket is not only sustainable and cruelty-free but also gorgeously fashionable.

Pair it up with a dress, skirt, or jeans, and you can rock the look of vegan activism.

11. Vegan Leather Suit Jacket by Julia Allert

Julia Allert Vegan Leather Suit Jacket

MADE IN | Moldova
STYLE | Suit jacket
MATERIALS | Patent vegan leather
PRICE | $250

Here’s another luxurious piece from Julia Allert.

We love this vegan leather suit jacket combo for the unique vintage vibe that it confers the wearer.

Cut in a slightly loose silhouette, this vegan leather jacket has a double-button fastening and a wide lapel collar.

You can wear it with a turtle neck, whenever you want to nail that classic look.

12. Vegan Leather Trench by Each X Other

each other vegan trench coat

MADE IN | Portugal
STYLE | Classic trench
MATERIALS | Polyurethane, viscose
PRICE | $750

This limited-edition Each X Other vegan leather trench coat is for all lovers of classic leather jackets.

Even those who love classic leather jackets call this creation a piece of unmatched excellence.

Check the brand’s other vegan leather jackets for unique designs, free from male/female stereotypes.

13. Vegan Leather Fitted Blazer by Nanushka

Nanushka vegan leather blazer in white

MADE IN | Hungary
STYLE | Pleated blazer
MATERIALS | Patent vegan leather
PRICE | $750

This cream-color Nanushka ‘Blair’ vegan leather blazer stands out thanks to its long sleeves, collar, and asymmetric hem.

The jacket has side button fastenings, buttoned cuffs, a back vent, and a cinched silhouette.

This Nanushka jacket is crafted from a sustainable leather alternative proprietary to the brand.

As another of our favorite Blair’s (Waldorf, that is) once said, ‘Destiny is for losers.’ So, don’t wait around.

Make your own destiny – to be ruling the Upper East Side in your new Nanushka jacket – happen ASAP.

14. Pinatex Leather Biker Jacket by Altiir

Altiir brown vegan leather biker jacket

STYLE | Biker jacket
MATERIALS | Pinatex, pineapple leather
PRICE | $800

Altiir’s vegan leather biker jacket is my all-season choice.

Made from Pinatex (discarded pineapple leaves) this biker vegan leather jacket has a cropped design and a belt around the waist.

Styled with a chic asymmetrical zipper on the front, the jacket offers an irresistible feel and look.

Pair this vegan leather jacket with biker boots and nail that ‘ultimate diva’ look.

15. Bea Vegan Leather Jacket by Nanushka

Nanushka vegan leather belted jacket

MADE IN | Hungary
STYLE | Belted jacket
MATERIALS | Patent vegan leather
PRICE | $850

Tailored from Nanushka’s signature vegan leather, ‘Bea’ jacket – in timeless black – has a comfortably slim silhouette.

The jacket is lined in smooth satin and is defined by a snap-fastening sash at the waist.

Great for special dinner dates.

16. Polka-dot Faux Leather Biker Jacket by Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garcons faux leather biker Jacket

MADE IN | Japan
STYLE | Biker jacket
MATERIALS | polyurethane
PRICE | $400

Comme des Garçons GIRL’s biker jacket is an edgy style with feminine appeal.

This black faux leather piece is printed with contrasting white polka-dots and finished with classic silver hardware.

Parts of the jacket are made with vegan mushroom leather, and the lining is from recycled plastic bottles.

Wear it with a simple T-shirt and tailored pants.

17. Ivory Artha Belted Vegan Leather Shirt by Nanushka

Nanushka vegan leather belted shirt jacket

MADE IN | Hungary
STYLE | Belted shirt jacket
MATERIALS | Polyester, polyurethane
PRICE | $550

Here’s another amazing Nanushka’s vegan leather jacket, this time not just gorgeously looking but also very supple and soft.

Cut from the brand’s unique fabric, the ‘Artha’ shirt has a tie-fastening belt, so you can cinch the loose shape and wear it as a light jacket, too.

18. Keiko faux leather jacket by REJINA PYO

REJINA PYO army green pleated faux leather Jacket

MADE IN | Japan
STYLE | Pleated jacket
MATERIALS | Polyurethane
PRICE | $650

Part of Rejina Pyo’s Resort ’21 collection, this endlessly versatile ‘Keiko’ jacket has all the hallmarks of a staple leather jacket.

Cut from glossy faux leather, it has notched lapels, dropped shoulders, and a ruched elasticated waistband that cinches the silhouette.

The olive-green hue works well with neutral and bright colors alike.

19. Faux Leather Safari Jacket by Pull & Bear

Pull and Bear faux leather biker jacket

MADE IN | Bangladesh
STYLE | Biker jacket
MATERIALS | Polyurethane, polyester
PRICE | $50

For the price-sensitive ones, here’s a faux leather safari biker jacket from Pull & Bear.

The jacket is featuring a stand-up collar with buttons, zip fastening, four pockets, an adjustable hem, and long sleeves.

20. Black Faux Leather Long Biker Jacket by Missguided

Misguided vegan leather biker jacket

MADE INBangladesh
STYLE | Long biker jacket
MATERIALS | Polyester, polyurethane
PRICE | $55

Here’s another affordable faux leather jacket, this time from Missguided.

Simple and efficient, this is a great replacement to any regular leather jacket with a long fit and length, designed to cover the bum.

21. Faux Leather Moto Jacket by Forever 21

Vegan leather jacket forever 21 faux leather biker jacket

STYLE | Moto jacket
MATERIALS | Polyester
PRICE | $45

Faux leather Motto jacket with an asymmetrical front zip, notched lapels, belted waist, epaulets, and long sleeves.

I love this style so much. First, because it reminds me of a school uniform with a twist, and then because it works wonders with a vegan leather dress.

22. Stone Leather-Look Biker Jacket by JDY / New Look

New Look faux leather biker jacket

MADE IN | China
STYLE | Biker jacket
MATERIALS | Polyester, cotton, viscose
PRICE | $45

This is a ‘stone-colored’ leather-look jacket by JDY with a revere collared neckline, long sleeves, side pockets, and zip-front fastening.

Great match with a relaxed pair of yoga pants, or even a pair of squat-proof leggings.

24. Imitation leather jacket by H&M

H&M imitation leather jacket

MADE IN | Bangladesh
STYLE | Biker jacket
MATERIALS | Polyurethane, polyester
PRICE | $50

Jacket in grained imitation leather with a collar, concealed press-studs down the front, and welt front pockets.

The wide, elasticated cuffs and hem make it quite unique compared to the jackets above.

Also, this jacket gets extra eco-friendly points for using recycled polyester in the lining.

23. Faux Leather Biker Jacket By Zara

Zara faux leather biker jacket

MADE IN | Bangladesh
STYLE | Biker jacket
MATERIALS | Polyester, polyurethane
PRICE | $20

This is a great Zara long sleeve jacket, with a lapel collar.

Not quite a vegan leather jacket but the look is phenomenal, thanks to the shoulder tabs, belt in the same fabric with buckle, and metal zip-up fastening on the front.

Pair it with denim and some casual vegan boots for maximum effect.

Vegan Leather Jackets – Conclusion

Above all, vegan and faux leather jackets are very cool right now.

Hope you’ve found something you like in my top 23 vegan leather jackets presented above.

I’ve included all sorts of jacket styles, and all sorts of jackets for all budgets, from the most luxurious to the cheapest ones.

But, if you’re not ready to invest in a vegan jacket yet, that’s ok.

Use this article as a source of inspiration and consideration for future leather jacket purchases.

Before you give them your hard-earned money,  think twice about animals and the environment.

And, above all, remember this is the year 2021, and vegan or faux leather jackets are more desired than ever.

Now it’s your turn…

Do you own any vegan leather jackets? If so, what is the label?

Which one of these vegan leather brands/labels is your favorite and why?

Are there any other great vegan leather jacket brands you’re fond of and want to add to this article?

What type of vegan leather jacket do you wear in the summer?

Please leave your tips and comments below so other women can learn and benefit from your expertise and knowledge.

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