Eco Gifts: Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas That Won’t Wreck Our Planet

With November coming to a close, it is time to welcome the last month of the year and enter the eco holiday season. The gifting season begins and grants the opportunity to spread the love you feel for the planet, all around. 

Movements like #WhiteMonday — originated in Sweden to counterpose black Friday, by encouraging conscious and circular consumption — continue to raise awareness about the impactful damage that fast-paced consumerism has on our environment.

So, this holiday season, choose to invest in quality eco gifts and brands that are truly making a difference. And because you are here, I know you care. You are an eco-warrior, you see how your conscious lifestyle is slowly making a difference. As a result, you inspiring people around you.

In order to give meaningful gifts, here are the top luxury ideas to eco-treat your loved ones and make this eco holiday a caring and sustainable one. 

Eco Gifts For The Little Ones

Unreal Fur Eco Gift

Unreal Fur is an Australian PETA approved brand that has been a real leather alternative since 2011. Consequently, they only use materials like hemp and PET.

However, they are aware of their limitations. That’s why they keep working on even better ones and try their best to recycle all scraps. With these off-cuts, they create products like their accessories line and ‘Mini Me’ – the version of their women’s collection for kids.

For Her, She Deserves The Best

Ethical Laura von Behr

Laura von Behr is the ultimate sustainable fashion experience you can give your friend as an eco gift this year. An hour and a half appointment, in east London, exclusively for her, her size and her needs. Thanks to the refocus on quality, the second hand and vintage markets are on the rise.

What’s more, experiences are proved to bring more happiness, better memories, and less clutter. With Laura, you get all those benefits in one go! Too good to be true? Well, go ahead and book a FREE appointment.

However, if the above idea is not possible because of time or distance, New Zealand designer Maggie Marilyn offers elegant eco and ethical products. Markedly, pieces from her ‘Somewhere’ collection, could be a great addition to a capsule wardrobe. 

Eco Gifts For The Men In Your Life

Eco Gift For Men

For those males who enjoy spending time in nature, the ones around you that enjoy the outdoors. Ecoalf is the innovative brand they will be proud to wear.

An impressive portfolio of recycled materials such as plastic bottles, fishing nets, tires and post-industrial cotton, with an equally impressive offer of clothes and accessories. 

Something For Everyone

Eco Watch For Everyone

Especially if you appreciate punctuality, Votch has some gender and cruelty-free, classic and polished vegan-watch options to embellish the wrists of your loved ones.

They are PETA approved, and have a multitude of materials, including the bio-fashionable Piñatex, with a collection of its own. On top of all that cruelty-free-coolness, they also give 10 per cent of their profits to different charities every three months.

What About You?

Hurr Collective

Yes, you! You must be part of your own list. Wear your values and show your friends how fun it is to be sustainable with Hurr collective.

A new platform where the mantra “sharing is caring” is taken very seriously. A top-notch, peer-to-peer, rental service that allies people, technology and the care for our planet.

Curious? Go ahead and give an eco gift to yourself! Upgrade your festive attire in a very conscious way.


Hope you enjoyed my list of brands that are committed to the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants. Indeed, there’s no need to dread Christmas shopping anymore, keep your head up and your sustainable standards high.

Now, off you go, Christmas shopping awaits!

And have a fantastic eco holiday! 🎄

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