7 Online Dating Tips – What You Should Do (and NOT) In 2021

A Beginner Guide to Online Dating In 2021

What To Message, Avoid, & Most Common Red Flags

Online dating is an indispensable way to find the right partner these days.

Online dating helps you get to know the person beforehand and avoid awkward dates.

You can view their picture, chat with them, see them through a video and decide whether they are worth giving a shot.

Online dating

Unfortunately, there are several issues still haunting online datings, such as catfishing and safety.

However, there are ways to make online dating safe and enjoyable without disclosing too many details or putting yourself in danger.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the top 7 online dating tips To keep you safe, save your time, and help you find your ideal partner fast.

Don’t be Catfished

There are many online dating sites out there, some plagued by scammers and fake accounts.

One of the central online dating tips is to use paid platforms whenever you can.

That’s because the chance of interacting with genuine people is 80% higher than on free dating sites.

Choose locals instead of people from across the continent as it will be easy for you to check about them.

Do not expose too many details about your whereabouts or family on the first few dates until you get a chance to know the person well.

Above all, ask for identifiable details such as full name, mobile number, social media accounts.

Take Safety Measures

If you feel you are compatible with the person you are chatting with online, use a Google voice number and talk with them through telephone.

Suppose you like them; take it to the next level via video chats and so on.

If you both want to meet in person, choose a public place with at least two exits.

Always inform a parent or a friend regarding where you are going, who with, and when you will return.

Tell them to check on you if you are not replying to their messages or get back home by a particular time.

Try to be sober on the first few dates and evaluate the person you’re dating.

Know What You Want

Be clear on what you are looking for in your partner.

Be honest about your expectations and mention whether you are looking for a serious relationship or do not want to commit at this stage of life.

Mention whether you see other people and a few crucial points like mutual respect, adjusting mentality, etc., you expect in your partner.

Don’t look for a specific age, work profile, or earning as it is not a job interview site.

Instead, search for mature emotional compatibility and be ready to experiment without racial or ethnic preconceived ideas.

Make the Conversation Interesting

Don’t go with the boring stuff of “Hi, what’s up?” for the introduction.

Say something interesting like a love quote or a joke for a start.

Share something you genuinely enjoyed, like a movie you watched the other night or a Netflix series.

If you feel you both have a similar taste, try to host a Netflix party and recommend each other music, shows, and books.

Don’t make online chatting too mundane.

Keep it interesting with funny titbits, new emoji, etc.

Engage the person on the other side naturally without pretending to be something you are not. It will help while taking the date to the next level.

Don’t be Insecure

You might try everything, and a person you tried to contact might seem elusive.

They might not like you much or might have other commitments.

Don’t fuss too much over the ones that don’t engage with you.

Try different people who show interest in chatting with you.

Know your limit and do not communicate with too many people at a time.

Be honest and tell the person you are chatting with you are interested in a few profiles and check them out.

Never rush to make it a physical date, or you’ll sound desperate.

If the person on the other side feels they need more time, act with maturity and give them their space.

Then, if you do go out, try to find out their dressing style, be that cottagecore, y2k fashion, e-girl, or sustainable fashion, and match it, if you can.

Do not Overshare

While sharing pics is part of the online dating game, avoid sharing personal pics right away.

Also, please do not give details about your job, friends, siblings, or kids after the first few lines of text.

Share personal details and pics only after you meet the chat mate in person.

Instead, send emojis, memes, e-greetings to keep them engaged and connected to the chat.

Avoid using your office computer or work laptop to engage in online dating; you might find your future love life and lose your job simultaneously.

Finally, if you’ve exchanged email addresses, check the attachments you receive using antivirus software before opening them.

Be Flexible

You can never make a relationship work without some give-and-take policy.

Ensure you adjust to a few of your partner’s eccentricities and don’t make a big deal of minor quirks.

For example, you might not like their taste in films, music or books, but that’s ok.

Online chatting is to figure out these things beforehand and find the most compatible person for you.

Use the provided app filters to narrow down and find someone that matches your views.

Nevertheless, expect a few differences as no two humans are alike.

Bonus Tip:
Get Introduced to a Broader Group

Be open if your chat mate wants to introduce you to their friends over a meeting or a video conference.

There is nothing wrong with saying “Hi” if you like them.

Else tell them upright you are just friends and request them not to use terms that make you uncomfortable like “committed” or “mine.”


These 7 online dating tips are necessary to avoid being cheated or scammed online.

Use the provided filters to find the person of your taste, be friendly and cautious at the same time.

If the person is genuine and you like them, be ready to accept their minor quirks, friends, and family.

Don’t forget to be clear on what you expect from them and what they can and cannot get from you.

Above all, if there’s no chemistry or you don’t think it’ll work out in the long run, take the time to make a new friend.

I know people that used these online dating tips to create lifetime friends and memories they’ll cherish forever.

Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these online dating tips you’re going to try?

Are there any other great tips for online dating that you want to add to this list?

Please leave your comments below so others can benefit from your experience.

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