For Animals, Environment, Or Myself? Here’s Why People Become Vegan!

Here’s my personal story of how I’ve become vegan. When my mother introduced me to veganism three years ago, I wasn’t too sure or too keen about it.

But ever since, I’ve learned so much more about veganism, about myself, and right now, I have no logical arguments to stop it.

Now, let’s be clear about something here. By being vegan, I mean having a fully vegan lifestyle. I do not hurt, eat, or wear animals, and that’s for a long list of reasons.

I wasn’t a vegan from the very first day. I’ve started by having a plant diet, helped by my mother, she’s a medic, as a potential solution of a skin issue that bothered me for years.

Plan-Diet Is Not Veganism

Plant-based vs vegan

But, in the process of searching and reading more about plant-based foods, I’ve realised that there’ much more at stake than just my body and skin; veganism seemed it was about animal lives.

You see, my initial choice was selfish. I did it for me; to feel better, to live longer, to be healthier, to have a cleaner skin. But soon, I’ve realised that, just like me, animals deserve a better life as well.

So that’s when I’ve started pushing for animal welfare. I’ve started to look not just at the food I eat, but also at what I wear.

I’ve then learned that there are ethical and environmental problems that overlap and confuse us all.

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We don’t eat or wear pets, but we eat and wear other animals. In time I’ve learned that all animals have equal rights, regardless of their species.

And just like me, most people that are exposed to veganism, start with food. Plant-based diets, but then slowly they all learn of all the problems caused by animal farming, animal cruelty, environmental collapse.

But let me detail more on my reasons, with the hope they’ll resonate with yours:

Become Vegan For Me

Why should you become vegan

It is now proven that red meat, dairy and other animal-based foods have cause cancer. Not, I do not mean studies are showing that meat might be the cause of disease. No! It is proven that meet cause all sorts of cancers.

So in my initial choice for a plant-based diet, had a selfish reason. I wanted to reduce the risk of cancer and numerous heart diseases, to feel better, healthier, at all costs.

Didn’t think of animals, it was all about me.

Become Vegan For Planet

Become vegan for the environment

Research shows that the oceans will be dead by 2050 if we don’t stop fishing the way we do right now. I don’t mean ‘lose some fish species’, I mean dead oceans. So while fish meat is healthier than the red meats, I no longer eat fish for that reason alone.

Shortage of water is another problem we are already facing in some parts of the world. You can reduce your shower time, stop the tap while brushing your teeth, and so on. But, in this way, you will only save a maximum of 100 litres of water a month.

However, to create one 1/4lb burger, it takes at least 650L litres of water, so, if you’re the kind of person, conscious with water usage, think twice next time you eat one.

Finally, Vegan For Animals

Becoming vegan for the animals

Last but not least, we all know that we use animals as slaves or as food. We eat their milk, eggs, and we kill them for their furs, skins and meat. Some, justify such practices under the umbrella of human treatment, or ‘human ways’ of sacrificing them.

But let’s be honest. There’s nothing human in killing another being. Zero. Regardless of how we do it, with blades to their necks, with gas chambers, or stunning bolts, we cause them unimaginable pain and suffering.

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Not to mention the way we keep and transport them, Unnecessary cruelty, for taste, to look fashionable, for selfish gratification.

If you are on a vegan diet, consider not just yourself but also the planet and its animals. Think twice before you buy your food or fashion. Going fully vegan or cruelty-free at least is not easy, but in the end, it is all worth it.

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