Discover Grunge Aesthetic In 2022 + 30 Grunge Outfit Ideas (SOFT to DARK)

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Best Grunge Aesthetic Outfit Ideas To Dress Like A Grunge Girl!

Grunge aesthetics and styles are back in fashion in 2022, resurrected by the emergence of 80s and 90s fashion on social media.

Reaching peak popularity in the 1990s, grunge aesthetics became the heart of the counterculture movement of those days.

Influenced by many subcultures, 90’s grunge aesthetic sported baggy jeans, thrifty clothes, chunky heels, plaid skirts, and flannels in dark colors and with chain details.

Displaying rough punk edges and a touch of emo styles and looks, the current grunge aesthetics give way to images of emo kids and runaway teens.

One of the most popular fashion trends in 2022, grunge aesthetic outfits and clothes are more than a hallmark of punk and grunge music genres but pure style statements.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to multiple grunge aesthetics, from fairy grunge to soft and even dark grunge aesthetics, and exemplify with 30 BEST styles and looks.

Without further delay, these are the best 30 grunge aesthetic outfit examples in 2022.

Classic 90s Grunge Aesthetic

Oversized Fennel Shirts & Ripped Jeans (With Combat Boots or Converse)

Classic 90s Grunge Aesthetic
Classic 90s Grunge Aesthetic –

The classic grunge style remains the ultimate look in the overall stylistic genre, be that fairy grunge aesthetic, soft grunge aesthetic, or dark grunge aesthetic.

Worn by musicians such as Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl, the classic grunge outfit of the 90s fashion opened the door to future messy chic styles.

When styling the classic 90s grunge outfits, opt for oversized dark shirts, grunge fashion accessories, plaid shirts, and army boots.

Moreover, considering that grunge is a word that translates as ‘dirty,’ the more used and faded the clothes, the better.

Dark Grunge Aesthetic

Tight Black Crop Top, Dark Flannel Shirts, Dark Pants (With Leather Platform Shoes, Double Grommet Belt & Chain Chokers)

Dark Grunge Aesthetic
Dark Grunge Aesthetic –

With sweet influences of nothing aesthetic, the dark grunge aesthetic is far more sensual and feminine than the new variations of purple and pink grunge aesthetics.

Similar to other dark aesthetics such as Dark Academia, both dark and black grunge aesthetics look fantastic with lace details, velvet touches, and extra bows.

While you can choose from several variations and twists of the dark grunge aesthetic, the most popular style is all-black, worn-out clothes.

Soft Grunge Aesthetic

Pastel Check Mini Skirts, Crop Tops, & Oversized Denim Jacket (With Mary Jane Style Shoes)

Soft Grunge Aesthetic Outfits
Soft Grunge Aesthetic –

Worn by Millenials and Gen Z alike, the soft girl grunge is one of the most popular grunge aesthetics right now.

The soft grunge aesthetic has taken over OOTDs on TikTok and Instagram right now.

Most popular soft grunge aesthetics are built from women’s casual clothing in pastel colors mixed with feminine pieces in traditional details.

Fairy Grunge Aesthetic

Long Skirts, Corset Tops, & Gloves (With Small Natural Details in the Accessories)

Fairy Grunge Aesthetic
Fairy Grunge Aesthetic –

What I love about the fairy grunge aesthetic is the romance and fantasy twist added to the classic style.

Similar to fairy-core or goblin-core, fairy grunge aesthetic centers around the beauty of the wild, with a blend of comfortable vintage and earthen twist to what you wear.

The overall aesthetic is dark at the core, and the unique corseting and antique-style jewelry highlight the fairy look.

Grunge Anime Aesthetic

Anime Tees, Checkered Shirts (With Choker & Round Glasses)

Grunge Anime Aesthetic
Grunge Anime Aesthetic –

Brought to light by the emergence of the anime genre, the anime grunge aesthetic is a more recent and unique variation of the classic grunge cut.

The style is an excellent way to showcase your favorite anime without saying a word.

Many anime lovers wearing grunge aesthetics have quotes from favorite shows hidden in jewelry and grunge accessories.

Cute Grunge Aesthetic

Plaid Skirt, Sheer Sweaters, Stockings (With Leather Boots)

Cute Grunge Aesthetic
Cute Grunge Aesthetic –

With an overall preppier take, cute grunge aesthetic clothes combine the classics of plaid with the WASP-y look of crew necks and straight-leg pants.

While Kurt Cobain might be rolling over in his grave at the idea of calling this aesthetic grunge, the cute grunge clothes remind us of the generation raised on Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars.

Grunge Pink Aesthetic

Pink Plaid Pants or Pink Leather Skirt, Grunge Tops (With Leather Boots)

Grunge Pink Aesthetic
Grunge Pink Aesthetic –

Pink and black will always be among the best color combinations for sexy grunge aesthetics and styles.

While grunge outfits often veer toward dark neutrals, the pink grunge aesthetic brings a layer of freshness with bright pops of pink.

The pink grunge aesthetic stands out thanks to the unexpected dashes of softness and cuteness.

Moreover, given that Barbiecore is a trend taking over the internet and the hearts of IRL fashion lovers right now, diving into pink grunge clothes is a good bet on your fashion sense.

Grunge Purple Aesthetic

Purple Pants, Jacket, or Accessories (With Your Favourite Grunge Outfit!)

Grunge Purple Aesthetic
Grunge Purple Aesthetic –

Hailed as a color of luxury and royalty in the past – because the dye was hard to obtain – purple is slowly making its way into grunge aesthetic styles.

Moreover, the purple grunge aesthetic goes beyond clothes and translates into dyed purple hair, purple patterns, details, and accessories.

The purple grunge aesthetic is the best way to add a dash of color to your personality for an extra ‘wowing’ effect.

Grunge Green Aesthetic

Green Details Combined With Dark Grunge Aesthetic (& Chunky Chains)

Grunge Green Aesthetic
Grunge Green Aesthetic –

Earthy, humble, and very underrated, the green grunge aesthetic is highly suitable for a perfect mix of ‘70s fashion silhouettes and modern fabrics.

Add a dash of gold jewelry to your green grunge clothes, and you’ve got a killer outfit.

Grunge Black Aesthetic

Knee Ripped Jeans or Black Plaid Skirt, Black Top, Black Denim Jacket (With Leather Platform Boots)

Black Grunge Aesthetic
Black Grunge Aesthetic –

Similar to the classic ’90s grunge aesthetic, the black grunge look focuses on dark colors, oversized tops, army boots, and subtle layers of gothic-style jewelry.

Going hand-in-hand with any grunge aesthetic clothes, this look is a great jumping-off point for those new to the grunge style.

Grunge Blue Aesthetic

Ripped Blue Jeans or Blue Plaid Mini Skirt Combined With Other Grunge Aesthetic Outfits (& Blue Hair)

Grunge Blue Aesthetic
Grunge Blue Aesthetic –

Blue hair has been a part of grunge culture and style since the late ’90s and early 2000s fashion.

In recent years, the color has seeped into grunge clothing, aesthetics, and styles.

The quickest way to add a bit of blue grunge-ness to your style is via blue hair dye or blue accessories to the overall look.

Grunge White Aesthetic

Mini White Skirts or Straight Leg Jeans, Grunge Tops & Accessories (With Black Leather Belts & Boots)

Grunge White Aesthetic
Grunge White Aesthetic –

On the opposite stylistic spectrum of the dark and black grunge aesthetics, white grunge clothes are trendy now.

White is a clean and neutral color that can be blended into any grunge and look quite well.

However, you want to make sure you don’t go all white and that the clothes you’re going to wear are a bit worn out.

Red Grunge Aesthetic

Red Plaid Skirt or Red Jeans, Black Grunge Top With Red Details (Black Accessories & Leather Boots)

Red Grunge Aesthetic
Red Grunge Aesthetic –

When it comes to grunge aesthetic, red and black are colors cut from the same cloth.

Pair them together; the result is a fiery, red grunge aesthetic style you can’t ignore.

Since red symbolizes passion, adding this color to your grunge outfits will draw attention and create memorable moments.

Grunge Yellow Aesthetic

Yellow Oversized Flannels, Yellow Plaid Mini Skirt, Black Grunge Tees (With Converse or Doc Martens Boots)

Grunge Yellow Aesthetic
Grunge Yellow Aesthetic –

If you worry about looking like a bumble bee, I do not recommend adding black to your grunge outfit when creating a yellow grunge aesthetic.

Unless, of course, that’s the aim, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

To pull the yellow grunge look, start with some older yellow clothes, and pair them with similar color accessories and shoes, verging towards an indie/grunge appearance.

Grunge Neon Aesthetic

Neon Pants, Shirts, or Other Eye-catching Accessories With Dark Garments Mixed-in

Grunge Neon Aesthetic
Grunge Neon Aesthetic –

In recent years, I’ve seen lots of unique grunge styles emerging.

Neon grunge aesthetic is one of them, a look that pairs well with skeletons patterns since many companies create neon skeletons.

Unlike rave outfits, the grunge neon aesthetic unique look is built on brighter clothes with dark basics to confer a stylish pop-rock grunge overall vibe.

Grey Grunge Aesthetic

Grey Straight Leg Fitted Jeans or a Grey Oversized Shacket (With Grunge Tees & Boots)

Grey Grunge Aesthetic
Grey Grunge Aesthetic –

A layer up (chromatically) from black and dark grunge aesthetics, grey grunge is seen as a terrific aesthetic suitable for those into minimalist-style clothes.

Clean and simplistic, recreating the grey grunge aesthetic is easy, requiring contrasting jewelry and mix-matching clothes in grey shades.

80s Grunge Aesthetic

More Tailored Jeans, Flannel Shirts Over Cropped Tops, & Dark Green or Red Details (With Leather Boots or Converse Shoes)

80s Grunge Aesthetic
80s Grunge Aesthetic –

While grunge became a cultural phenomenon in the ’90s, the 80s fashion had its fair share of grunge looks.

A bit more tailored than the following oversized grunge, the ’80s grunge aesthetic is also a great entry point for those new to the style.

To dress like an ’80s grunge, blend in the eclectic glamour of the decade with grunge shirts in dark colors and used fabrics.

Y2K Grunge Aesthetic

Low-rise Jeans or Baddie Pants With Pastel Shirts, Grunge Hoodies, or Corsets (With Mini Purses, Double Grommet Belt & Oversized Shoes)

Y2K Grunge Aesthetic
Y2K Grunge Aesthetic –

Y2K aesthetic has been taking over the runways for the last two seasons, driving a surge in popularity for the Y2K grunge aesthetic.

To create a compelling Y2K grunge aesthetic outfit, mix in used clothes in bright pastels with glittering details and trademark accessories of the Y2K decade.

Often sported by Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus, and Billie Eilish, the Y2K grunge trend draws inspiration from the music scene of the 2000s fashion.

Post-Grunge Aesthetic

Loose Skirts, Band Shirts or Graphic Tees, & Leather Details (With Converse Shoes)

Post-Grunge Aesthetic
Post-Grunge Aesthetic –

The post-grunge aesthetic has a similar vibe to the ’80s grunge but with more tailored pieces and neutral tones.

Compared to the darker grunge aesthetics described above, the post-grunge aesthetic has a softer edge and a more manageable touch.

Grunge Rock Aesthetic

Thigh-highs, Leather Platform Boots, & Mini Skirts (or Shorts), With Cropped Top Over Long Sleeves

Grunge Rock Aesthetic
Grunge Rock Aesthetic –

Considering that punk and rock are the most popular musical genres of this aesthetic, grunge rock styles come as no surprise.

The aesthetic is similar to the 90s classic grunge look but with a deeper touch of the trash rock style.

That is, ripped jeans, rock band shirts, army-style boots, and accessories, all well-used and fading out.

Pastel Grunge Aesthetic

Pastel Skirt or Top With Black Grunge Outfit & Leather Boots (With Pastel Accessories)

Pastel Grunge Aesthetic
Pastel Grunge Aesthetic –

If darker colors aren’t your thing, but a grunge aesthetic is something you want to try, leaning towards pastel looks is the way forward.

Playing with the same basics that make up the root of the grunge aesthetic, just in pastel shades, can be a bit more flirty and fun.

Indie Grunge Aesthetic

Grunge Plaid Pants and Denim Jacket in Indie Colors & Details

Indie Grunge Aesthetic
Indie Grunge Aesthetic –

The perfect option for spring and summer, the Indie grunge aesthetic is ideal for creating fashion looks that will get you lots of compliments.

With roots in the androgynous grunge style, the Indie Grune aesthetic mixes vintage details with floral patterns of indie aesthetic and accessories with intricate details.

Grunge Goth Aesthetic

Mini Skirts, Short Denim, or Mid-length Shirts, Tights & Boots (With Dark Makeup & Goth Silver Jewellery)

Grunge Goth Aesthetic
Grunge Goth Aesthetic –

While the classic goth looks are inspired by the Victorian dressing style with laces, velvet, and corsets, the grunge goth aesthetic is a bit more random.

As such, the grunge goth aesthetic showcases a blend of tailored clothes, tights with dresses, skirts, and lots of rock band accessories.

Grunge Punk Aesthetic

Layered Jewellery, Shorts With Tights, Fitted Shirts, & Oversize Jackets (With Punk Makeup & Hairstyle)

Grunge Punk Aesthetic
Grunge Punk Aesthetic –

Similar to the grunge-rock aesthetic, the grunge-punk style showcases lots of chains, jewelry, and plaid details throughout.

Aiming for an eye-catching aesthetic, don’t be afraid of brighter colors when putting together your grunge punk look.

Grunge Skater Aesthetic

Brand Shirts, Loose Jeans With a Wide Belt, & Flannels (With Converse or Vans)

Grunge Skater Aesthetic
Grunge Skater Aesthetic –

With oversized and intentionally unfitted clothing, the skater grunge aesthetic is a dapper style to wear in 2022.

The aim is to create stylistic chaos while retaining an overall sense of cohesion.

Grunge Emo Aesthetic

Loose Pants & Shirts, Large Belts, Chunky Shoes, or Simple Trainers (With a Beanie)

Grunge Emo Aesthetic
Grunge Emo Aesthetic –

The grunge-emo aesthetic is a sprout of the grunge goth style, where the style retains its dark roots but mixes in bits of bright colors such as pink, blue, and purple.

Silver hearts, locks, and traditional grunge accessories in silver are an ideal match for the grunge emo aesthetic.

Vintage Grunge Aesthetic

Different Fabrics, Eccentric Fabric Patterns, and Large Amounts of Jewelry

Vintage Grunge Aesthetic
Vintage Grunge Aesthetic –

The vintage clothing grunge aesthetic is a modern reinterpretation of the ‘60s fashion styles.

Marked by eclectics and plenty of details, the grunge part of this look comes into play thanks to the messiness and looseness of the overall style.

Wearing 60’s style garments is OK, as long as they are well-worn-out and a bit distressed.

Grunge Skeleton Aesthetic

Bold Grunge Skeleton Tees Under Grunge Flannels or Jackets with Ripped Jeans (& Leather Boots)

Grunge Skeleton Aesthetic
Grunge Skeleton Aesthetic –

If goth styles are linked to vampires, grunge outfits will forever be tied with skeletons.

Putting together the look is easy; mix classic grunge aesthetic clothes with oversized skeleton shirts or skeleton accessories.

Grunge Heart Aesthetic

Traditional Grunge Outfits With Heart Details on the Clothes and Accessories

Grunge Heart Aesthetic
Grunge Heart Aesthetic –

Filled with small heart details, this isn’t your traditional Valentine’s day look.

More suitable for a broken heart club, the grunge heart aesthetic will mentally and stylistically prepare you.

With hearts broken or malformed, the grunge heart aesthetic is the aesthetic of choice for dramatic lovers.

Grunge Halloween Aesthetic

Peter Pan Collars, Rosaries, Tights, Combat Boots, and Dark Midi Dress or Wash Jeans

Grunge Halloween Aesthetic
Grunge Halloween Aesthetic –

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you might as well take it with you year around.

Creating an almost witch-y take on grunge, this off-shoot of the grunge aesthetic is ideal for adding spookiness to your day.

And if you don’t know where to start, just channel your inner Wednesday Adams.

Grunge Aesthetic FAQs

What is Grunge Aesthetics?

The grunge aesthetic is characterized by an intentional ‘untidy’ style that mirrors the looks of famous rock and punk musicians from the 80s and the 90s, like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.

What Defines Grunge Style?

The grunge style is defined by worn-out, dark, brown, or grey flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and thrift clothing, worn in a loose, androgynous manner that de-emphasizes one’s silhouette.

What is a Soft Grunge Aesthetic?

The soft grunge aesthetic is a variation of the classic grunge style that embraces pastel colors, such as lighter pinks and blues. Soft grunge outfits include studs and spikes, Vans skate shoes, platform shoes, floral dresses, flower crowns, and pleated skirts.

What is Grunge Fairycore?

Fairycore, also called Faecore, Fairywave, or Fairy Grunge, is a contemporary variation of the grunge aesthetic that mixes the aesthetics of Fairycore and Grunge styles, defined by explorations of natural themes, butterflies, soft fluffy animals, flowers, and a bit of magic.


Like most aesthetics, the Grunge aesthetic has stylistic and cultural roots used in the basic building blocks and changing elements as the world of fashion changes.

Take this article as a source of inspiration to add a bit of grunge aesthetic to your daily outfits and overhaul your sense of style.

With many celebrities thrifting their clothes, the grunge aesthetic and style are designed to air a feeling of cheapness.

As such, creating a cool, grunge aesthetic look is an easy and affordable task for anyone.

Above all, have fun, and don’t be afraid to add your own twist to the final grunge aesthetic.

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Katherine Saxon
Katherine Saxon
A University of Oxford graduate in Design History, Katherine Saxon is researching arising TikTok cultures from a consumer psychology perspective while covering emerging aesthetics in fashion and beauty for TheVOU, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

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