10 Best Gucci Bags To Invest In, From New To All Time Favorites (2023 Edition)

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Most Popular Gucci Bags, from Iconic Gucci Tote to New Gucci Shoulder Bags & Outlet Selections

With a distinctive style and timeless design, Gucci bags are the best designer bags to showcase your style or invest in.

Of all high-end designer brands making handbags and bags, Gucci’s bags, handbags, purses, and pouches have risen in value over time.

If you’re interested in a Gucci bag to accessorize your attire or as an investment piece, this article is for you.

From the iconic Gucci Tote to the latest Gucci shoulder bags, this article comprises an excellent curation of the ten best Gucci bags ever.

Without delay, let’s explore the 10 BEST Gucci bags you can shop for right now.


10 Best Gucci Bags in 2023

Soho Disco Bag
Gucci Crossbody Bag
Gucci Crossbody Bag
Jackie 1961 Bag
Gucci Hobo Bag
Gucci Hobo Bag
Dionysus GG Bag
Gucci Shoulder Bag
Gucci Shoulder Bag
Horsebit 1955 Bag
Gucci Mini Bag
Gucci Mini Bag
Bestiary Bee Bag
Gucci Belt Bag
Gucci Belt Bag
GG Supreme Bag
Gucci Diaper Bag
Gucci Diaper Bag
The Diana Bag
Gucci Tote Bag
Gucci Tote Bag
Ophidia GG Bag
Gucci Bucket Bag
Gucci Bucket Bag
Ophidia Backpack
Gucci Backpack
Gucci Backpack
Dionysus Dog Bag
Vintage Gucci Bag
Vintage Gucci Bag

Why Gucci Bags?

Here’s a fun fact about Gucci bags I bet you didn’t know: The two interlocking Gs you see on Gucci’s logo and all bags are the founder’s initials.

The story of Gucci bags started in 1921 when Guccio Gucci launched its eponymous label in Florence’s Via Della Vigna Nuova.

Gucci decided to specialize in travel-centric leather goods by selling imported suitcases and goods handcrafted by local Italian artisans.

Gucci bags began to gain global recognition when, in 1953, Ingrid Bergman wore a Gucci bamboo bag in the film Viaggio in Italia, beginning Hollywood’s love affair with the Italian leather goods brand.

Ingrid Bergman Gucci bamboo bag
Ingrid Bergman sporting Gucci bamboo bag in 1953 – Source: GUCCI

Shortly after, celebrities flooded the brand’s boutique in Florence, justifying Gucci’s high price and exclusive image.

Gucci was the favorite of Princess Elizabeth, Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, and Sophia Loren.

Gucci handbags have also adorned the wrists of some of the most powerful women in history, such as Princess Diana, Jackie Onassis, and Grace Kelly, granting Gucci bags a place in fashion history.

Soho Small Leather Disco Bag

Best Crossbody Gucci Bag

Gucci Soho Crossbody Bags (thevou.com)


“Loved by downtown girls and boys worldwide, the Gucci Soho crossbody bag is the ultimate ‘finishing touch’ accessory, versatile for anything Instagramable you have in mind, from disco nights to city breaks.”

FARFETCH | $1490

SSENSE | $1490

When Frida Giannini succeeded Alessandra Facchinetti as Gucci’s creative director in 2012, her first Gucci bag to launch was the Soho Disco bag line.

The ‘camera-ready’ crossbody bag was crafted with pebbled calfskin leather and embossed with the interlocking double-G logo.

And even since, like all Gucci bags, all Soho Discos Gucci bags are crafted in Prato, just outside Florence.

Other Gucci crossbody bag alternatives are the Gucci GG Marmont – with a golden chain-strap, and the Gucci Dionysus range, both on the more selected dinner-date style.

Jackie 1961 Hobo Bag

Best Gucci Hobo Bag

Gucci Jackie 1961 Hobo Bag (thevou.com)


“The classic Gucci hobo bag saw many iterations under Tom Ford and Frida Giannini. Still, the 2021 reinterpretation by Michele, adored by Harry Styles and Kate Moss, delivers an adjustable strap, piston closure, and more structure.”

FARFETCH | $2590


Like the woman this Gucci bag is named after, the Jackie Gucci bag is a timeless creation that owns a piece of fashion history.

In 1961, Gucci introduced a Hobo-style bag that caught the eye of Jackie Kennedy.

Jackie was familiar with Gucci bags through her husband, who was famously in love with Gucci’s loafer moccasins.

Upon seeing a paparazzi image of Jackie Kennedy wearing the Gucci hobo bag (initially called the Fifties Constance), the Gucci family decided to rename it the Jackie line.

Dionysus GG Shoulder Bag

Best Gucci Shoulder Bag

Gucci Shoulder Bags - Dionysus small GG shoulder
Gucci Dionysus GG Shoulder Bag (thevou.com)


“Like the Greek deity, the Gucci Dionysus bag is worshipped and conferred an It-bag status as a signature piece of the Gucci bags family. Gucci Dionysus is the must-have bag for entrepreneurs, business people, and successful individuals.”

FARFETCH | $2400


No other Gucci bag encapsulates better the Geek Chic aesthetic of the modern days than the Dionysus, Michele’s first bag for the Italian label.

The shoulder/crossbody bag features a double-flap shape in Gucci’s coated canvas textile, and it is closed with U-shaped hardware that recalls Gucci’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

In Greek mythology, Dionysus (Dyonisos) is the god of the grape harvest, winemaking, orchards and fruit, vegetation, insanity, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and festivity.

Michele’s aesthetic creation symbolizes a unique Gucci bag decorated with fantastical, mythical embroideries, eclectic bolts, and patchwork to celebrate fertility and success.

Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag

Best Gucci Mini Bag

Gucci Mini Bags - Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag
Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag (thevou.com)


“The ‘horse bit’ is the mouthpiece that fosters communication between horse and rider, aiming to symbolize majestic confidence, control, and power. With a fast-identifiable design, the Gucci Horsebit bag exudes confidence and has a special seat in contemporary fashion trends.”

FARFETCH | $1050


The Horsebit bag line entered Gucci’s fashionable oeuvre in 1953 after Aldo Gucci realized that the brand’s shoppers appreciated a touch of history in their handbags.

In that sense, Aldo Gucci decided to link the Horsebit line to the myth that the Gucci family had once been saddlemakers to nobility.

As Aldo leaned into the equine concept, the Horsebit line uses top-stitching elements reminiscent of that on saddles-adorned handbags adorned with green and red stripes, which later became a Gucci signature element.

Since 1955, the Gucci Horsebit elegant hardware has become as recognizable as Chanel’s double Cs, a stylistic element incorporated in various shapes by Tom Ford, Alessandra Facchinetti, and Frida Giannini (tote), satchel, and shoulder bag), all unified by the instantly identifiable double D-rings.

Gucci Bestiary Belt Bag With Bees

Best Gucci Belt Bag

Gucci Belt Bags - Gucci Bestiary Belt Bag With Bees
Gucci Bestiary Belt Bag With Bees (thevou.com)


“Gucci fanny packs are ideal accessories for city breaks and festivals. Depending on the collaboration you shop for, you can wear your Gucci bag casually, with athleisure and ‘dad sneakers,’ or a more stylish approach with a boho style dress and a bucket hat as you enjoy the sunny summer days.”

FARFETCH | $1100

Known as Gucci fanny packs, Gucci waist bags, or Gucci belt bags, this is a category apart in Gucci’s arsenal of modern streetwear and casual bag accessories.

The Gucci belt bag releases have been so successful that the Italian label has decided to launch collaborative bags with Disney, Supreme, North Face, etc.

Each collaborative Gucci belt bag symbolizes the connection between two brands with similar histories and values to celebrate the spirit of exploration.

GG Supreme Diaper Bag

Best Gucci Diaper Bag

Gucci GG Supreme Diaper Bag
Gucci GG Supreme Diaper Bag (thevou.com)


“This is the ultimate baby changing bag designed in GG Supreme canvas, complete with multiple pockets, a fold-out changing mat, an adjustable web shoulder strap, leather trims, and the GG pattern placed at the forefront for mothers that do not compromise on style.”

FARFETCH | $1450


As the name suggests, the Gucci diaper bag line is designed for mothers who do not compromise their style.

Embracing the new possibilities within variations of the Gucci archives, the collection of Gucci diaper bags is designed to provide a fresh look through which to view the emblematic GG reigns supreme.

Already an evolution of Gucci’s bag versatile and easy-to-wear line, Gucci Diaper is reimagined in a series of bright colors as a motif synonymous with Gucci’s Creative Director’s long-term vision.

The Diana Bag

Best Gucci Tote Bag

Gucci Diana Bag - Gucci Diana Tote Bag
Gucci Diana Tote Bag (thevou.com)


“The Diana Bag sports a double-G logo facing the same direction (Michele’s play with the Gucci monogram) and a neon-colored elastic strap, added as a playful and removable reference to the elastic bands used to keep the bamboo handles in shape, but also to lady Di’s headband.”

GUCCI | $3980

FARFETCH | $3980

Bamboo-handled bags have always been part of the Gucci repertoire, since the beginning, as a unique style representing the Italian House.

But what made bamboo-handled Gucci bags famous were Princess Diana’s trips to the gym in biker shorts and oversized sweatshirts, always paired with putty-colored suede Gucci bags.

In 2021 – on the day that would have been Princess Di’s 60th birthday, Michele launched ‘The Diana Bag,’ a bamboo-handled tote much like the version worn by the Princess.

Diana Gucci Tote bag remains one of the best designer handbags, given its heritage, style, and versatility.

Ophidia GG Bucket Bag

Best Gucci Bucket Bag

Gucci Ophidia GG bucket bag small
Gucci Ophidia GG Bucket Bag (thevou.com)


“A Gucci bucket bag is a silhouette with staying power. Thanks to the brand’s peerless Italian craftsmanship, the monogrammed Ophidia design will carry you from season to season with the air of an absolute celebrity.”

FARFETCH | $1980

SAKS | $1980

In a unique signature cut and structured style, the versatility of Gucci bucket bags makes all other bags pail in comparison.

As part of the bucket bag style, there’s the classic quilted GG Marmont, the monogrammed Ophidia, and the iconic 1955 Horsebit.

Inspired by an archival design from the ’70s, a hallmark era of the Gucci House, the bucket bag design features a strap and drawstring closure and can be worn as a cross-body bag.

Ophidia GG Small Backpack

Best Gucci Backpack

Ophidia GG Small Backpack
Ophidia GG Small Backpack (thevou.com)


“Part of the ever-expanding Gucci Ophidia line, this backpack is crafted in GG Supreme canvas with textured leather trim. The inlaid green and red Web detail and Double G hardware are steeped in the House’s rich history, referencing symbols incorporated in Gucci collections since the ’50s.”

FARFETCH | $1980

SAKS | $1980

Gucci’s backpack brings a versatile style that lets you use them as travel accessories or book bags.

The backpack style continues to be an essential silhouette in Gucci, offered in various sizes and interpretations.

The brand’s collection of backpacks includes classic GG monogram backpacks, GG star-print canvas backpacks, and more.

My favorite is the GG Supreme canvas with ‘Centum’ stars in bright and colorful geometric motifs that recall the uniforms worn by horse-riding jockeys.

Dionysus Dog Embroidery Bag

Best Gucci Vintage Bag

Gucci Dionysus Dog Embroidery Hobo Bag
Gucci Dionysus Hobo Vintage Bag (thevou.com)


“Although described as classics, Gucci bags have a modern, eccentric flair, mainly seen in the Gucci Dionysus line. Embroidered with references to Greek mythology, such as Zeu’s tiger that crossed the Tigris river and Cerberus, the dog of Hades, these bags are the perfect definition of vintage.”

FARFETCH | $2212

STOCKX | $2060

Despite Gucci’s long history as a creator of leather goods, the double “G” s and the signature red and green web have carried the brand well into the twenty-first century with great success and worldwide renown.

Gucci bags reflect a unique reputation for cutting-edge designs and bold branding, celebrating the house’s cheerful Italian roots.

Nowadays, the brand is represented by an international crowd of trendsetters who patronize the brand on every social media platform.


From classic style to American style and ‘geek-chic’ style, all Gucci handbags in this article were selected for availability and as the best representants of the House of Gucci in 2023.

Also, all Gucci bags in this article were checked for classic design elements and item details such as:

1) the ® authenticity stamps and authenticity certificate service.
2) the authentic Gucci font.
3) ‘made in Italy – in lowercase letters.

…as the brand’s trademark symbol approach that ensures authentic items.

Gucci Bags FAQs

How much do Gucci bags cost?

Most Gucci bags – available for the mass market – cost between $1000-$7,500, depending on the style, edition, materials, etc. However, Gucci also launches limited editions, rare releases, and seasonal bags, often priced above $3500, going up to $100,000 for a limited edition timeless piece.

How do you tell if a Gucci bag is authentic?

All genuine Gucci bags are serialized and recorded in the brand’s database. The serial number is on the bag’s dark brown leather tab (authenticity tab). The leather tag should also have an authenticity heat stamp with the brand’s trademark symbol, the brand’s double G logo, and the words ‘Made in Italy.’

Are Gucci bags still handmade?

Every Gucci bag is handcrafted in Italy or Switzerland by the brand’s expert artisans, known for their craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

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