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Old Style Fashion Influencers You Should Follow

What Is a Fashion Influencer?

Fashion influencers emerged with the advent of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

While the term ‘influencer’ has reached popularity in the digital era, the role has roots in fashion in the pre-internet times when fashion icons and tastemakers shaped public opinion through their dressing choices, as depicted by traditional media platforms.

In contemporary parlance, a fashion influencer is an individual who delivers fashion style and purchasing advice to a large audience who follows them on social media.

Influencers collaborate with brands to review fashion products, share dressing advice, and showcase their fashion style to influence their following, drive consumer engagement, and increase sales.

What Makes a Fashion Influencer?

Digitally Savvy – Most fashion influencers leverage digital platforms to engage their audience.

Their proficiency extends beyond merely posting content to mastering the algorithms and metrics that drive online visibility.

Trust – Fashion influencers have subject-matter expertise, authenticity, and consistency that allow them to offer insightful and trustworthy recommendations.

Business Acumen – Fashion influencers are entrepreneurial and collaborate with brands to reach mutual marketing objectives.

Fashion Influencer vs Trendsetter

The roles of a fashion influencer and trendsetter overlap yet remain distinct.

Influencers wield power primarily through social media channels, sharing style tips, fashion critiques, and recommendations.

Unlike trendsetters, influencers do not introduce or reinterpret existing fashion styles but rather showcase the existing fashion trends to their audience.

Old Money Fashion Influencers to Follow

  • David Gandy (@davidgandy_official)
  • Mariano Di Vaio (@marianodivaio)
  • Rowan Row (@rowanrow)
  • Johannes Huebl (@johanneshuebl)
  • Blake Scott (@blakescott)
  • Alex Costa (@alexcosta)
  • Justus Frederic Hansen (@justusf_hansen)
  • Fabio Attanasio (@fabioattanasio)
  • Daniele Zaccone (@danielre)
  • Ryan Clark (@ryanstylesnyc)

Final Takeaways

Straddling the realms of fashion, media, and entrepreneurship, fashion influencers occupy a unique space in the fashion ecosystem.

Unlike trendsetters, influencers are not originators but curators and amplifiers, directing the attention of their digitally engaged audience to existing fashion trends.

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