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British Old Money Style – Guide to Nail the Sloane Ranger Look

The Sloane Ranger style is the characteristic way of dressing of the British upper class residing in London’s Sloane Square area.

The Sloane Ranger style uniquely blends traditional British countryside attire with a modern fashion twist.

Sloane Ranger Style History

The term “Sloane Ranger” combines references to Sloane Square, a location in Chelsea, London, UK, known for its affluent residents, and the television character The Lone Ranger.

Sloane Square Chelsea London
Sloane Square, a location in Chelsea, London, UK

The style was initially associated with women; Diana, Princess of Wales, was considered its archetype.

However, in recent years, the look has evolved to include men in a style referred to as “Rah” or “Hooray Henry.”

Rah Hooray Henry Sloane Ranger
British Sloane Ranger style also known as ‘Rah’ or ‘Hooray Henry’

The Sloane Ranger style has evolved over the years, adapting to changing fashion trends while maintaining its classic British elegance.

Equestrian Influence

One key aesthetic influence on the Sloane Ranger style is the equestrian world, an impact evident in the preference for elegant equestrian-inspired attire.

Equestrian Sloane Ranger style
The Sloane Ranger style is influenced by the Equestrian world

Using materials such as tweed, with a rich texture and depth, is another nod to the outdoor lifestyle associated with horse riding.

Moreover, the emphasis on well-fitted garments reflects the precision and attention to detail inherent in equestrian style.

British Country Manor

Another significant influence on the Sloane Ranger style is the aesthetic of the British country manor.

British Country Manor
British Country Manor

This influence can be seen in the preference for traditional fabrics and patterns, such as tweed and herringbone, which reflect the rustic charm of the countryside.

The country manor aesthetic also favors a certain level of formality, which is why the Sloane Ranger style often incorporates formal wear, blazers, and ties.

Military Influence

In addition to these influences, the Sloane Ranger style also has ties with military fashion.

Sloane Ranger Military Influence
The influence of Military uniform on the Sloane Ranger style

The structured silhouettes, brass buttons, and the preference for colors like navy and khaki are all elements borrowed from military uniforms.

This influence adds a sense of discipline and order to the Sloane Ranger look.

Sloane Ranger in Modern Times

Over time, the Sloane Ranger style has also absorbed influences from other fashion trends.

However, it has always retained its distinctive identity, characterized by its understated elegance and quintessentially British feel.

Modern Sloane Ranger Style
The Modern Sloane Ranger style

This ability to evolve while staying true to its roots makes the Sloane Ranger style so enduring and appealing.

Sloane Ranger Style Essentials

The Sloane Ranger look relies on specific garments, footwear, and accessories, as depicted below.

Moreover, these pieces must be carefully selected from heritage British brands renowned for their elegance.

Tweed Blazers

Sloane Ranger Style Tweed Blazers
Drake’s Tweed Blazers

Tweed blazers are a cornerstone of the Sloane Ranger look due to their rich texture and classic appeal.

The intricate weave of tweed adds depth and interest to an outfit, while a blazer’s structured silhouette lends an air of formality.

This combination makes the tweed blazer an ideal piece for creating a sophisticated and distinctly British look.

Oxford Button-Down Shirts

Turnbull and Asser Oxford Button-Down Shirts
Turnbull and Asser’s Oxford Button-Down Shirts

The Oxford shirt is a key component of the Sloane Ranger style because of its clean lines and understated elegance.

The button-down collar adds a touch of refinement, while the soft Oxford cloth provides a subtle texture that adds interest without being overly flashy.

This balance of simplicity and detail aligns perfectly with the Sloane Ranger’s preference for understated elegance.

Chinos and Corduroy Trousers

Chinos and Corduroy Trousers
Cording’s Chinos and Corduroy Trousers

Chinos and corduroy trousers are favored by Sloane Rangers for their ability to straddle the line between casual and formal.

The smooth finish of chinos and the distinctive wale of corduroy add visual interest, while the classic cuts ensure these trousers maintain a refined appearance.

This versatility makes them an essential part of the Sloane Ranger wardrobe.

Loafers and Brogues

Loafers and Brogues
Church’s Loafers and Brogues

Leather loafers and brogues are a must-have for any Sloane Ranger due to their classic design and the polished finish of the leather.

Loafers provide a sleek, streamlined silhouette, while brogues feature decorative perforations that add detail and sophistication.

Both styles contribute to a polished and well-put-together look characteristic of the Sloane Ranger style.

Barbour Jackets

Barbour Jackets
Barbour Jackets

Barbour jackets are synonymous with British country style, making them a natural fit for the Sloane Ranger aesthetic.

The waxed cotton finish and distinctive tartan lining are visually interesting, while the jacket’s traditional cut provides a classic silhouette.

Sloane Ranger Style Icons

To help you visualize the Sloane Ranger aesthetic, let’s take a look at some real-life style icons who have embodied this look over the years:

King Charles III
Prince Charles represents the classic British style, often seen wearing tweed blazers, Oxford shirts, and well-tailored trousers.

King Charles III Sloane Ranger Style

Eddie Redmayne
The actor is frequently seen in classic British attire, including tweed blazers and Oxford shirts.

Eddie Redmayne Sloane Ranger style
Eddie Redmayne’s Sloane Ranger style

James Middleton
The brother of the Duchess of Cambridge, James Middleton embodies the Sloane Ranger look with his classic British style.

James Middleton Sloane Ranger style
James Middleton Sloane Ranger style

Daniel Day-Lewis
The actor’s off-screen style often reflects the classic British elegance of the Sloane Ranger look.

Daniel Day-Lewis Sloane Ranger Style
Daniel Day-Lewis’ Sloane Ranger Style

Hugh Grant
Known for his quintessential British style, Hugh Grant often sports classic Sloane Ranger attire.

Hugh Grant Sloane Ranger style
Hugh Grant’s Sloane Ranger style

Sloane Ranger Outfit Ideas

1. Weekend Country Retreat

Sloane Ranger style Weekend Country Retreat Outfit Idea
Sloane Ranger style Weekend Country Retreat outfit idea

Start your outfit with a classic Barbour jacket in olive green for a relaxed weekend in the countryside.

Underneath the jacket, wear a light blue Oxford shirt to enhance the casual look and complement the jacket’s olive green.

Finish with brown corduroy trousers, a neutral color that harmonizes well with the rest of your outfit, and a pair of duck boots.

2. Business Casual

Sloane Ranger Business Casual Outfit Idea
Sloane Ranger Business Casual Outfit Idea

Starting with a grey tweed blazer, a color that exudes professionalism and versatility, perfect for the office.

Pair the blazer with a crisp white Oxford shirt for a touch of refinement and navy tailored trousers, a classic choice for business attire.

Complete the outfit with a pair of black leather brogues – the decorative perforations add detail and sophistication to the look.

3. Evening Social Event

Sloane Ranger Evening Social Event Outfit Idea
Sloane Ranger style Evening Social Event outfit idea

Start with a brown herringbone tweed blazer and a navy Oxford shirt that pairs well with the jacket’s color.

The intricate pattern of the tweed creates subtle visual interest, making it ideal for the Sloane Ranger look.

Match the blazer and shirt with Khaki chinos to complement the olive green and navy tones, and finish off the look with brown leather loafers, perfect for an evening event.

Dressing Sloane Ranger by Season

The Sloane Ranger style can be adapted to suit different seasons while maintaining its classic British elegance. Here’s how:

Spring is the perfect time to incorporate lighter fabrics and colors into your Sloane Ranger wardrobe.

Opt for Oxford shirts in pastel hues like light blue or pink and beige chinos, and finish the look with brown leather loafers.

For cooler days, a lightweight Barbour jacket in a neutral color like beige or olive green can provide warmth without sacrificing style.

In the summer, the Sloane Ranger style favors breathable fabrics like linen and cotton.

Consider linen blazers in lighter shades like beige or light grey, paired with white Oxford shirts.

For trousers, opt for chinos in lighter shades like beige or khaki and complete the look with tassel loafers or boat shoes.

Autumn calls for the return of heavier fabrics like tweed.

A tweed blazer in earthy tones like brown or green must be paired with an Oxford shirt in a rich color like burgundy or navy.

Both chinos and corduroys work well for trousers, and finish the look with brogues or loafers.

In winter, layering is key.

Start with a warm turtleneck sweater under a heavy tweed blazer and a dark-colored corduroys.

Add a thick Barbour jacket for extra warmth and sturdy leather boots.

Dressing Sloane Ranger by Occasions

The versatility of the Sloane Ranger style allows it to be dressed up or down to suit various occasions:

Garden Parties
Garden parties call for a more relaxed yet sophisticated look.

Consider a light-colored linen blazer paired with a pastel Oxford shirt.

For trousers, opt for chinos in a neutral color.

Complete the look with loafers and a Panama hat for sun protection.

Horse Racing Events
At horse racing events, the Sloane Ranger style truly shines.

Opt for a tweed blazer in a check pattern paired with a solid-color Oxford shirt.

Add a pair of well-fitted chinos and finish the look with polished brogues.

Don’t forget your binoculars!

Formal Dinners
For formal dinners, a well-tailored tweed suit in a dark color like navy or charcoal is a perfect choice.

Pair it with a crisp white Oxford shirt and a silk tie in a rich, dark color. A pair of polished leather brogues is a must.

Consider a pocket square that matches your tie to add a touch of sophistication.

Casual City Outings
A Barbour jacket paired with a casual Oxford shirt in a check pattern would work well for casual outings in the city.

Add a pair of comfortable chinos and finish the look with loafers for a relaxed yet stylish look.

For weddings, opt for a well-tailored tweed suit in a neutral color like grey or navy.

Pair it with a crisp white Oxford shirt and a silk tie in a complementary color.

Finish off the look with polished leather brogues and a pocket square.


The Sloane Ranger style is a testament to the timeless elegance of British fashion.

Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply going about your day, this style offers a sophisticated yet approachable look that’s sure to impress.

So, why not give it a try?

You might just find that the Sloane Ranger look perfectly fits you.

With over twenty years of front-row fashion and styling events, collabs with haute-couture houses, and a PhD in Luxury Fashion, Laurenti is an expert in crafting personalized looks that depict old-money sophistication.

With years of expertise in high-end fashion collabs and a PhD in Sustainable Fashion, Ru specializes in curating eco-luxe wardrobes for the modern gentleman seeking understated refinement.

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