5 Cyberpunk Styles For A Unique And Futuristic Look

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If you love adding a touch of futurism to your wardrobe, check out these 5 cyberpunk styles.

Each of the 5 cyberpunk styles here draws inspiration from popular sci-fi movies, anime series, and video games, offering something distinct and exciting.

From high-tech Cyberpunk Techwear to gritty Dystopian Cyberpunk, this article has the most popular 5 cyber fashion styles to date.

So, let’s dive into it.

1. Cyberpunk Military Style (Blade Runner)

Cyberpunk Military fashion in the Blade Runner film series
Cyberpunk Military fashion in the Blade Runner film series – The VOU.

The Cyberpunk Military Look, inspired by the iconic Blade Runner movie, is a style that combines military-inspired designs with futuristic elements.

Drawn from 80s fashion, this retrofuturistic look relies on patent leather, oversized shoulders, and a fierce color palette of red and black.

Military Cyberpunk look inspired by Blade Runner in Givenchy FW 1998 collection by Alexander McQueen
Cyberpunk military style by Alexander McQueen, Givenchy FW 1998 – The VOU.

80s-style leather jackets with exaggerated shoulders are a staple of this style, giving the wearer a powerful and commanding look.

Tight pants and skirts are also commonly seen in this style, adding a touch of sexiness and femininity to the military-inspired aesthetic.

Models wearing Military style Cyberpunk outfits in Thierry Mugler Spring/Summer 1991 fashion collection.
Military Cyberpunk style by Thierry Mugler, Spring/Summer 1991 – The VOU.

Another prominent feature of the Cyberpunk Military Look is the use of futuristic suits made of body panels.

These suits are designed to look like they are made up of multiple pieces that fit together like a puzzle, creating a striking and distinctive look.

The body panels can be made from various materials, including leather, vinyl, or metal, giving the suit a high-tech and industrial feel.

Cyberpunk Military fashion style on Gareth Pugh A/W 2011 runway
Military style Cyberpunk fashion by Gareth Pugh A/W 2011 – The VOU

To complete the Cyberpunk Military Look, accessories such as military-inspired boots, gloves, and belts are recommended.

The color palette of this style is usually limited to black, red, and metallic shades, giving a sleek and tense look.

Whether you’re looking to channel your inner replicant or add a touch of cyberpunk edge to your wardrobe, the Cyberpunk Military Look is an excellent option that will turn heads.

2. Rave Cyberpunk (Fifth Element)

Fifth Elemets Rave Cyberpunk Style
Fifth Elemets Rave Cyberpunk Style – The VOU.

The Rave Cyberpunk style is a bold and eye-catching look that blends futuristic-style clothes with edgy elements of rave outfits.

The clothing of this style is made from shiny leather or plastic in striking neon colors that include pink, green, yellow, and blue.

These bright and bold colors are often paired with dark or neutral colors to create a striking contrast, as seen in the Fifth Element movie.

Rave Cyberpunk style by Jeremy Scott Fall 2018
Rave Cyberpunk style by Jeremy Scott Fall 2018 – The VOU.

One of the defining features of the Rave Cyberpunk style is the use of hip-high boots or oversized futuristic shoes.

These statement shoes add an extra layer of edginess and create a strong silhouette that is both bold and futuristic.

Rave Cyberpunk Style by Maison Margiela, SS18 Haute Couture collection
Rave Cyberpunk Style by Maison Margiela SS18 Haute Couture (left) and Vfiles spring 2020 (right) – The VOU

Most cyberpunk clothing in this style must be form-fitting, with bodysuits, crop tops, and mini skirts being common choices.

Rave cyberpunk by Vfiles, spring 2020 fashion collection
Rave Cyberpunk by Vfiles, spring 2020 – The VOU.

To complete the look, add accessories such as belts, chokers, and chunky bracelets in vivid neon colors.

As a bold and daring look that draws attention wherever you go, the Rave Cyberpunk style is perfect for those who want to stand out and make a statement.

Whether you’re hitting the club scene or want to add a pop of color to your everyday wardrobe, the Rave Cyberpunk style is the ideal choice.

3. Dystopian Cyberpunk (Dune)

Dune's Dystopian Cyberpunk style
Dune’s Dystopian Cyberpunk style – The VOU

The Dystopian Cyberpunk style, as seen in the Dune movies and the iconic ‘stillsuits’ worn by the Fremen, is a gritty and utilitarian look that blends futuristic elements with post-apocalyptic vibes.

Dystopian Cyberpunk style by Demobaza
Dystopian Cyberpunk style by Demobaza – The VOU.

Made from heavy-duty materials such as leather or rubber and with multiple pockets and straps, this style has a distinct functional and durable look that borrows stylistic elements from Steampunk fashion.

Dystopian Cyberpunk fashion by Nicholas
Dystopian Cyberpunk fashion by Nicholas,  Spring 2016 (left) and FW 2014 (right) – The VOU.

The look’s most popular colors are military-inspired earthy tones such as brown, beige, and olive green as the most common.

Dystopian Cyberpunk style by Balmain fall 2020 fashion collection
Dystopian Cyberpunk style by Balmain, Fall 2020 – The VOU

Accessories such as edgy goggles, face masks, and utility belts can also be added to complete the look.

The utilitarian look of the Dystopian Cyberpunk style is ideal for those who want to showcase a rugged and gritty side.

Whether you’re exploring the wasteland or want to add a touch of post-apocalyptic edge to your wardrobe, the Dystopian Cyberpunk style is an excellent choice.

4. Cyberpunk Techwear (Cyberpunk 2077)

Cyberpunk Techwear Fashion in Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk Techwear Fashion in Cyberpunk 2077 – The VOU

Built from innovative materials like Gore-Tex, Kevlar, or neoprene and cut in futuristic designs, the Cyberpunk Techwear style has a sleek, high-tech, high-performance feel.

This style uses advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, such as waterproof and breathable fabrics in asymmetric cuts, adjustable straps, and modular designs.

Clothing in the Cyberpunk Techwear style is versatile and functional, with jackets, pants, and backpacks featuring multiple pockets and compartments for storing gadgets and other essentials.

Cyberpunk techwear by Y-3 and ACRONYM
Cyberpunk techwear by Y-3 (left) and ACRONYM (right) – The VOU

Adding a layer of functionality and high-tech flair, accessories such as tech-enhanced glasses, smartwatches, and noise-canceling earbuds complete the Cyberpunk Techwear look.

Like Techwear, the color palette is dark and moody, with shades of black, gray, and metallics being the most common.

Overall, the Cyberpunk Techwear style is sophisticated, edgy, and practical, ideal for those seeking a high-tech edge look.

5. Japanese Cyberpunk (Akira)

Akira's Japanese Cyberpunk Style
Akira’s Japanese Cyberpunk Style – The VOU

Characterized by black and red colors in asymmetrical designs, the Japanese Cyberpunk style blends futuristic details with traditional Japanese elements.

Japanese Cyberpunk outfits are built around traditional Japanese garments such as kimonos and hakama, but with a futuristic twist.

Japanese Cyberpunk fashion by Angel Chen
Japanese Cyberpunk fashion by Angel Chen, SS21 – The VOU.

The general look is oversized and layered, with asymmetrical patterns and accessories like platform shoes, cybernetic implants, and samurai-inspired helmets.

Whether you’re a fan of Akira or want to add a touch of Japanese fashion to your wardrobe, the Japanese Cyberpunk style is perfect to showcase a unique and edgy look at the intersection of different cultural influences.


We hope this article covering how to master the cyberpunk style in 5 unique and exciting looks has inspired you to experiment and try something new.

Remember, the cyberpunk style is all about embracing the future while being critical of technology’s societal impact, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different clothes to create your unique look.

Whether you’re drawn to the high-tech Cyberpunk Techwear or prefer the edgy Rave Cyberpunk, each style offers a unique blend of punk and futuristic elements that will turn heads.

As fashion is all about self-expression, go ahead and turn heads with these 5 cutting-edge cyberpunk looks.

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