Soak Aiming To Make 3D Printed Shoes Mainstream

Eco-friendly footwear brand, Soak, aims to make 3D printed shoes mainstream by its new partnership with Cobbler Technologies, to reinforce the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

As 3D printing technology continues to evolve, more and more industries would be able to benefit from the flexible manufacturing process the technology brings.

In particular, in fashion, where 3D printing has the potential to lift the design’s limitations, maximize customization in production, and make zero-waste fashion a reality.

So far, the big players in the footwear market, such as Nike, have already embarked on using 3D printing techniques in the production of mainstream super functional 3D printed shoes, and now the technology is expanding to other segments.

Soak, An innovative American footwear company that creates recyclable and vegan sandals is teaming up with a 3D printer manufacturer, Cobbler Technologies, to deploy 3D printing in their manufacturing.

Using 3D printing techniques allows Soak’s production to be much more adaptable and sustainable than the traditional mold injection method, at the same level of cost.

The 3D printed shoes are going to be released by the end of the year. If you want to be part of our fashion tech club, have an eye on our website for more updates.

New Balance reveals its first 3D printed shoes.

Using 3D printing tech to better our shoes is nothing new. 3D printing is already used in footwear and orthopedic support worldwide.

We see it in custom-made insoles, in reactive fashion footwear created by MIT designers, in fashion tech startups, and big running shoe and fitness brands.

It is a technology that will play a significant role in the modern fashion wave. A technology that’s already revolutionizing the fashion and the textile industry.

After Adidas, Nike, Here Comes New Balance With 3D Printed Shoes

New Balance just announced that, in collaboration with 3D Systems, they’ll be launching a limited edition running shoe, with a 3D printed midsole in April 2016.

“To deliver this high level of performance with a 3D printed component, we matched experts in leaders in biomechanics with experts in plastics engineering, and innovative design.” Sean Murphy, the Senior Manager of innovation and engineering at New Balance.

3D Systems brings to the table its DuraForm Flex TPU SLS material. It is a new elastomeric powder that New Balance used to implement strength, flexibility, and durability into their new shoe.

First 3D Printed Shoes from New Balance
A limited-edition of just 600, make sure you attend CES 2016 if you want to try them on.

Come To CES 2016 For Latest News In 3D Printed Shoes

The new 3D Printed shoes from New Balance are still to receive a name. We hope New Balance will give them a name before their first public appearance at CES 2016. You’ll find the new shoes displayed at the 3D Systems’ booth, but also worn by their employees.
The shoe will go on sale in April 2016. To begin with, only in Boston, the New Balance’s hometown, and later in select worldwide retail stores.

How Much Does A Pair Cost?

We do not have the official price yet but, based on previous releases from New Balance main competitors; the 3D printed shoes are usually more expensive than ordinary shoes.
We also expect the price to reflect the manufacturing volume. 3D Systems can print only eight pairs per day. Thus, these 3D printed shoes are a limited edition.
What are your thoughts on this 3D printed shoe partnership? Let us know in the comments below.

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