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3D-printed shoes are no longer futuristic accessories but reality most overlook.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the best 3D-printed shoes you can buy right now from major footwear brands.

Some shoes have just the outsole, midsole, or insole 3D-printed for extra functional benefits such as speed or weight.

Without further ado, these are the best 3D-printed shoes available to buy right now in 2023.

TOP 10

Most Exciting 3D Printed Shoes

4D Fusio 3D Printed Shoes
4D Fusio 3D Printed Shoes
Nano X1 Training Shoes
Nano X1 Training Shoes
Tekela V3+ Magia FG
Tekela V3+ Magia FG
4DFWD 3D Printed Shoes
4DFWD 3D Printed Shoes
ULTRA4D 3D Printed Shoes
ULTRA4D 3D Printed Shoes
Sole Fury R58 Sneakers
Sole Fury R58 Sneakers
4D Parley 3D Printed Shoes
4D Parley 3D Printed Shoes
Architech Futurist Sneakers
Architech Futurist Sneakers
FutureCraft 4D Shoes
FutureCraft 4D Shoes
Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint
Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint

4D Fusio

from $200


“The Adidas 4D Fusio 3D printed shoes are ideal for those looking for a unique, stylish look and a super-comfortable 4D midsole. Supported by a Primeknit breathable upper and innovative lacing system, these are super light, easy to wear, and keep clean.”

ADIDAS | $200

Adidas holds a special place in the world of 3D printing.

The company embarked on additive manufacturing to create 3D-printed shoes and sneakers in 2018.

At that time, the company’s choice of 3D printing technology generated a lot of media attention.

That year, the sports manufacturer made 100,000 3D-printed pairs of shoes called Adidas Futurecraft 4D.

The brand used Carbon’s CLIP process, showcasing that 3D printing technologies could be used for large consumer production beyond prototyping.

Following the company’s Futurecraft 4D heritage and experience, Adidas 4D Fusio 3D printed shoes are performance-driven, thanks to the lattice structure.

Nano X1 Pursuit

from $125


Designed for your most strenuous workouts, the Reebok Nano X1 Pursuit is stable, super breathable, and fit for a champion so you can conquer your training, boot camp, and weightlifting goals.

REEBOK | $135


Reebok is one of the most recognizable companies in the footwear industry.

The American company used additive manufacturing to 3D print a line of sports shoes and soles a few years back.

Created in collaboration with BASF and called ‘Liquid Speed,’ the 3D-printed soles had an original design, better performance, and durability.

Nano X1 Pursuit has a lighter build thanks to the deconstructed upper and more breathability to help cool down high reps, intensity, and speeds.

Locking in the heel for increased support, you’ve got the Speed Chassis, while the updated grip pattern gives you enhanced traction leading to better overall performance.

Super smooth and responsive, thanks to the added Floatride Energy cushioning in the forefoot, Reebok Nano X1 Pursuit is a gym-ready pair of 3D-printed shoes you’d want to have.

Tekela V3+ Magia FG



These soccer cleats are empowered by 3D printing technology, giving you an amplified sensation between your foot and the ball.


Makers of Ekela V3, a clever piece of footwear in the shoe industry, the manufacturing method New Balance employs is 3D printing liquid resin layer by layer.

With a shock-absorbing layer, Tekela V3+ Magia FG is a 3D-printed shoe designed for soccer and optimal performance.

According to NB, these soccer cleats (football boots for those in Europe) are for intelligent and calculated players looking to outperform the competition.

Multifunctional zones provide instant feedback with a redesigned construction that includes 3D embroidery with Kinetic Stitch for impressive agility and control.

A molded, removable insert offers plush comfort and support during the most challenging games, and the firm ground studs are designed for difficult ground pitches.


from $83


If you want 3D printed shoes sporting the latest innovation, these are for you. Adidas 4DFWD is the world’s first 3D printed shoe with an anisotropic lattice midsole, designed to move you forward by using only your normal vertical impact pressure.

AMAZON | from $83

Adidas 4D technology has been an icon of design and manufacturing – since its launch in 2017.

It remains one of the most prominent applications of 3D printing in history, with millions of 3D-printed shoes sold worldwide.

Adidas 4DFWD is another leap forward thanks to the brand’s unique midsole made with the Carbon DLS process and ultraviolet light.

The 4DFWD 3D printed shoes use Carbon’s latest high-performance resin optimized for fast-forward kinetic motion and a smoother transition delivering not just style but a unique running experience.


from $139


First released in 2015, the Adidas ULTRA4D changed the running game, and it’s easy to see why. The 3D printed shoe cushion every step offers optimum support while you stride and provides excellent traction while you’re out on the tracks.

END. | $155

AMAZON | $139

Adidas combines past and present with these Ultra 4D printed sneakers by placing the successful uppers of 2015’s Ultraboost on the ‘Three Stripe’ brand’s latest innovation, the 4D midsole.

The 3D printed shoe retains many of the Ultraboost’s essential features, resulting from blends of traditional manufacturing with 3D scanning and Digital Light Synthesis tech.

The Primeknit uppers are stretchy, form-fitting, and covered in distinct patterns resembling waves.

At the same time, the caging at both the midfoot and heel provide shock absorption and additional support.

The sole reiterates the focus on performance, with the distinctive lattice structure informed by years of athlete-gathered data to give responsive cushioning in the areas it’s needed most.

Sole Fury R58

from $69


A type of footwear built for running, with a distinctive split outsole that pays homage to ’90s running shoes, Sole Fury R58 3D printed shoes are ideal for the city rather than running tracks.

AMAZON | $69

REEBOK | $89

Sole Fury R38 3D printed shoes are Reebok’s latest innovation in streetwear apparel.

These sneakers are made from flexible materials and sport intricate designs, and have a bold, street-inspired take on Reebok’s heritage and shoe-making legacy.

Built for running, with a distinctive split outsole that pays homage to ’90s running shoes, Sole Fury R58 3D printed shoes are ideal for the city rather than running tracks.

Also, the shoe is constructed with a mesh upper and soft neoprene tongue, delivering a comfortable, sock-like fit.


from $63


Supported by a data-driven 3D printed midsole, these 3D printed Adidas shoes combine years of athlete data with the unique technology of 3D printing, created to provide wearers with a running and stylistic edge.

AMAZON | from $63


Adidas 4D Parley 3D Printed trainers are perfect for your everyday sneaker rotation.

The sustainable sneakers have a stretchy knit upper body specially built by Adidas, thanks to Parley for the Oceans technology.

Parley for the Oceans technology means that the sneaker’s Primeknit material is made from plastic rescued from ocean waste.

Also, the plastic waste material used to 3D print them is ultra-flexible and durable for all kinds of moves, so you don’t have to worry about comfort.

Architech Futurist



With a 3D printed heel resting on a firm outsole comprised of dense foam, the Futurist’s enhanced ‘heel stability’ solution makes these 3D printed shoe ideal for strength and heavy lifting training.

AMAZON | $120

The ArchiTech Futurist offers several upgrades over their previous 3D printed model.

Under Armor uses 3D printing to manufacture a ‘dynamic lattice network’ for extra cushioning.

But, this time, the design team has implemented a matching compression lace system.

Equipped with an external zippered sleeve and UA SpeedForm upper section, the sneaker offers exceptional support and fit.

Under Armour’s SpeedForm solution is fashionable while securing the heel for added protection during lifting, training, running, or other physical activities.




Precisely-coded performance zones combine the brand’s best stability, comfort, and absorption technologies so you can conquer your city’s streets, lights, styles, and hearts.


Adidas Futurecraft 4D running shoes are a pair that needs no introduction.

The brand’s famous 3-Stripes can be seen on the track and field and in the latest sneakers trends.

With a sock-like feel, the upper hugs your foot with a supportive, flexible fit.

Adidas Primeknit delivers strength, performance, and smooth comfort to ensure distraction-free movement.

Finally, the Continental rubber outsole provides outstanding traction in wet or dry conditions.

Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint

from $2,500


Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite FlyPrint is a unique pair of runners designed for elite athletes only. Yet, there are few of them still available, so if you can get your hands on a pair of history-making 3d printed shoes, buy them right away before it is too late.

STOCKX | $5,755 (1 left)

STOCKX | $2,500 (4 left)

Continuing the legacy of the Nike Breaking2 project, Nike’s Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint (call them Flyprint) is the latest fashion innovation from the running shoe giants.

Moreover, Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint is a limited edition 3D printed shoe, with only 50 pairs made and retailing from $700 upwards.

But there’s far more significance to these 3D-printed running shoes than the high price or limited number.

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint is built on the running shoes Mo Farah wore to win double gold at Rio Olympics in 2016.

These are the shoes that Eliud Kipchoge wore to win the London marathon in 2019.


Are 3D-printed shoes for everybody?

It depends, but one thing is for sure; purchasing your pair of 3D printed shoes, made with the latest 3D printing technology, is easier than ever.

For instance, Feetz collaborated with the designer Seth Aaron to launch a shoe line inspired by a Japanese 1960s fashion and mid-century modern look. You can buy those shoes on their website.

Produced by robots in industrial 3D printers drawing data from intelligent 3D software, these innovative designs of 3D shoes signal the revival of the next-gen 3D printing industry.

You can order any 3D printed shoes, from custom-made to designer collaborations, from slides and sneakers to wedges with lattice designs.

Back to 3D-printed shoes, the footwear market benefits significantly from the advent of 3D printing technologies.

Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing allow designers’ creativity to unleash and create unique and personalized 3D-printed shoes that surprise us with their shapes and geometries.

3D printing technology allows the creation of original design shoes, soles, insoles, and any part of a shoe you can imagine in no time.

The number of projects launched last year – 3D printed sneakers, futuristic footwear, 3D printed sports shoes, show that additive manufacturing suits the footwear market to perfection.

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  1. Came across this while looking for the best performance shoes from Nike. Super article, I had no idea they 3d print the soles and other parts. I wonder, would it be possible to buy a 3d printer for home and print my own shoes? Any advice would be appreciated!

  2. There was so much hype around 3d printed fashion and shoes, with people buying 3d printers and blueprints to print clothes and shoes at home. The idea was great and noble but nothing came out of it.


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