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New fashion startups are launched every day all over the world.

Founded by tech pioneers, the most compelling ideas are supported by accelerators such as ‘Fashion for Good,’ LVMH Innovation, and our friends from Reshape.

Then, when these technologies and business models start to show results, corporate partners kick in: Kering Group, Adidas, Target, Zalando, C&A, Galeries Lafayette, or PVH Corp.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the top 35 fashion startups in 2022.

Why make these 35 fashion startups the best in the world? Their potential; is economical and shifts the fashion industry towards a sustainable path.

Some of these fashion startups innovate in VR fashion, digital clothing, AI design and styling, and sustainable materials.

Others create new business models in retail, circular supply chains, innovative advertising, and even recruitment.

Without further ado, these are the top 35 fashion startups to date, the 2022 edition.


Data-driven Global Fashion Retailer

Farfetch fashion tech startup

FOUNDER(S) | José Neves

Farfetch is a global online fashion retailer.

The novelty of the platform is its ability to connect with top fashion brands, retailers, shops, and stores worldwide and make their products available online.

The site has raised $194 million (£125 million) in funding from investors such as Yuri Milner and Condé Nast International.

The brand’s valuation topped $1 billion (£644 million) in March after the latest round of funding.



Fashion Search Engine for Brands, Stores, Products

Lyst fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Chris Morton, Sebastjan Trepca, Devin Hunt

Lyst is an online fashion search engine that lets users follow their favorite stores and brands.

Chris Morton launched the company after working as an investor at Balderton Capital and Benchmark Capital.

In January 2014, Lyst announced that it had raised $14 million (£9 million) in funding from Balderton Capital and Accel Partners, among other investors.

You can search thousands of online fashion stores at once, bringing together 5 million products from 12,000 brands and retailers.



Peer-to-peer Social Shopping App

Depop fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Simon Beckerman

Born from a social network, Depop is now a trusted marketplace for over 10 million users buying, selling, and exploring the latest aesthetic clothing trends.

This community of creatives, influencers, sellers, and consumers (much like the team itself) is changing the face of retail and is already a worldwide phenomenon.

Peer-to-peer selling platform Depop lets creatives buy and sell unique and stylish things online.

Also popular with micro-influencers and small business sellers, Depop also serves as a social media platform to see what people like, sell and buy.



Digital Retail Agency

Holition fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Johnathan Chippindale

Holition is a tech-based fashion startup aiming to help retailers and brands adopt and use 3D technology and augmented reality.

Holition’s latest product, called ‘Face’ is what makes the company super attractive to consumers and investors alike.

Face app enables cosmetic brands to present how products look to consumers, but without having to use/waste any products.



Artificial Intelligence Powered Stylist Platform

Intelistyle London fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Kostas Koukoravas and Michael Michelis

Intelistyle is a UK-based fashion startup that has launched an innovative app that lets users browse outfits online.

Then, the app sync and pair the outfits with the user’s images (bodies).

The brand’s own AI stylists further recommend the best outfits for any given idea – just like an outfit generator!

The app also works by matching online garments (from participating retailers) with the users’ physical wardrobe.



Visual Search Engine for Fashion

snaptech fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Jenny Griffiths

Launched as ‘Snap Fashion,’ this shopping platform allowed customers to find new garments based on desired shape and color.

However, the UK-based fashion startup has expanded to include a comprehensive visual search for fashion apparel and brands.

It works by providing dedicated tools – that can be included on retail websites – to brands, designers, and even fashion magazines and publishers.



Fashion Styling Analytics

genostyle fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Veronica Cabezas, Ricardo Cuervo

This fashion startup aims to solve the product recommendation problem by applying machine learning to the shopping process.

Genostyle examined 5 million products and 6,500 brands and has designed a new taxonomy to categorize them based on 15 different so-called “style genomes.”

Customers using the platform receive a style code that indicates the degree to which they skew away or toward the expected/wanted style.

In the process, fashion retailers can read the data and target them with personalized offers.

Genostyle can also examine the retailer’s inventory and what sells best, and how the client can optimize its stock.

For example, if your fashion retailing business has 50 percent “glam” merchandise, but that category accounts for only 5 percent of revenue, then you have a problem, and Genostyle can help.



Content Tagging Platform

smartzer fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Karoline Gross

Smartzer is the world’s number one shoppable live stream and interactive video fashion shopping platform.

“The secret with branded content is to obtain as much as you can out of it, and this is where Smartzer does best,”

said the CMO of Halston, Suzanne Hader.

Smartzer is an interactive type of digital video player that lets users click on videos to find the garments and accessories that people wear in the movies, learn more about them, and eventually buy them online.

Karoline’s startup has big fashion brands in its portfolio, including Barbour, Puma, and QVC, who wanted to make their videos more profitable.

The results are impressive: at least 19 times more engagement, 9 times more click-through than classic videos, and, most important, a conversion from browsing to buying rate that is five times more than the pre-roll videos, conform to Karoline Gross.



Personalized 3D knitted Apparel

Same But Different (Thursday Finest) fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Veronika Harbick, Michael Carlson

Custom, personalized fashion is a key trend, and Same But Different – in partnership with Macy’s – allows people to customize their fashion accessories.

From my list of top fashion startups in 2022, this company is the only one with a pop-up store in SoHo.

It is there where the brand is making men’s ties and knit scarves on the spot, with the help of 3D printers.

“we create UNIQUE designs and patterns in just minutes,”

said one of the brand’s co-founders, Veronika Harbick.

The vice president of Strategy and Innovation at Macy’s thinks that this on-site 3D Printing concept is in line with putting the customers at the center of the decision-making:

”IT is an excellent example of how ‘on-demand manufacturing’ is BECOMING the future of fashion,”

completes Leslie Revitt.



Personal Styling Platform

Thread London fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Ben Kucsan, Ben Phillips, Kieran O’Neill

‘Thread’ is a fashion-tech startup established in 2012 to assist men in dressing better.

It works by mixing personal online stylists with AI and big data insights.

You begin by providing the platform with some of your fashion preferences and how much you are likely to spend on clothes.

The required data includes the size of the clothes you wear, some of your most loved brands, and the styles of outfits you want.

Then, the personal stylist works the AI to deliver users with highly recommended garments of perfect style, color, and fit.



Circular Fashion Rental Platform

Hurr Collective sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Victoria Prew, Matthew Geleta

Award-winning Hurr Collective is a London fashion startup.

The company offers a secure and powerful on-demand fashion platform that uses real-time ID verification, geo-tagging, and AI-powered fashion stylists.

The platform makes renting easy while allowing customers to manage their wardrobes more sustainably and ethically.

It also brings together like-minded entrepreneurs who can access great fashion at a fraction of the retail cost, all the while making money from their garments.

HURR has further partnered with several sustainable companies, such as RePack reusable packaging, Oxwash ‘green’ dry cleaning, and EcoFleet courier service, to ensure that their fashion rental process is as eco-friendly as possible.



Digital Fashion House

The Fabricant digital fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Kerry Murphy

The Fabricant is a digital fashion agency leading the digital clothes revolution.

While digital-only garments can’t be physically worn (as they don’t exist), there’s no waste created and no people or animal exploitation; nothing but imagination.

The Fabricant specializes in photo-real 3D fashion design and animation, which can be used in digital fashion editorials.



Social Marketplaces for Crafting

Lovecrafts fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Nigel Whiteoak, Cherry Freeman, Edward Griffith

LoveCrafts is a fashion start-up that builds social marketplaces for the crafts sector.

It now intends to use the capital to fuel new product development and overseas growth and launch a new marketplace called LoveCrochet, “a world designed for fashion makers.”

Those less inclined to shop for ready-made clothes will find the company’s approach to knitting, sewing, and crocheting very suitable for creating their apparel.



Sustainable Fashion Marketplace

Wardrobe of Tomorrow sustainable fashion startups

FOUNDER(S) | Laurenti Arnault, Ru Amiri

Wardrobe of Tomorrow is a highly-curated high-end marketplace dedicated exclusively to sustainable fashion designers from all over the world.

The marketplace hosts only vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable independent brands and designers.

As Ru Amiri, one of the co-founders, fondly put it:

“Wardrobe of Tomorrow is the home of fashion designers that care about people, animals, and the planet.”

Right now, the team is working on introducing its own AI-driven circular business model aiming to let customers re-sell, rent, or even swap garments.



Brand Ethical Rating System

Good on You sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Gordon Renouf

Good On You is the world’s most comprehensive brand rating system and online discovery platform for fashion.

It connects conscious shoppers to fashion retailers globally, and the platform’s trusted, independent ethical brand ratings solve a real problem for the millions of consumers looking to shop better and the retailers looking to reach them.

Since 2015, this sustainable fashion startup has rated over 2,500 brands for their impact and empowered millions of shoppers to buy better.

They celebrate the designers and makers who are doing good and give retailers the tools to connect with the growing conscious consumer market.



Resell Service

Reflaunt fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Stephanie Crespin

Ever wanted to keep your customers engaged for longer by bringing the second-hand and resale market in-house?

Reflaunt gives luxury brands a slick and intuitive platform to own the growing secondary market, increasing engagement, and revenue and reducing environmental impact.

Based in Singapore and London, Reflaunt is showing heritage brands that it’s not too late to go circular and giving them the tools to do it.



Big Data for the Fashion Industry

EDITED fashion tech startup

FOUNDER(S) | Julia Fowler, Geoff Watts

EDITED works with brands such as Gap, ASOS, and Target to help them understand fashion data using real-time analytics.

For example, you can track promotions from brands and retailers around the world or monitor how consumers are reacting to trends on social media.

The startup recently changed its name, moving from ‘EDITD’ to ‘EDITED.’



Fashion Styling for Men

SECRET SALES fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Nish and Sach Kukadia

SecretSales is an online fashion site for dedicated designer clothes sales.

The platform uses behavioral data to create 70,000 different versions of the emails it sends, making it very effective at marketing to customers.

Sales last between two and four days, and products have discounts of up to 70% off the normal retail price.

Cofounders Nish and Sach Kukadia are the sons of one of the founders of the iconic denim company Pepe Jeans.



Fashion Styling for Men

THE CHAPAR fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Sam Middleton

The Chapar is a fashion styling app for men. The app sends regular packages of clothes based on the user’s taste and style.

Customers can try on the clothes and return anything they don’t like.

The Chapar stylists work with customers through phone calls and online chats to find out what their tastes are and send more relevant clothing items.



Online Clothes Rental

GIRL MEETS DRESS sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Anna Bance, Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise

Girl Meets Dress is an online fashion rental site that lets customers rent clothing for as long as they need.

According to the founders, 98% of customers who use the site try clothing brands they’ve never seen before.

Girl Meets Dress raised an undisclosed figure from the Samwer brothers in 2013 when the site received investment from the Global Founders Capital fund.



Stylish Online Shopping

Nuji fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Vincent Thome, Dean Fankhauser, Anton Meryl Nithianandan

Nuji is an e-commerce site that sells clothing and lifestyle goods for men and women.

The company raised $2 million (£1.28 million) in seed funding in 2014 from investors including TAG, Seedcamp, Samos, and an unnamed retail investor.



Online Network of Knitters

WOOL AND THE GANG sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Lisa Rodwell

Wool and the Gang is an online store for wool and knitting supplies that doubles as a network for people who like to knit.

The company uses its vast network to produce goods sold either via the official website or directly to fashion brands.

According to Wool and the Gang, around 70% of its users are between 18 and 35.

The young and engaged audience has made the site popular and helped it raise £420,000 in a crowdfunding campaign in September.



Sustainable Swimwear Brand

Stay Wild Swim sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Natalie Glaze and Zanna Van Dijk

Stay Wild Swim brand operates by converting plastics found in the oceans and turning them into regenerated nylon.

Much of the production process is led locally in London, allowing the company to support independent British brands.

In line with the concept of sustainable fashion, Stay Wild Swm does not operate by the typical fashion seasons.



Deadstock Sustainable Fashion

BY LAURA ELLA sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Laura Ella

Unlike several popular fast fashion brands, By Laura Ella does not condone unethical production processes such as poor factory conditions and underpaid workers.

Instead, the brand sources only from deadstock and vintage rescued materials.

The brand also donates a percentage of its profits to the charity Plan International, an independent development and humanitarian organization that fights for female and children’s rights.



Apparel from 100% recyclable materials

FOR DAYS sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Kristy Caylor and Mary Saunders

The brand operates under a revolutionary closed-loop system known as the SWAP program.

Any item under the For Days SWAP membership can be returned and recycled in exchange for a new one.

SWAP membership initially covered just t-shirts, but the start-up has since expanded to sweatshirts, bags, trousers, and soon, black tie outfits.

The membership includes free shipping and unlimited refreshes of For Days items.



E-waste Jewellery

LYLIE'S sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Eliza Walter

Lylie’s is a sustainable jewelry brand with goods made from recycled gold and silver.

These materials are sourced and recycled from e-waste, scrap exchanges, and dental waste.

Walter heads the only British jewelry brand that is founded on the premise of urban mining, aiming to draw in ethical consumers.



Luxury Fashion Resale platform

CUDONI fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | James Harford-Tyrer

With a bespoke service for both sellers and buyers, Cudoni takes the stress away from the process of selling/buying pre-loved luxury fashion goods.

Powered by big data, Cudoni has a unique, commission-based approach with no upfront costs for the buyer or the seller.

The site stocks rare and hard-to-find pieces from designer brands, such as Hermes Birkin designer handbags.


Fashion Rental Platform

REASON TO RENT sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Alice Horwood

Unlike most fashion rental services, Reason to Rent works on a subscription model.

The subscribers can rent three items for 28 days with the cost of postage, rental insurance, and even cleaning.

Simply put, you can refresh your wardrobe every month on a budget and hassle-free.



Fashion Rental Platform

Hirestreet UK sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Isabella West

Hirestreet UK is an accessible fashion rental platform established where customers can rent an outfit for 4-16 days.

Available outfits range from high-street brands Topshop and Zara to Ghost for as little as £7.

Also, available styles and aesthetics include Grunge, Fairy Grunge, Y2K fashion, Emo outfits, Indie aesthetic, E-girl outfits, Goth clothing, Cottagecore, Dark Academia, Light Academia, Cyberpunk clothing, RetroFuturism clothing, and other aesthetic outfits you’ll love to explore.

Hiresteet also offers an online stylist service to fulfill the company’s ethos of helping women to be equally sustainable and stylish.



Size Assistant for E-commerce

Presize fashion tech startup

FOUNDER(S) | Tomislav Tomov, Leon Szeli

Presize is an AI-based size assistant for fashion e-commerce.

It helps fashion retailers increase their conversion rates by eliminating size uncertainty and reducing their return rate by recommending the perfect fitting size.

To receive a size recommendation from Presize, end-users must answer questions about their body and record a 7-second video of themselves.

The platform gives accurate size recommendations, and according to the founder, people buy 50% and keep 50%.



Textile Engineering

DROPEL FABRICS fashion tech startup

FOUNDER(S) | Bradley Feinstein, Simardev Gulati

Dropel is a sustainable fashion startup that targets our favorite fabrics, such as cotton, and makes it possible for those fabrics to perform better for longer.

Disrupting performance fabrics, Dropel uses an entirely new natural technology to maintain the things we love about them, their softness and breathability, all while adding advanced performance never before seen without compromising on hand.

By applying their patent-pending material science and cotton processing technology, they can make clothing “life-proof,” including stain-proof and spill-proof.

Dropel leverages material science and textile engineering to create high-performance natural fabrics that push sustainability in the fashion industry and reduce polyester-based microfibers pollution in our oceans.



Textile Coloring Technology

VIVIDYE sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Johanna Nissén Karlsson

There are no other printing/dyeing technologies that take the decoloring process into consideration, which is a crucial step if the fashion industry is ever to become fully circular.

Even though consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to be more responsible in their purchase habits, being fashionable is still a priority for most of them.

Vivdye’s concept allows them to work close to the final customers, providing them with access to their fashion desires with a clear conscience.

Unlike other dyeing methods used in the industry today, their technology is designed to facilitate the removal of the applied color when it is no longer wanted without harming the material.

In other words, it makes it possible to decolor and recolor old textiles, giving them a new life.



Retail Event Organizers

The Box London fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Natalie Yaffe

The Box London is a permanent warehouse space dedicated to fashion retail events, at the moment only in East London.

The Box London hosts a busy calendar of weekly sample sales from designer labels as well as streetwear brands such as Fiorucci, Anya Hindmarch, and Bella Freud, to name a few.



Sustainable Gymwear

TALA sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Grace Beverley

Founded in May 2019, TALA takes a ‘slow-fashion approach’ to gymwear.

The brand’s products are made from 92% recycled materials, with the aim of reaching 100% by 2025 without compromising on quality or price.



Water-free and Chemical-free dyeing Solutions

DyeCoo Textile Systems sustainable fashion startup

FOUNDER(S) | Reinier Mommaal

DyeCoo Textile Systems is the world’s first supplier of industrial CO2 dyeing equipment.

Together with one of the main shareholders, Feyecon D&l, the company has extensive knowledge of CO2 applications and the design and engineering of CO2 machines.

The company’s mission is to supply dyeing systems for the textile finishing industry based on superior CO2 technology.

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Rebecca Hunt
Rebecca Hunt
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  1. I loved the list!. I found new startup I haven’t heard before.
    Would suggest our startup, BESTLOOK. An AI-driven recommendation engine that acts as a Digital Fashion Consultant. Based on the Fashion Consultancy Principles (Color palette, Fit, Body Type, and Style), we help women discover and shop for garments to make them look their best. We deliver individualization at scale, improving conversion rates, and reducing returns, benefiting retailers and customers. B2B ( personalization at scale for retailers)
    Top 10 fashion-tech Startups of 2021 ( according to Startupbootcamp ( Milan) and its partners: Marzotto Group , Accenture , Prada Group,Gelify, Canclini Spa, Reda , Stone Island)

  2. I loved the article, thanks for putting together the best fashion startups in 2021. If there’s a 2022 edition, I’d love to see more vegan fashion startups, please!

  3. I always wondered what are fashion startups, or why are they different than any normal startups. But thanks to this excellent article, now I know that new fashion startups are launched every day, all over the world. Launched by tech pioneers, most compelling ideas are supported by accelerators such as ‘Fashion for Good’, Reshape, and LVMH Innovation. … Some of these fashion startups innovate in VR fashion, Augmented Reality clothing, AI, material design, and styling. Thanks for the enlightenment, VOU team, you guys are amazing!

  4. Wow! This article was so insightful. Great findings 🙂 I do know of a great innovative and sustainable start-up: Lumiere Paris. They have sustainable swimwear and activewear which they made by cleaning up the ocean! Also when you shop with them, they plant a tree and donate to environmental causes. Take a look at their official website, they also have a blog covering sustainability and innovation in fashion, that is worth reading.

  5. I’d like to add Insyze – a personalized plus size fashion marketplace that uses AI to makes outfit recommendations for users’ style, size and budget.

  6. In my opinion, the best innovation in fashion is the kind that elevates aesthetics while reducing the environmental footprint.
    That’s to me upcycling is like magic! Here’s my favorite sustainable fashion startup: BRØGGER.
    It’s an upcycled clothing designer label that uses organic and recycled materials, as well as repurposing stock materials.

  7. We’ve been providing financial services for over a decade now and some of these startups have benefited from our support, so cool to see them listed here!


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