10 Best Vegan Sneakers of 2023

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Vegan sneakers are a great alternative for those who want to ditch leather sneakers and try something more sustainable.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the 10 most popular vegan sneakers in 2023.

For a complete offering, I’ve kept the best running vegan shoes, the best regular vegan sneakers, native shoes, stylish vegan sneakers, unisex vegan sneakers, and even waterproof vegan shoes.

Time to let go of your leather trainers and choose the most sustainable, comfortable, and vegan sneakers for your taste and budget.

Veja V-10 Vegan Sneakers

Most Popular Vegan Sneakers
from $150


“Veja makes some of the most versatile pairs of vegan sneakers right now – you can wear them with anything, from faded denim to simple dresses and biker jackets.”


Shop at AMAZON

A signature Veja style sneaker offered in faux leather and accented with colorful trim.

The V10 by Veja – vegan sneakers – are comfortable and finished with a touch of Jersey lining.

The sole is made of rubber from the Amazonian forest.

Nike Air Max Vegan Running Shoes

Best Nike Vegan Sneakers
from $160


“Nike Air Max 2021 has a soft heel, not too snug at the toes, and an overall great fit. If you stand all day long, this is a pair of vegan sneakers you’d want to wear.”

Shop at NIKE

The brand’s 2021 version of Nike Air Max is built with an innovative Air system designed to deliver the best sensation ever.

The honeycombed foam midsole is made from sustainable materials and gives an incredible, super-soft feel.

Adidas Continental 80 Vegan Shoes

Best Adidas Vegan Sneakers
from $82


“Revive the 80s styles with Adiads Continental, a limited edition vegan leather sneaker release that works wonders with dedicated 80s fashion outfits or billionaire shorts and tees.”



The 80s fashion days of aerobics in colorful leotards may be behind us.

But that shouldn’t stop you from playing your favorite playlist and regaining your groove in Adidas Continental’s 80s-inspired trainers.

A crisp white upper – looks as retro as ever – paired with a rubber sole that grips to city pavement as you stroll around.

Reebok X1 Vegan Trainers

Best Unisex Vegan Sneakers
from $60


“Made from plant-based castor beans, the Reebok Nano X1 vegan sneakers are an ideal training companion for women of all ages or body types.”

Shop at REEBOK

These Reebok versatile training sneakers offer a plant-based approach to tackling your daily workout.

The comfortable and durable upper is made of a plant-based version of flexweave® knit and has integrated support for quick lateral movements.

Floatride energy foam made with castor bean offers flexible cushioning in the forefoot.

Vans Checkerboard Vegan Slip-on

Best Slip-On Vegan Sneakers
from $55


“Featuring the iconic Vans checkerboard print and a fresh ‘Off The Wall” style, these classic slip-on VANS grant streetwear fashion lovers a chance to wear their own vegan sneaker brand.

Shop at GOAT


First introduced in 1977, the Vans #98—now known as Vans’ Classic Slip-On – became an instant style icon in Southern California.

Fast forward to today, and the Classic Slip-On VANS are known worldwide for their comfortable silhouette, ease of wear, and stunning design.

This slip-on shoe includes low-profile canvas uppers made from organic cotton, supportive padded collars, elastic side accents, and signature rubber waffle outsoles.

Gucci GG Basket Vegan Sneakers

Best Designer Vegan Sneakers
from $950


“Revive and relive the 90s fashion days and on-court times with Gucci’s latest interpretation of GG basketball vegan Sneakers.”

Shop at SAKS

Made in Italy by the brand’s expert artisans, the GG Basket Sport Vegan Sneakers sport a look synonymous with the basketball shoes of the ’90s era.

This time, the Italian designer house introduces a new rendition of the classic lace-up sneaker – as seen in the latest sneaker trends.

The high-top style emulates the self-expression of the on-court aesthetic with distinctive features and detailing.

Each pair is constructed from vegan-friendly materials, offered in a mix of brightly colored fabrics, and finished with a lightly distressed effect.

Keds Jump Kick Duo Vegan Sneakers

Best Women’s Casual Vegan Sneakers
from $39.95


“Coming in a unique ‘Croc Emboss pattern and soft buck, these women’s vegan sneakers from Keds are great for the sporty, sleek ones out there.”

Shop at KEDS

Shop at AMAZON

We’re all about the chunky sneaker trend (often as an unexpected pairing with floaty dresses), but we’re not into all the bulk and heaviness that often comes with that look.

Time to turn to these sporty-sleek Jump Kick silhouettes with a chunky (but not heavy!) rubber bottom.

I love the slight wedge at the heel for extra lift, positioning the foot at a comfy angle and offering a fiercely feminine effect.

Skechers Flex Conway Vegan Sneakers

Best Vegan Sneakers For Men
from $85


“Skechers Flex Conway Osley vegan trainers have a super casual hardcore look and are ideal for those wanting to perform while looking good on the trail.”


Skechers Relaxed Fit – Flex Conway Osley is a pair of vegan sneakers designed to explore the trails with an extra step of comfort.

There are lots of innovations in these Skechers men’s vegan sneakers.

The shoe is designed like sock sneakers; a mesh and synthetic upper with Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam, a comfort insole paired with a geometric cushioned midsole, and a Skechers Goga Mat Arch for added support.

Superga Swallow Tail White Green Sneakers

Best Hi-Top Vegan Sneakers
from $85


“The ‘Swallow Tail’ white & green vegan sneakers from Superga are created to deliver a unique spin on the classic high-top sneakers of the late 90s and early 2000s fashion days!”


The ‘2295 women’s sneaker’ version from Superga is a high-top lace-up shoe with a classic cotton canvas upper.

Featuring a textured natural rubber outsole and a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort.

The logo is made from recycled plastic bottles, while parts of the sole are recycled rubber.

Matt & Nat Gia Vegan Sneakers

Best Vegan Leather Sneakers
from $77


“From the absolute vegan sneakers innovators Matt & Nat, their GIA vegan sneakers boast a futuristic design that brings endless style and comfort.”

Shop at MATT & NAT

Taking inspiration from classic eighties runners, Gia by Matt & Nat is a pair of chunky lace-up sneakers made from vegan-friendly recycled materials.

The sneakers have breathable mesh panels on the sides – to prevent overheating – and are ideal for long-hours, day-to-day wear.

In my opinion, one of the most stylish shoes in the vegan range right now, these sustainable sneakers contain a blend of natural materials with recycled cotton.

If you are still unsure if vegan sneakers are the right choice, see below why people switch to eco-friendly and cruelty-free footwear.


Why Should I Switch to Vegan Shoes

One of the main reasons to buy vegan sneakers is to protect animals.

Another main reason to switch to vegan sneakers is to protect the environment.

Also, buying vegan sneakers is a great way to shift the industry towards a sustainable path.

But the key here is to choose the right vegan sneakers brand.

That’s because not all brands that make vegan footwear are equal.

There’s still a lot of greenwashing going on, and some vegan shoe brands will sell you on the idea of vegan and sustainable living while still using materials harmful to the environment.

Buying vegetarian sneakers will help reduce your carbon footprint and waste creation quickly.

You can vote with your money by increasing the demand for vegan shoes.

As such, you’ll convince big brands like Nike, and Adidas, to create shoes from vegan and cruelty-free materials.

Is Nike Vegan?

Unfortunately, not all Nike sneakers are vegan – not yet.

However, Nike has some excellent vegan sneakers choices out there.

Most of the brand’s vegan sneakers are made from faux leather.

Still, the brand has limited editions made of mushroom leather, pineapple leaf fibers, pineapple leather, and similar vegetal leather alternatives.

Are Most Sneakers Vegan?

The percentage of vegan sneakers, compared to non-vegan sneakers, was less than 8% in Feb 2021.

However, the number of brands creating cruelty-free sneakers from sustainable materials is rising fast.

Sneakers made of animal skin dominate the fashion industry right now, but vegan options are on the rise.

Is Adidas a Vegan Brand?

Like Nike and Veja, not all shoes that Adidas makes are vegan sneakers.

The best way to ensure you are getting a vegan sneaker, check with the brand via their online support before you buy.


When it comes to vegan sneakers, vegan kicks, and vegan footwear, the options are limitless.

New vegan collections and vegan styles are launched every day, catering to those interested in vegan fashion and making a sustainable fashion statement.

You can find all sorts of cruelty-free shoes; Fair Trade certified sneakers made from wild rubber, recycled bottles, sustainable cork, plastic waste, recycled fishing nets, apple peels, palm leaf fibers, recycled nylon, sugar cane, wood pulp, synthetic leathers, and so on.

Knowing what to choose becomes complicated, and to help, I’ve created this article covering the 10 best vegan sneakers right now, in 2022.

The aim is to help people discover the best vegan sneakers brands right now and choose the best vegan sneaker shoes for their needs.

So if you are after the best vegan sneakers right now, check out my collection comprising the best running shoes, regular sneakers, native shoes, stylish sneakers, unisex sneakers, vegan-friendly sneakers, and even waterproof shoes from eco-friendly materials.

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Ana Alves is a fashion and beauty writer with a keen interest in sustainability and veganism. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil but living in London, UK, Ana has been writing about sustainable and vegan fashion for over 10 years. Actively curating for Saatchi, Ana's engaging prices have been presented in Forbes, Wired, Vanity Fair, The London Economic, Digital Trends, and The VOU.

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